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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The Santa Fe style rice and beans is also labeled as gluten free.
  2. Godfathers Pizza

    I have been able to get gluten free pizzas at Godfathers in Iowa for a couple of years now. Not sure if this is the same as the frozen pizza the original poster mentioned, though.
  3. Rice chex....Lea & Perrins Wostercershire....good stuff! Oh man, I just remembered that I'm out of lemon juice.
  4. I'm not sure how widespread of a chain they are, but Godfather's offers gluten free pizzas. You have to call and request them one day ahead of time, though, and then they make them the night before so they're not in the oven with the other pizzas.
  5. I tend to read labels very carefully and avoid products with any kind of gluten in them; however, I don't seek out totally gluten free dedicated line foods. This may be because my reactions haven't been as extreme as others have. You will become an expert at reading labels in short order. It's probably easiest to start off with totally gluten free products and add in others as you feel comfortable.
  6. Actually I think it's not wheat but barley malt in the nougat of Milky Ways that has gluten; the nougat of the Midnight is different than the nougat of the regular Milky Way and doesn't have that barley.
  7. Biaggi's

    I'm not sure if this has been covered, but Biaggi's has an EXCELLENT gluten-free menu. I was so thrilled to go to a pasta restaurant, as for the gluten-free menu, and be handed something that was *pages* long instead of the usual 3x5 card that other places have. Two thumbs up to Biaggi's!
  8. Have you ever tried to make gluten-free wonton wrappers? Do you even think it would work? Is there some other substitute?
  9. I believe chamomille is in the ragweed family, and people with allergies to ragweed can also have problems with chamomille tea. Perhaps that is the source of your headache?
  10. Kraft Foods

    If you know they'll list any major allergens, and they don't list "wheat" for modified food starch, then it should be okay.
  11. Hersheys Kissables are kinda like M&Ms, and their ingredients look okay....you know, just in case.
  12. Chillis

    I haven't been to one that still carries the baked potato soup, lately, which really makes me sad because that does sound SO good.
  13. How do you use that on your mac 'n' cheese? Do you add milk and butter, like the powder in the boxes? No need to apologize!
  14. I used to LOVE cocoa puffs! That would be great. Cocoa pebbles are just too, I don't know, pebble-y for me.
  15. All I saw at the grocery store was a little can that indicated I could shake it on popcorn--is the mac 'n' cheese cheese from Kraft in a big can like the parmesan?