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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Qdoba's

    Qdoba is the fast food place I eat at most frequently as it is very close to work and is about the only place I can go with co-workers. I am very sensitive, but I don't think I've ever gotten glutened. Any type of naked burrito should be fine, just stay away from the ancho chili sauce. Their allergen chart only lists wheat, but you can also read all the ingredients to verify for yourself. Also, chips are out. Here's a link to the ingredients: http://www.qdoba.com/Documents/allergen.pdf .
  2. Bj's Pizza Ok?

    I've had good luck at the BJ's in Louisville, KY. A lot of other members in our group love their pizza and I haven't heard of anyone getting glutened. They seem very knowledgable also. I just wish their sauce wasn't so sweet, and I'd probably order it more often. It's great to be able to grab a pizza on the way home from work! I also heard that line about heat "burning off" gluten, not at BJ's, but from the Maitre'd at a very nice restaurant, who said it so condescendingly, like silly me, I should have known that! So frustrating!
  3. Fries- Fast Food Chains

    I didn't realize that Wendy's new fries were gluten-free! Next time I go to one, I'll have to check on the dedicated fryer issue. Not so good for the diet though! I got fries recently at Penn Station twice and was ok both times. It's similar to a Five Guys situation where the only side they have is fries, and they slice the potatoes in-house.
  4. Panera Bread...watch It!

    We have a Panera in my building and they have always been helpful in working with me. I don't go there too often though, because the selections of what I can eat are pretty limited (a few salads and soups mainly). I always check the ingredient list in Panera's website or the latest gluten free list they send out (which I usually find by googling). At least at my location, I don't think they bake bread in-house, or at least it's not near the salads and soups area. Of course there is still bread everywhere but sometimes it is worth it for the convenience factor. I can't remember ever having gotten glutened there. I just wish they would expand the selections! (And if anyone from Panera happens to be reading this, bring back the summer corn chowder!!)
  5. Thanks Mack! Definitely helpful - you're right, a little "Australia-specific," like the parts about wheat dextrose and the gluten free label overriding the ingredient list. But still most of the information is applicable in the U.S. too. Anyone have any other ideas or tips? Thanks!
  6. Frustrated!

    You'll probably just have to get creative in satisfying cravings unless you can just distract yourself! Maybe try focusing on the flavor of what you're craving. Like with the pizza hut breadsticks, besides all the grease, I remember a lot of parmesan cheese and italian seasoning. So maybe you could fix something that has those ingredients but isn't necessarily breadsticks.
  7. I've used a chili mix that comes in a box - I think it's called "2 Alarm" or something similar. The chili seasoning, thickener (which I believe is corn starch or corn flour), and cayenne pepper come in separate little packages so you can customize the thickness and heat of your chili.
  8. I'm trying to locate some sort of document that I could give to caterers, hotel staff, etc. that would educate them on how to prepare a gluten free meal and potential sources for CC that they should watch out for. I feel like this should exist somewhere, but I've had no luck finding it. I'm going to be attending a work "retreat" in a few weeks at a hotel (that's basically in the middle of nowhere), and I want to try to make sure I can eat safely. I contacted the person who's organizing the event and she sent me the menu and said the hotel assured me there would be staff there knowledgeable about ingredients and preparation of the food. For the first evening, an "Italian Buffet" is planned which of course includes spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, fettuccine, pasta salad, ceasar salad, bread, some veggies, and other gluten-y desserts. So nothing's looking too promising, except possibly the veggies. I wanted to be able to find something I could send to the hotel before hand so they make sure to have something on hand that I can eat. I've got the triumph dining cards, but they're pretty small, so I'm wondering if there is something that's a little more comprehensive. Thanks!
  9. I will soon be taking over as President of our local CSA chapter, and am wondering if anyone knows of any good resources for meeting topic ideas, how to reach out to speakers and vendors, and other issues. The past presidents and other board members of my group are great resources, but I want to see if we can learn things from other groups as well. I browsed the Support Groups posts, but they mainly seemed to be about individual groups/locations. Thanks!
  10. I am a Catholic and have been diagnosed with Celiac for almost two years. Shortly after my diagnosis I talked to my priest, to explained that it is perfectly okay to receive communion only in the form of wine. I am ok with the risk of cross-contamination from other communicants (and the chalice with the wafer is only given to the Eucharistic Ministers). My question is with the logistics of only receiving wine. I usually just "skip" the wafer line, basically heading over into the wine line before I get to the front, but it's always a little awkward. I don't want to cut in front of the person in front of me, and sometimes the Eucharistic Ministers give me weird looks or even try to get me to receive the wafer. I'm not really interested in the low gluten host as my church is really large and I go to different masses each week. As far as I know, there aren't any other members of my parish with Celiac. Do you have any strategies for receiving wine that aren't so awkward? Thanks!!
  11. Frustrated

    DownWithGluten (or others), I have been taking the same approach of just taking the wine at communion. My question is, do you just "skip" the communion wafer line? I've had some trouble doing this as some of the Eucharistic Ministers give me weird looks or even try to point me back into the communion wafer line. How do you deal with this?