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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    Go to the doc feeling completely exhausted and achey. Was told, you have three kids, you want some antidepressants? Take some iron your ferritin is 2. Go to second doc, tell him about ferritin of 2 and he says you have celiac and does the tests. Go back to doc number one, tell him I am celiac and he says, thats a simple test, why didn't you ask me to run it?
  2. The Natural Food Pantry in Ottawa has the BEST gluten free bagels I have ever tasted. They tasted like REAL bread. Nut'n Gluten in Vaughan for the GTA folks supposedly has amazing bread too. http://www.nutngluten.com/
  3. Gluten Free Pasta

    Canada here but GOGO Quinoa is the best pasta I've ever eaten. Its amazingly good. By FAR better than any wheat pasta.
  4. The scale they used for me (Ontario) was 0-20 (neg) and 20-25 was borderline and over 25 was positive. At 19, you do fall into the neg category. I also had anti-gliadin IgA and IgG done. So no, its not all TTG in Canada. From blood test to biopsy, it was just over 3 weeks for me but that was because I was on vacation. My TTG was wickedly positive at 74. BTW I had a family doc refer me to an internest who referred me to the GI so your specialist is giving you the run around and could refer you to a GI.
  5. Saw The Endocrinologist

    I had the opposite. I was STARVING after I ate gluten pasta. I can eat gluten-free pasta and not be hungry for hours.
  6. IMHO I would get a copy of your blood and share it here before I went to the expense and time with Enterolab. If your blood work is positive, then it seems like a waste do do entrolab. IMHO of course.
  7. Ah this is such a shame. Poor guy likely had celiac all along and it triggered the diabetes. There is a huge connection between type 1 diabetes and celiac.
  8. Thank you!!!! I obviously have dropped a lot going from 74 to 25 but not enough to make him happy.
  9. GI said he'd like it around 6 and accused me of cheating which I don't knowingly do. I don't really have any symptoms anymore which is good.
  10. Big no to all of these things. Dog is fed gluten but its in the basement and I don't go near it. I'm stumped. I cook 99.9% of what I eat.
  11. My ttg pre dx in 2008 was 74. I had my first followup in december and it was 25 with the cutoff of normal at 20. GI is concerned. I thought I was doing a good job. I've checked shampoo, toothpaste etc. HELP.
  12. Anemia

    Me too on the anemia being my main symptom. I've had issues with getting my iron back up even on the gluten-free diet.
  13. High IgE levels indicate an allergy to something.
  14. I'm in canada and I was told it would be months for the biopsy too but it was only two weeks. Find out when exactly you can get the biopsy. Your in a grey zone with the borderline ttg IMHO.
  15. Quaker Oats

    I have bought these oats and they are yummy. http://www.onlyoats.ca/index I was told not to eat oats for 6 months and then no more than a 1/2 cup a day.