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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Also some cold meds can make you feel a bit spacey. I know that anything with phenylephrine in it tends to make me feel a bit vacant. At the moment I'm getting a similar thing from some nasty antibiotics, and it used to happen if I had anything with nutmeg in, though that's not so bad now. Some substances either directly affect your moods and brain, but some are just difficult for the system to deal with, and for some people the first thing to go is mental clarity. For others it might come out somewhere else...
  2. Is it really true about the colour of beet coming out in your urine being a sign of leaky gut? I remember as kids, me and my young brothers and sisters all laughing hysterically at each others purple- filled potties after pickled beetroot. Surely we weren't all suffering as toddlers and young children? _After this we used to eat as much as we could, just to see the change of colour. It was very exciting for us back then - our parents didn't approve of too much tv. Even now if I eat beetroot I get dark red/purple D. It's awful. I really can't eat it any more, and really miss bortsch.
  3. Iud Options

    It's not necessarily true that IUDs are only for those who have given birth. I chose to have the paraguard even though I've no children. It wasn't PARTICULARLY uncomfortable to have put in - though obviously not much fun either. However I did then get Bacterial Vaginosis, which i think happens fairly commonly after the procedure. My periods have always been irregular, but after the iud they got less, and seemed to have completely stopped now. I had to have the iud checked a few months ago and the pain was Absolutely Flipping Excrutiating. I don't know whether my insides are seizing up because of lack of menstruation or what, but I would advise you to look very carefully into your choice - it's not always easy to know how your body will react.
  4. Codeine can cause stomach pain - I'm not sure exactly what it does, but I found that if I took it for any length of time, then when I stopped I would have that awful raw feeling in my stomach. It took a good week for the rebound D (after codeine constipation) to go too. I hope it hasn't done any lasting damage to either of us
  5. ...actually I've just checked, and don't think flaxseed is legal. Which is a shame, as it seems to be the only thing that holds my biscuits together! Ah well. Sorry bout that. I'll try coconut milk, but I have a vague memory of trying it in tea a few years back, and it separating. What other SCD legal emulsifiers could maybe hold it all together?
  6. I've been experimenting with the SCD life, but miss milky tea like you wouldn't believe! All the commercial nut milks have sugar in them (and are thin and expensive) and my own attempts at making nut milks have been less than perfect. I like my milk to be full-fat, and have tried using a little ground flaxseed in my nut milks as an emulsifier to hold the water/fat in suspension. This kind of works, if you heat up the flax with water first so that it thickens and gets sticky, and then you water it down to the thickness required Here is roughly what I do: 50g creamed coconut 50g tahini 1 Tbsp flaxseed, ground pinch of salt roughly 1 litre water Heat the nuts/seeds in half the water, but don't boil. Then strain though a sieve, followed by more warm water to get all the possible goodness through. I then put the strained mixture through a jelly bag and add a pinch of salt. It's pretty good! But does anyone have any other suggestions in replacing flaxseed as an emulsifier than can withstand high temperatures? I imagine flax might upset some tender stomachs.
  7. I'm always reading that difflucan is not a good thing to take for candida, because it damages your all your gut flora. I admit I know very little regarding the details of this - but I was wondering if you could do a strong course of difflucan and then follow it with a strict anti candida/scd diet, with masses of live homemade yoghurt. Maybe I'm looking for an easy fix? (answer:yes of course!) but could this work in theory?
  8. I thought I had ADD before I found out I had celiac disease. Now I don't - but I really do go back to my old self when I get glutened! My memory is starting to really improve now, and my focus and mental clarity is just joyful to me! Also, I'm happier, but I think I just feel more at ease with myself. I can trust my brain to be on form. Before it was stumbling about, hobbled and I was always trying to understand what was happening, but in a state of panic and humiliation at the same time. I don't know about how directly gluten affects my mood, but indirectly it certainly does. How can you be happy when you are being poisoned every day?
  9. When my insides are playing up i often wake very early in the morning, feeling fine, but VERY tense. It gradually builds up, and finally my stomach tells me why it woke me up, in a most unpleasant way. There is a strange rise of tension in the body when it has some alien substance which it really wants OUT, but has limited ways to do so. I've just started taking niacin which seems to open up another sort of detoxification, by widening the blood vessels and allowing the body to release the stored toxins. As a result, you feel a very definite sort of emotional and physical release from the toxin-tension. It's an amazing way to get back to sleep, too!
