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  1. I haven't posted in a very very long time. I was dx with Celiac May 2009. Moderate soy intolerance, but no other issues with other allergens that I know of. Haven't been tested for other sensitivities. I started LO on solids a little after 6 months and she's done extremely well with it. I'm curious though as to what to look for when/if she shows any sensitivity to anything. We had a scare a couple days ago after I introduced hard cheddar cheese. She LOVES it, but had two bowel movements that smelled like death itself died in her diaper, green slime and what looked to be curds of cheese. I always introduce one thing at a time so that I know when/if she has issues, that it must be the last thing. Well, the next days she spiked a fever of 102.4, then yesterday had a rash. Turned out to be roseola :\ ANYways, how will I know she has an issue with any allergens? So far she handles whole yogurt just fine. She's had strawberries, bananas, peas, broccoli, green beans, butter beans, whole yogurt, mango, peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, avocado, sweet potato, red potato, carrots...and I think that covers it. I've read that a target rash around the anus signifies a sensitivity...and sometimes a body rash...diarrhea, constipation. But what are tell tale signs and I dare not introduce gluten!
  2. So there's nothing in the genetic test that waves a red flag saying "HEY you have Celiac!"? I have been completely mislead then. Wow...so why wasn't I told this? I honestly haven't ever read it either. OMG. I'm sort of shocked right now.
  3. My question is what is wrong with drawing blood and doing a genetic test? Why are docs SO adamant about doing a biopsy? Why go the invasive route? From my research, a genetic test is 100% accurate. And happened to be the only way I got a positive test. Biopsy was inconclusive, and TWO regular blood tests that were false negatives. I have a 9 month old that I want to get tested. I can't stand not knowing for sure!
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    Third time is the charm...got it
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    No, because I got the initial confirmation just fine that supplied to link to celiac.com for the final stage of resetting the email. I click on the link and then it tells me that an email has been sent with my "new" password. And still nothing is there - not even in the junk folder.
  6. Hi, I am already a member and don't prefer to start a new profile since I've been a member under another name for years now. I am Swimmr. I haven't visited in a while and needed to log in and the password I thought was under my account, isn't, so I clicked on the "forgot my password" and got the email to click on the link to finish the process, then was prompted to check my email again for my "new password" and this was hours ago. How long does it take? It didn't say it would take any given amount of time. I tried to contact a moderator but can't find a way to do that as an outsider. I logged in using my facebook and plan to deactivate as soon as my other profile is recovered. Thanks in advance!
  7. 1. I am on valtrex, however have been scared to take it even though it's safe. Haven't had any since her birth date (11-7). But I am taking a prenatal still, which I was taking 8 months prior to conception for the vitamin D content. I take a fish oil and have been through out pregnancy. I also take a probiotic and have been since 8 months prior to conception. That's all. 2. I had a home water birth - vaginal of course (I say that with loads of pride). 3. I haven't noticed a "tingle" when I let down. SOMEtimes I'll let down before I can get her on me...other times she's on me so quick because I try not to let her get fussy. I feed on que, not demand. I suppose the tingle I feel a couple seconds after she latches could be the tingle I read about. Not sure, really. 4. Nope. I was extremely full the first night I had all my milk in...I started getting it in the second day after birth. The third day I had it all and that night I was really full, but no engorgement. 5. I don't own a pump...yet. I'm getting one. I will need one later.
  8. Thank you and thank you Yeah I wasn't gluten free till 2007, also 25 years as yourself. My elimination diet revealed that I most def have an issue with soy. Green peas not so much anymore and corn was an issue, but not anymore. So soy is the only other allergen I am intolerant to besides gluten, of course. So my milk IS gluten/soy free. When I pat her back I almost feel as if I'm beating her, lol...I know that with babies some need a "good" long patting. She most times DOES burp. I'm leaving to the side that she's just cranky and not sure what she wants. She always start rooting when she has the screaming fits, but once I put her on my boob she'll pretend to want it for a few seconds and start thrashing her arms and grabbing my boob and will shake her head as if to say, "I want it, I don't want it...I WANT IT...I DON'T" - I *think* she wants to be pacified without the flow of milk. Does that make sense? I just really hope she's not having issues from me. Right now my diet includes: Eggs, with a tad bit of shredded cheese, oatmeal, apples, bananas, chicken, potato, jasmine rice, carrots, cantaloupe, orange juice, LOTS of water, green beans....some hamburger...nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing I thought it could be was the cheese and eggs. I think I'm going to stay away from those two things starting Monday and see what happens. That is if she still has her screaming fits. Thanks!
  9. I'm exclusively gluten free...all derivatives, everything. I have always followed cc issues carefully and do not subject myself to them down to the toaster and baking racks in the oven. I don't not think it can't be anywhere. My coworkers thought I was a bit psychotic, but whatev. I haven't fully "bathed" her yet. She's had a few wipe downs with a lavender and chamomile tea mixture with a drop of olive oil and a drop of castile soap. Her skin looks pretty good except for the lingering "newborn" rash. But that is clearing up nicely.
