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  1. If these were my symptoms I would suspect a food allergy. One thing you could try would be to eat only fresh boiled vegetables with grilled chicken, turkey, fish. No cooking oils, no salt. Only drink water. It's tough but it's healthy and keep it up for a few weeks and see if the symptoms improve. Then introduce one thing new into the diet like milk or cheese for a couple of weeks and see if the symptoms worsen. That way you'll discover the problem knowing that you can always return to your safe basic diet. Hope this helps.
  2. One of the main features of my gluten allergy is discomfort in the small intestines (mid-abdomen below the stomach). My stool color also gives it away, being pale if I've had gluten. These problems also seem to be worst when I have the latest virus going round because I recover when I'm virus free. Sorry to hear of all your difficulties.
  3. I've also been reading on these forums that some people think an IGA endomysial blood test is unreliable. Well my consultant in Oxford, UK, claims it is 95% accurate! So I don't get why some people are saying this. In fact, I'm wondering what use is the endoscopy in that case - but maybe it can eliminate the more sinister diagnoses.
  4. In 1992, I got hit by amoebic dysentry, lost 28 pounds, took metronidazole, put the weight back on, but have suffered a strange battery of symptoms ever since. These include: feeling feverish at night (no temperature), dry mouth, burping, inflamed small intestines, foul-smelling stool, tingling fingers, momentarily feeling uncoordinated. Noticable food intolerances were eggs, cane beet sugar, and red meat. I thought it was ME. At the start of July 2008 my small intestines started to feel inflamed and I was burping a lot although I had no diarrhoea or weight loss. I went to the doctor. On 21 August 2008, a blood test for coeliac disease came out positive. All my other blood tests were fine (no anaemia and my liver was working OK). I'm now awaiting an endoscopy on 8 November to confirm the diagnosis. I started a gluten free diet as soon as the blood test result was in. The most noticable change was feeling hungry most of the time. Psychologically, I also feel a bit more centered. However, my small intestines are fine for 10 days then become inflamed again for 10 days and so on, and I get discomfort in my left middle back. In other words, my guts haven't improved much and might even be a bit worse. This was despite changing to lactose-free milk. I recently ate out on two occasions - both times, roast chicken cooked in vegetable oil. I'm suspecting vegetable oil is the problem. Do these symptoms and the difficulties with the gluten-free diet sound familiar to anyone?