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  1. tnx for the info. Good to know it's reversable...thought it could only go from bad to worse. Oh well, now we know why I have stomach problems
  2. Hi, I looked for some info on that myself a while ago, and came across a book by sandra cabot, called 'the liver cleansing diet' (the liver being our detoxorgan). It's quite good, and has recipes in it as well. No medicins suggested, only some herbs and otherwise a lot of commonsense suggestions. With all your foodallergies you would probably have to adjust some of the recipes. Might be interesting to look into it..
  3. Hi, sorry, didn't know that, Thought it was your idea of telling me not to go hysterical Which I should indeed not do. Thanks for your effort. If no answers come, at least I have learned something new
  4. Well, that's very enlightening...
  5. hi, I went for a gastroscopy the other day, and appart from GERD it appears I have this condition called intestinal metaplasia. Helico bacter was negativ. I googled it and everywhere the word 'precancerous' jumped into my face. Is anyone familiar with this? How is it treated? The good news was that my intestinal mucosa is in good shape, so the diet seems to work. Not much use if I die of cancer though tnx
  6. I had problems with yeast for years, itchy skin, yeastinfections etc. I skipped all food that contains yeast, don't use it in bread, buy yeastfree vegetablestock, whatever. I think yeast is also a flavor enhancer, which is why it is added to so many things...Anyhow, the abovementioned symptoms, esp. the yeastinfections have gone now, I can eat carcohydrates and sugery stuff (in limits, cause too manny sugars are bad wichever way you look at it) without any problems
  7. Hi Aeshlea, just saw your post and thought I'd give my two cents.. I've had problems with itchy skin for ages and tried just about anything to find out what's causing it. My dermatologist says, it's something that accompanies chronical deseases and they don't really know why. I observed that it's worse when my immunesystem seems to be busy, eg when I'm developing a cold, or the week before my period starts. Stress is always a big influence, and yes, hot showers and baths make it worse. What helps is to cool the skin, you know those jelly packs you can keep in the fridge, stuff like that. Iris