  10. Hi all...it's been QUITE a long time since I've posted. But I have been lurking here and there. My elimination diet was successful by the way. So in that amount of time that I've been MIA, I managed to get myself pregnant and hubby got deployed. He's due back really soon. However I went into labor 4 days before my EDD. My biggest fear was that she would have Celiac like me. DH has never been tested and doesn't want to. I can't talk him in to it - even for the sake of our baby. He says that it wouldn't matter since I'm Celiac and we all eat gluten free anyways. Well...right now my baby is 9 days old. Her poops look like they are supposed to so I'm sorta looking for other ways I can know if something I am eating is bothering her gut. I know that most Celiacs will have at least ONE other intolerance to something. For me it's soy. So I stay soy and gluten free. I am too nervous/scared to try an elimination diet while breast feeding. I feel it would cause me a little too much stress. I did one over a year ago for myself with success, like I mentioned but I just don't feel it's "safe" to do for my daughter. Whats happening is during feeding or right after she'll go from 0 to screaming bloody murder like I pinched the crap out of her. She seems angry/mad. I'll do everything - swaddling, rocking, talking to her, reading to her, shooshing her, bouncing, etc. I can't figure out what it is aside that it may just be something as simple as her fighting going back to sleep and since she is so new, there are so many things that both of us are still unsure about. Ya know? Anyways, what can I do now or what signs are there that would ease my mind that she is getting ahold of something through my milk? Thanks all.
  11. I can't successfully communicate with my local Mi Casita restaurant in regards to their white cheese queso. I have searched and searched for information on this and come up empty. I want to know if anyone can either find out or if anyone just knows if it's safe or not. I'm 16 weeks prego and craving some beans and rice SO bad...and I have chips here at work with me, but want some queso badly...like REALLY BAD. Can anyone help me out? Much appreciated
  12. What can I use in place of nutella?? It contains soy lecithin and I have a slight intolerance to anything using soybean oil or lecithin.
  13. So I was thinking that I'd started a thread one day being extremely frustrated about an all purpose gluten free flour to use with EVERYthing instead of using crazy mixtures. My mother is the experimental one. I'm too impatient and hate failing at cooking, so after several fails I take another trip to my whole foods market in town and start talking to the owner...as I usually do. She's so helpful. I grab a bag of Pamela's as it's the only flour I've liked that can be used for almost anything. They have a baking flour and a bread flour. I was walking down the isle and she and start chit-chatting and she picks up a bag of Domata flour. She says to me, "Try this and if you don't like it after a few recipes, just bring it back...as with anything. You're one of our most frequent customers and we don't want you getting stuck with a product you don't like. I wouldn't recommend it to you if I thought you wouldn't be satisfied." I said "ok" and left for home. I've made some amazing chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. The chocolate chip cookie dough tasted AND felt like your normal gluten-filled cookie dough! The banana bread rose DOUBLE it's size in the oven and was just amazing once it had finally cooled. The best thing? I've been using old Betty Crocker recipes...the ones from a 1979 edition. My mom's old one. Domata is cup for cup of regular flour. It sort of has me questioning what to do with all these crazy gluten free recipes now LOL The flour is awesome ya'll...no joke...and no substituting this for this or adding this for rise and this for chewiness...or that for this. It's just cup for cup and tastes really really awesome. Domata living flour. Woohoo, I'm a happy girl now
  14. I know sometimes its easier using the separate flours for a good blend, but find it way easier to buy it already mixed. And when it's labeled, "Perfect Flour Blend" you expect to use it as a sub for any gluten free flour blend that a recipe calls for. I buy Namaste's perfect flour blend. I've used it for a modified red velvet cake - which ended up coming out perfectly and the recipe called for separate flours and perhaps I just got real lucky with adding up the amount of dry flours and using the exact amount of the blend minus the xanthan gum because the blend has that in it already. This was the only successful baked good that has come out of using this blend though. I made their printed recipe for banana bread and pumpkin loaf and BOTH were gummy and wet on the inside and too cooked on the top. I've tried both three times. However, when it comes to pancake mixes, I've used Pamela's, which is really really good, but so dang expensive. I found a recipe for gluten free pancakes this morning and used my perfect flour blend in place of the "gluten free flour blend" that the recipe called for. It was not separate flours. I thought it would be fail-safe. No. It turned into a thick gummy dough. I added so much liquid that they were wet on the inside even after cooking in the pan. Nasty nasty nasty. DH is a human garbage disposal and literally will eat anything, so he ate them anyways. I decided I would try again substituting water for milk thinking that maybe the milk is causing the gummy thickness. No. Same thing. I was so angry I cried. I really really wanted pancakes. I don't want to have to buy a gazillion flours to make a comparable pancake and don't want to spend 20 bucks on a bag of mix (Pamela's because my local store doesn't carry smaller bags). If a flour blend is a flour blend, it should work universally and not just for the recipes printed on their own stupid label. I don't really like bob's red mill either. I can't find a basic universal blend of flour that tastes great for pancakes and other baked items like cakes and cookies. Is there a universal blend that is good for everything? This morning I really truly despised being a Celiac I didn't even eat breakfast - I wanted to torch my kitchen instead. Watching it burn would have made me feel better. I was more angry over the waste of money I think.
  15. Oh yeah definitely. I've done all sorts of cool things with the cake mixes by namaste. I was just rambling, really. Complaining I had a rough morning with failed pancake mix...