  10. Starving/always Hungry

    How much fat do you eat? I think we need more than is generally thought, especially good quality organic animal fats, butter, coconut oil and olive oil. I find that the more fat i eat, the more satisfied I feel. And I can easily go all day on a good breakfast, whereas if I ate something low fat and/or carb heavy, i would have a real problem with low energy, both mental and physical. And it was always hard, even with eating chocolate and apparently energy-filled food to try and boost myself up Animal fat is fantastically good for you - I buy organic stock bones from the butcher, add herbs and garlic etc and make a GORGEOUS tasty stock and keep the tasty layer of fat that settles as it cools. Coconut oil is great for your thyroid, and gives you bags of energy, butter is great for your heart despite the bad press it gets, plus it's just very lovely in everything. The brain is full of cholesterol - we do need to feed it in order to keep mentally well. It's great for your blood sugar levels, Also, you will absorb the vitamins and minerals in your veggies much better if they are eaten with a little melted butter.
  11. AliB, I appreciate your repeated references to the SCD. I'd been feeling somewhat better on the gluten-free diet, but old symptoms were creeping back in. I was quite sure i wasn't being glutened, so I cut out pretty much all starchy carbs and sugars for a week. As a result i am suddenly filled with energy, my skin looks clearer, and the mental fog has dispersed. I will be looking into the diet a little more carefully now, and am grateful I knew the basics from this site. I understand that it's important to keep different medical theories in context, and remember that we're not all identical - what works for one person may not work for another, but I can only remember ever seeing you mention the Specific Carbohydrate diet as a genuine response to somebody who had come onto these forums asking for the help of the community, because they'd found that the basic gluten free thing just wasn't enough. For most of us here, the generally accepted rules about nutrition just don't apply. How could we possibly NOT inform ourselves about the other possibilities?
  12. I haven't had a period in ages, and am hoping to welcome my old friend Flo with a small party when/if she returns! .... hopefully she won't come back as vigorously as she used to though ... 2-3 weeks of heavy bleeding with breaks of months at a time inbetween. I'd love a neat little 28 day cycle, (thankyouplease God).
  13. Be really cautious about going back "off the wagon" again. It feels worse each time you try to give up gluten, and then go back again. Also in the first of the 2 links there was a statistic: "Mortality in patients with celiac disease and their relatives: a cohort study This study compares 1072 celiac patients with 3384 of their relatives over 25 years. In this study patients who were most likely to maintain a strict gluten free diet died half as often as their relatives over 25 years. Patients who blew off the diet completely and ate "normally" died twice as often as their relatives. Patients most likely to cheat on the gluten free diet died 6 times as often as their relatives. Why? Is continued ischemia/reperfusion injury a factor for those who are only partly compliant ? This is worrying. I know for example, that when I "cheat", my villi get healthy enough that they are able to recognise and let my know that they don't like lactose. When I have recently cheated, the villi are too damaged to respond, and I have no symptoms of lactose intolerance. That doesn't make me think I'd be better off eating gluten though! I'm just grateful that my system has recovered enough sensitivity to notice and inform me of other problems. Are you eating other grains? it might be best to keep your diet very very simple for now, and grains are quite hard to digest. Since going gluten-free I can tell they do me no good, because my heart starts to pound, for ages after! Horrible, but I'm glad to be given the message at all. It just tells me something is healing in there.
  14. Did your new allergies appear after you stopped eating gluten? I'm not sure why but it seems to be quite common for this to happen. When I stopped eating gluten, suddenly I became intolerant to dairy - but now I am eating gluten again in advance of my biopsy (ugh!) I am not bothered by milk any more. The symptoms in response to dairy are quite different than from gluten, so I can tell. It's all quite peculiar.
  15. I was wondering too, but yours doesn't sound like mine. Maybe we need a poo analysis forum! Sorry bout this but ... it sticks to the sides and looks greasy/sticky. Every time I have gluten - or corn/rice for that matter!