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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the info. I was just thinking today that I have felt CC'ed lately and I think it is from testing my daughter's cereal to make sure it isn't too hot. I just started her on it 10 days ago and she has been extremely gassy. I am looking for something else that is gluten free and soy free now. I could make my own, but the boxed stuff seems so convenient when everything else related to food in my life is not.
  2. I haven't tried making marshmallows yet, but wanted to add that I did find a corn-free powdered sugar at Whole Foods. It is their 365 Brand - Organic Powdered Sugar that contains tapioca starch instead of corn starch.
  3. I have been corn free for about 9 months. My main symptoms from corn are immediate stomach bloating and delayed mental fuzziness. At first I just went free of all visible corn like corn starch and high fructose corn syrup. Eventually I cut back more things like I made homemade vanilla for baking instead of using McCormicks which has corn syrup in it. The only thing I know for sure that I still eat that "corn allergy" people avoid is xanthan gum and citric acid in things like canned tomatoes (I don't know if all citric acid is from corn, but it can be). I seem to do okay with very small quantities. It has been really tricky figuring out all the different names corn can go by and this is what I struggle with most. For instance, I decided to try Ener-G Egg Replacer. I really liked the way it worked in baked goods. After about a week of eating baked goods with it, I noticed my brain getting fuzzy...I figured it just took a bit to build up in my body for a reaction. After contacting the company, I learned two of the ingredients were derived from corn. I know I should have checked before using it, but didn't. So far I haven't been able to add corn back into my diet. I don't know if this helps at all...
  4. Colgin brand liquid smoke flavoring says it is gluten free on their website. I think this is the brand my dad used one time for us. http://www.colgin.com/public/lsfaq.aspx#glutenfree
  5. Do You Also Avoid Soybean Products?

    My soy reaction is just as bad as a gluten reaction. No soy oil or soy lecithin for me. I also have to watch for products that are produced on the same lines as soy containing products.
  6. I still didn't feel good at 6 months because I had other food sensitivites that I had not discovered yet. I felt different (slightly better) from pre-gluten free and could still tell when I got CC'ed.
  7. It has been almost three years for me. I voted that it was relatively easy to do, just not always the most fun emotionally when I see others eating whatever they want. I am very fortunate that my husband is also celiac and whether diagnosed or not with the other food sensitivities, we both feel better without gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and eggs. Now that we eat at home 99% of the time and make most of our food from scratch, it is quite easy to make something that is safe to eat even though I do still have moments where I get grumpy after a long day at work about having to cook "again" and "there doesn't seem to be anything easy/quick to make". I just try to keep a few quick treats around like coconut ice cream and gummy bears made without corn syrup I found at Whole Foods...esp for the pregnancy cravings when everything on t.v. looks good I also like to bake which helps. Having strong reactions to CC (neuro especially) for me helps me not want to cheat and to be thankful that I am finally getting things figured out.
  8. I have tried Ener-G egg replacer...until I found out from the company that it contained corn. I now use ground flax as an egg replacer. Both have worked well for me in baked goods that bake right away like cake and cookies. I didn't have luck with flax in bread...it got gummy. I am guessing this is because it had to sit and rise for a while. If you can have corn, I would definitely recommend trying the Ener-G egg replacer.
  9. I like making homemade tortillas too and absolutely love love love my tortilla press that presses out the tortillas and cooks them. It is made by Villa Ware. I use a recipe from Living Without. They are really good made to order. For leftovers, I cook them until they are light brown and crispy like crackers and eat them like tostadas. They might be good reheated in the microwave, but for leftovers at work it is easier just to eat them crispy.
  10. I make bread that is free of gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and corn...I use coconut milk, but if that is a problem for your son (not sure since it is technically a tree nut according to the FDA), I bet it can be substituted with another milk alternative such as rice milk. Here is my recipe: Ingredients: 3 c. gluten free flour mix 2 packages of quick rise yeast 2 tsp. xanthan gum 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 1-1/2 c. unsweetened coconut milk (So Delicious Brand) 1/4 c. water 1/4 c. sugar 1/2 c. oil Combine in a bowl: 1 cup of flour mix, yeast, xanthan gum, baking soda, salt. In a separate microwavable bowl combine coconut milk, water, and sugar. Heat liquids to 110 degrees F. Add oil to liquids. Slowly add liquids to dry ingredients and alternate with remaining flour. I mix either by hand or in a kitchen aid mixer with the same attachment I use for cookies...the dough hook doesn't seem to work as well for me. Put dough in a greased loaf pan and smooth down with a spatula (the dough is sticky). Let it rise about 30 minutes. Bake at 325F for 1-hour. Remove from pan after about 15 minutes to keep it from getting soggy. Let it cool on a cooling rack. Store in a zip-lock bag to keep fresh (or in the refrigerator if you don't plan on eating it within about 5 days).
  11. You might be interested in checking out http://www.glutenfreesourdough.blogspot.com/
  12. I got positive test results for reactive hypoglycemia in June. I would highly recommend getting at least a 5-hour glucose tolerance test. All of my numbers were normal until the 4th hour. The lady that was doing my test told me that the last two hours of the test were pointless and all the real info was in the first three hours. She apparently didn't know what she was talking about. I am glad I followed my doctors instructions to stay for all 5 hours. Since meeting with a dietician to figure out how much carbs and proteins I should get and at what times of the day, I have felt much better. I can also recognize the way I feel when I ate too many quick carbs and not enough protein. For me it was worth it to be tested and to know. Also, I am 26 and normal weight...I just had a feeling something was off related to my blood sugar.
  13. Odd Side Effects

    Did you replace the dairy with a substitute, like soy? When I did a trial dairy free diet I ate soy cheese, soy ice cream, and used soy milk. The trial didn't go so well because I eventually found out I was also sensitive to soy. I ended up getting checked by Enterolab because the guess work was too tricky. Turns out now, my reaction to soy is just as bad as gluten.
  14. I don't know about the study, but my body doesn't like corn
  15. Gluten-Free Wedding Menu Ideas?

    The food at our wedding was all gluten free (and dairy free, soy free). I didn't want to take any chances and be sick for the whole honeymoon...plus it was our day and we didn't want to be around a bunch of food we couldn't eat that looked good (my husband is celiac as well). We had bbq (ribs, brisket, pulled pork, turkey), baked beans, roasted potatoes, fruit salad, and gluten free cake. I didn't hear anyone complain that there was no bread. The only people we told the food was gluten free were the other celiacs we knew would be there.