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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Like other people I generally like to use a mix of flours. I think this allows you to get a better texture in the final product and also allows you to better control the protein, fat and carbohydrate content better. For savory things I think chickpea and buckwheat add a nice taste but this can be a bit overpowering in a cake or muffin that is meant to be sweet. Personally I find that soya flour add bitter taste to things so I use is sparingly. On the blog 'Simply Sugar and Gluten Free' Amy is currently running a series on mixing gluten free flours to get the best finished product which i find really helpful. (I dont know her personally but her blog is really great!)
  2. hi! ive been gluten free for about a year and a half. previously to working out that was the probablem i was extreemly unwell, losing about 20kg and almost having to be hositalised for malnurishment, despite eating 3000 calories a day! anyway that is all better now and i am a healthy weight however I still occcasionally get bad stomach aches, a swolen belly and bad gas. i just read that nighshade vegetables (pepper, tomato, eggplant etc) can upset people who are celiac since the leptins(or something..) in them are a similar structure to gluten. Im not sure if this is true and if its worth testing out a diet free from them as well as gluten. Has anyone also heard this/have this problem? anyother ideas of what could be causing this continued problem would also be really appriciated! Thanks!
  3. What To Do When Poisened?

    thanks so much for the tips ill definatley be giving them a go xx
  4. just though i would send a warning to all you guys out there who take ur own bread and rolls to places and get them to fill it with their own fillings. I work in a cafe that makes meals as well as bagettes and foccacias. Once he kitchenhand roasts the pumpkin, eggplant and zuccini he packs them in containers lined with...yes you guessed it BREAD!!! i know i was horrified when i found out cuz i had eaten some once and wondered why i was sick for the whole next week but apparently its to soak up the oil. I know it would seem obvious to us that if you are bringing your own bread then you can't eat something that has been sitting on bread but i also know how busy it can get at lunch time in a cafe and how little things like that can be forgotten. just thought id let you guys know so you dont get sick xx
  5. Tournament Dinner - What Should I Do?

    Hi! i found out i couldnt eat gluten less than a year ago so im still getting used to it. i have found it really hard adjusting in social situations, especially dealing with comments from some of my (previously) closest friends who seemed to think i was doing this on purpose and practially demanded a doctors certificate as proof. Anyway, i definately get what you all mean about the wierd looks you get when you only eat the fruit platter at a catered lunch full of yummy looking bagettes and wraps! i've found the best thing to do when your going to have to take your own food is to make sure it still looks like a nice substantial meal so people don't think your skipping a meal or aren't eating cuz your anorexic or something (a big problem when your a 18 year old girl who lost heaps of weight pre-diagnosis). So when i take my own food a make sure its not just a little salad but make a nice rice or quinoa or buckwheat dish i can either have hot or cold. I find that most places (even if they don't have gluten free food) are happy to re-heat your own food for you - but make sure you have it properly covered or in a sealed container so it can't get contaminated. but in saying that, first try you hardest to get in contact with the caterer, ive always had heaps of help when ive asked. Just be really sweet and polite and people tend to feel sorry for u i hope u enjoy ur dinner! xx
  6. Anyone have any tips on what to do when I accidentally eat something with gluten in it? I only found out I had this at christmas and since then i seem to keep making mistakes and my stomach blows up, i get bad cramps, a headach and really really tired. This goes on for about 4 days. Is there anything I can eat/drink to help with any of these symptoms? or should i not eat anything until it goes down (the pains do seem to get worse after I eat anything). any tips would be really great. xx