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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had a bad reaction also from a Cavit wine long time ago.
  2. Do you eat gluten free processed products? That seems to be my case. When I eat whole foods ( meats, fruits, vegetables ) I feel much better but once I start eating gluten-free cereals, cookies, breads, etc I have my stomach issues so you could also be extremely senstive to those products if you are eating them and still getting symptoms.
  3. Cleaning Up Gluten Crumbs

    Don't think it could be possible but who knows.
  4. Searching For Gluten-Free Dried Beans

    Check nutsonline.com their beans are gluten free certified as well as their nuts and dried fruits!
  5. Afterglow cosmetics are gluten free and they test for the presence of gluten but they are a little expensiv. You can also try Joelle, I have bought some things from them and they are pretty good and great prices!
  6. Cndn Needs gluten-free In Miami & The Keys

    Hi there! I don't know about any restaurants in the keys area but wanted to let you know that there's another Whole Foods Market about 15-20 mins from the one in Coral Gables heading south to the keys and it's not out of your way since it's right on US1. Have a nice trip. Here's the address: 11701 S. Dixie Hwy(US1) Pinecrest, Florida 33156 Phone: 305.971.0900
  7. I would look for a second opinion after 6 months and still not getting better. My suggestion is to do a google search on best or top GI doctors in the city where you live in or best GI doctors by state and you might find a doctor close to you. You can also try searching or calling any nearby university hospital. They do a lot of research and are definitely more up to date. This is what I've done with every single specialist I go to and of course, make sure it's covered by the health insurance. Hope she feels better soon!
  8. I'm really sorry to hear what she is going through. Just wondering, since you mentioned she's been on a gluten-free diet, have you checked for hidden ingredients on the turkey? I shop at a major supermarket and I always see on the label that either they add rosemary extract or some type of broth, making it not safe most of the time. In fact, I just received an article on buying a safe turkey if you are on a gluten-free diet. Also, have you checked her medications to make sure no food allergens are present?
  9. I was there last year to see Dr. Green. All your symptoms sound so familiar to me, those were always and still are some of my complaints. Just curious, how long have you been on a gluten-free diet and what symptoms are you still having? Hope everything goes well with your visit. keep us posted.
  10. Diagnosis = Refractory Sprue

    first, you should only be eating naturally gluten free foods: beef, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables. DON'T use any processed spices. Here's an example on what my spices/seasonings are: olive oil, salt, garlic, onions, all kinds of fresh herbs, that's it! Try going back to basics, wholefoods and avoid dairy. See if you feel better by doing this. I've been on a gluten-free diet for 2 years and still react to gluten-free products, even gluten-free certified products! Good luck and hope you feel better soon. And one more thing...avoid eating out.
  11. Where Do I Start?

    We have a shared kitchen in our house since I am the only celiac. I bought a new toaster for myself and new set of pots and pans - including spatulas, big spoons etc.(pretty much all kitchen utensils). My husband eats gluten and he uses regular dishes and silverware that I hand wash them and put in the dishwasher. I use disposable utensils and paper plates for myself. I'm extremely careful or maybe overly careful.
  12. Spices And Seasonings....

    I wasn't getting better on my gluten-free diet and after many months it ocurred to me that maybe it was the spices I was using- even though gluten (wheat, rye or barley) wasn't listed on the ingredients- sure enough, I called the company and they said that they processed gluten in the same factory and to be aware of the cross contamination issue. In the US companies are not required to inform of other allergens that could come in contact with the product - that is just voluntarily- like Wholefoods does with their 365 brand. They are just require to list the ingredients they actaully add to the product. So beware of the cross contamination issue. Better to call the company. I don't know about the weather where you live but I personally only use salt and spices such as thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, cilatro, basil, parsley I buy them in pots at my local nursery and done! If I can't find them in their "natural" state I just don't buy them.
  13. So What Beauty/Heath Products Are Safe?

    I googled gluten free lipstick, did my research and called every single makeup company that came up with having gluten free lipstick and the only one that guarantees 100 % that their products are gluten-free,that are produced in a gluten-free facility and are tested for gluten are Afterglow Cosmetics...they are a bit expensive around $25.00 for a lipstick and that's the only thing I buy since I don't use a lot of makeup. Liptick should be a top priority since you can ingest gluten from your lipstick while eating. You can check their website @ www.afterglowcosmetics.com
  14. I have the same issue....I started the gluten-free diet back in June 08 and my body pains actually got worse for many months while on the diet. I was still somehow getting some gluten I believe from the seasonings I was using (dried oregano, garlic powder, and a few other ones)...plus the fact that I was still eating a lot of gluten-free food and not going completely on an ALL natural gluten-free diet. Then started eating all natural and noticed a big difference. The last 6 months have been much better. Lot less body pain but still notice that once I eat a gluten-free product I get the pain again...maybe my body is too sensitive.
  15. It could take up to 1 year on children and 2 years on adults....according to all the books I've read and doctors I have talked to. But also check all the condiments/seasonings you use...I wasn't getting better and it turned out to be the hidden sources of gluten in the dried oregano, pepper, thyme, parsley, garlic powder and annatto I was using (even though it doesn't say on the label) I called the company and they did mention the cross-contamination issue when making these products. Now I keep it simple..salt only! I know that Mccormick doesn't guarantee their products to be gluten-free because of the cross contamination.