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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Running, Dancing, & Living!!! Love music(CHRISTMAS!!!,Classical, Jazz, Big Band/Swing, Rock, Old Country) but I, Anna, can't hold a tune. I think it's the asthma... :)
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    Louisville, Ky
  1. I also experience blurred vision and speech too long w/ out calorie intake. The speech thing- this is kinda different but my tongue swells and lips don't move very well, been told it could be a thyroid issue(hypothyroidism)but that hasn't been confirmed by a doctor yet. Does anyone have a history w/ thyroid issues?
  2. Any Feelings Left?

    5 years now, not glutened in over 8 months, so maybe its because of something else? lupus is one suspect, but that is very hard to diagnose even if the doctor thinks that is whats going on. there were hormone replacement meds a couple of years ago that led to periods of memory loss(side effect). That could be it too. I guess its not part of celiac. I've looked online before for connections b/t celiac and not feeling stuff and haven't found answers. I guess I want a solid assurance of some kind, childish I'm aware but wanted all the same it has gotten much better since memory loss quit its cycle, I'm laughing all the time now but its the heart&soul stuff that remains out of reach
  3. Hey everyone I'm wondering if there is anyone else whose emotions are undefined. Sometimes I feel a range of emotions and am constantly happy but mostly, due to the fog I think, there is nothing else. I know when some emotions are expected and I try to express them but am a horrible faker. Then there is dating, could that be any less murky? So, does anyone else experience this suppression of emotions? Is this something that will fade in time as we heal or are there ways anyone has found to break through & feel things?
  4. Where did silversail go??! I think we frightened her/him! FMcGee, THANK YOU! Here I was, ready to vent, telling silversail that it was an "intolerance" not and "allergy." Oh, I really don't like that post. Sounded terrible! Gotta go to class, but thanks! Anna
  5. Everything Came Back Normal

    hi CGally81! My blood tests came back negative too and so did the ANA test. I've been tested three times for it but they always come back negative because I have been on a gluten free diet for about five years. The ANA one threw me off 'cause I supposedly have Lupus, another autoimmune disease, but the ANA test came back negative! How is that?? If I were you, and I have been there, knowing that my body is healthy without gluten would give me validation and bring me peace. There are some things that just require a feeling of health and happiness to be confirmed. God bless, Anna
  6. Glutened By Meds...upsetting..:(

    hello DIVa, I am right there with you. It is terrible to be glutened by your medication, been there and done that -several times Doc's told me it was gluten free, and low and behold, they weren't. Typical uh? nothing against doctors but it's been frustrating trying to find doctors who know this disease and what it entails. Anyway, hope the fog dissipates soon and the pain lessens. Anna
  7. Someone To Talk To

    hey Sarah, I'm a little late to your post, sorry!, but I'm a college freshmen in KY. Not that you'll know where that is Any way, feel free to email me at acmiha01@louisville.edu any time. How long have you had it? I've known for about 5 years now - trust me, it gets easier Anna
  8. Hello Shess0816! This is an true OMG moment! So, for four years, all of high school, I lost all artistic ability too! I couldn't imagine for 8-9 years though, that must have been terrible. I couldn't even doodle, and who can't doodle?! Anyway, I am super excited because about a month ago, it all came back and it makes me sooooo deliriously happy!! Back to the issue, yea, I would take a semester or so off. Since this happened to me in high school and not college, I can't be THAT reliable but I know what it's like. How you feel so blinded by the depression, brain fog, anxiety, grayness, pain, tiredness, and uselessness. I feel so blessed to be where I am now. I have to go, but I'll pray that you find the answer. Just take time to heal and eventually, it comes full circle Anna
  9. Hey Beloved! I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, and I know all of these autoimmune things mimic each other just to make it harder to diagnose!, but could it be Lupus? I know FM and Lupus tend to piggy back each other. I don't know if this helps but I have random, and I mean random, swelling in my legs and ankles from Lupus and Lupus related kidney abnormalities. I'll pray that you find the answer soon! ~Anna
  10. How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?!

    I need so much more! For some of us who have very low immunity, it takes a lot. Like ten hours on a good day. Anna
  11. I Never Feel Rested

    I am so with you!!! I never knew this section even exhisted! I didn't know that so many of us had this problem... ~Anna
  12. The New Chex

    we went to 2 stores today, one had gluten-free cinnamon, the other store had gluten-free chocolate, hope they get to you soon! haven't tried them yet b/c the stores we were at prices ran higher than usual...
  13. The New Chex

    interesting, my sister and i have experienced gluten symptoms with too many grains as well, we thought maybe because we haven't had them in so long, at least in any large quantity...
  14. Low Endurance?

    I have a terrible time breathing too! It feels as if I'm running against a brick wall! The air never seems to reach my lungs and I see spots and get really dizzy. I have noticed a difference with the dairy free diet. Maybe you hvae a tree nut/peanut allergy? Too much potassium? I know its a lot to cut out and it's ridiculously hard to get calories, but you could try for like a month and see if it helps. Hope it all works out, ~Anna -- I run short distances now in spurts, it helps. I hope to run longer than two miles one day without passing out. Good luck!!!
  15. Hey! The pain that I have with celiac reactions is kind of like I'm loose-jointed, watery almost. The pain shoots around, behind, and beside my knees, it's mind blowing. I hate running with reactions because my legs feel as if they're leaving me behind, I feel so heavy but thats probably the edema I have with reactions. But yes, I have that problem. Now I have arthritus in my knees so I may be a liitle off on the description. It shoud go away, mine was reaallllly slow in doing so!, unless you have other conditions. Good luck, ~Anna P.S. Looking back at your original post, yes that is exactly what happens to me! It sounds like Celiac to me!