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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac Disease has been the biggest struggle of my life. I never had to go through a really big struggle at all in my life. I have had to delay my educational goals and other ambitions... I was always so sick. I was deathly ill ( I really used to love pasta& it was killing me) I couldn't walk for sometime, I had daily fainting spells, suffered seizures from gluten and so much more.. It seems like the spectrum of medical specialist that I seen were endless. That seems something that anyone who has a mystery illness shares...at least according to mystery diagnosis on TLC My ambitions were replaced with seeking new medical professionals and running endless test.( SPinal taps, autoimmune disease test and more) I am probaly one of the most tested people in history... LOL Those events make your stronger, I think. My health really used to suck, it is improving currently. My medical labs look better, than they have iin a really long time. Some people think that it is only a allergy or a small thing.. Celiac really affected me on so many levels... It has been a long road for me... I think things will be back to normal in the near future. I wonder how many of you have had to let go of certain goals??? Your health circumstances prevented you from achieving certain things... It seems like sometimes you want to do so many things, but realistically your body isn't ready yet.
  2. Celiac Disease Body Type?

    It is the celiac body type. That is a illustration from a celiac site.. You develop malnutrition, when your intestines are damaged and cannot absorb any nutrients. I develpoped malnutrition from celiac disease. I was eating 5 meals a day pre- diagnosis...., I developed nutritional defiences, anemia..( my body didn't absorb vitamins and minerals either. I was admitted to the emergency room many times.. My body suffered from low potassium, pernicous anemia ( b12), iron anemia and so much more... I never looked like the illustration completely either. I don't look the same either, as I looked before now... I think it will improve with time.... Every celiac sufferer has different circumstances & degrees of damage to their intestines. The bodies look different.
  3. Celiac Disease Body Type?

    There is a classic celiac body type http://www.pigur.co.il/imgceliac/celiac.jpg ( they tend to be extemely thin...skinny arms and legs and a bloated belly) People can be extremely thin and extremly healthy.. They have something in common... everyone is really sick.
  4. Celiac Disease Body Type?

    You and I are about the same in thinness issues I think it is bad for people who go undiagnosed for 10 years are more. Your body really is nutrionallly starved and damaged from the shaved down villi in your intestines... I am very thin, but I am trying my best to eat healthy and deal with the pain. I went undiagnosed for a lifetime it seems.. I am in my 30's now. My family always assumed it was only a allergy. The more I ate carbohydrates to increase my weight, the more my intestines became damaged.
  5. How Do I Delete My Account

    yes, it sucks.. Celiac.com was the only place... I could go to talk to people who were similar to me.. experiencing weight loss and intestinal pain.. I hope that.. I can come back at a later date. everyone here is great and so informed about everything.. I learned more here than I ever learned at hospitals or doctor's visits..
  6. "tough Love" And Illness...

    no one ever believes you are sick....even, if you look sick... I don't care anymore what people think.... they can all go to hell. no one has the right to judge anyone off their sickness...
  7. How Do I Delete My Account

    I have been the victim of internet stalking recently.. I really love this forum, because u guys are the only ones that understand this illness. I really have to delete my account at this time. Hoe can I delete my account and all traces of me here.
  8. I am sorry to hear about your experience. It can be a difficult experience dealing with social situations. I really try to avoid those kind of situations.... It kinda makes you feel left out.
  9. I am planning to move to germany in the near future. I wanted to know, if anyone was based in berlin here.
  10. I had pain in the left side alot, until I was diagnosed by my physician and placed on the diet. It was a truefuly painful period of my life.
  11. Digesting Wheat Products And Extreme Tiredness

    hehehe.. I know... I am going to make a gluten free pizza this weekend.. The gluten free foods...don't taste the same as normal ones.. I have just decided.. I am going to have to stick to this diet for better or worse. All the suffering wasn't worth it in the end...
  12. Digesting Wheat Products And Extreme Tiredness

    That is pretty surprising...
  13. Digesting Wheat Products And Extreme Tiredness

    Yes, I find myself extremely lethargic after ingesting gluten. I have noticed that gluten affects me worse now than before... I just never expected to feel comatose from ingesting wheat products.
  14. Hi, I wanted to say... that you may not have a mental disorder at all. Doctors do tend to think people have mental disorders, if they can't find what is wrong with you. You have to be strong and advocate for yourself.. Do internet research and never give up on you. Many people with celiac disease and other autoimmune diseases have more than one illness simultaneously Alot of people seem to have three disease's at one time...for example ( thyroid, diabetes, anemia, celiac or whatever) . I have noticed alot of people here... have thyroid issues which can cause stress and other issues which may seem like mental illness. Alot of people thought that I had a eating disorder as well. Some people lose huge amounts of weight with celiac disease. In our current society, if you are extremely thin... people automatically assume you are anorexic, you are on drugs or you have HIV... Celiac isn't a pretty disease at all. It can manifest itself in so many ways..... Don't worry about the ignorant people around you who are badgering you about having a eating disorder. You have to be assertive... I always sat back too and believed the doctors.. I watched the months go by and years go by... waiting on a doctor to tell what is wrong. They tested me for things.. I knew, I didn't have and ran up the bill all the time. Remember, they work for you. I talk to my doctor and any doctor that treats me. Ask questions... Don't let the doctor just run with things.... In the end... you are the one that controls your health.
  15. My praternal grandmother died in her 30's from colon cancer. This autoimmune disease seems to have some devastating affects on you, if it goes untreated for too long. My biggest fear is dying from colon cancer... I worry about my weight loss associated with celiac disease constantly and what could happen... if, I don't get any better.