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    I am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers fan. Im also a huge WWE fan as well if you wanna know more ive got a facebook! Hit me up!!!!!
  1. just made a new status

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Ya i hate that some days i just get really depressed and angry for no reason.
  4. Hey i was wondering are there any single girls with celiac disease in pittsburgh pa??? If so please reply!!
  5. Wow thats weird i had the same problem b4 i was diagnosed. I know exactly how you feel now i don't know if you r completely gluten free but that might be the case also try taking deep breaths i find that and walking around helps too!! Hope that helps my friend..................... Alex Stoyanoff SAVE_US.Y2A
  6. Hey guys whats going on?? I was diagnosed w/ celiac disease in early june and have only met one person that has this disease........ anyways hit me up on my face book i would love to get to know you. my name is Alex Stoyanoff. Hope to talk to you soon!!!
  7. I was diagnosed w/ celiac disease in early june and thank god that was it! I am allergic to wheat flour and barley.