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  1. Thanks for all of the replies. It sounds fairly unanimous that I should go to the GI first.
  2. I've been having stomach problems including diphasia and pain on the right side of my chest. In addition I've had disabling fatigue. Several weeks ago with the idea I haven't been getting enough fats, I cut out alot of grains from my diet. Within a few days, much of the fatigue was gone as was swallowing problems and pain. I just had a barium swallow and gui study today which didn't show any structural problems. Question is what type of specialist should I go to in order to get an accurate diagnosis. This is obviously out my family doctors league, but I've heard both gastrointernolitist as well as an allergy specialist and don't know where I shouild go. I did find out that it may take a month to get in to the gastro. I've also read that I shouldn't attempt to go on a gluten free diet until I get tested since that may effect the test. I am only semi functional at this point and would prefer to not waste any more time. I've wasted many months going through work to be convinced that it is not an issue with depression.