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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mouth Issues

    I have not been as careful as I should about gluten. I tend not to have many visible symptoms--sometimes some diarrhea, but that's about it. So, I suspect it is gluten exposure. Most of the descriptions of mouth problems related to gluten include blisters or ulcers in the mouth. Your message confirms that it might be this more generalized soreness. I must now adopt your "fire breathing dragon" approach. Thank you!
  2. I just posted a question about mouth issues and now see this. For over 2 months my mouth has felt like it is burned inside. My gums are sensitive, and my lips are swollen and sore. I am now being super careful about gluten contamination and bought new pots, bowls, and utensils. Hope it works. I am really really tired of this.
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac (colonoscopy) 6 years ago (I am now 62) after months of chronic diarrhea. Two of my children also have celiac disease. I have been careful about the diet most of the time, but in the last year less so. Over two months ago I started having a very sore mouth. It feels like it is burning inside. I have been to a couple of doctors who say it is allergies. I suspect it might be exposure to gluten and I am trying to be super careful. What I wonder is if anyone has this kind of generalized mouth soreness--there are no ulcers. My lips are swollen, gums are sensitive, and sides of tongue are sore. Yael
  4. For years (many years before being diagnosed with celiac), every few months when I am eating I have had a feeling of food being stuck in my chest and then I vomit to be able to continue eating. This happens when I eat raw carrots (every time) and sometimes when I eat other foods. I finally spoke to my doctor about it, and she said since it has been happening for 10 years and has not gotten any worse, I shouldn't worry about it. (I did have an endoscopy when I had a colonoscopy that was fine.) Recently I've been wondering if this could have anything to do with celiac (or damage I might have incurred from it)? Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Thank you for the encouragement. I found gluten-free beer here in Israel where I now live. I'm sure it is available in the States too. It's not quite a Heineken, but it's a fair substitute!
  6. Thank you! I will speak to my daughter again about this.
  7. When my daughter was 23, she was diagnosed with celiac (after getting severely anemic and losing a lot of weight) with a biopsy. Her blood test was negative. My son has not had testing, but he clearly has celiac and follows the diet (his symptoms tend to be skin related). Another daughter tested positive with the blood test, but she chooses not to follow the diet (her doctor told her there were many false positives in the blood test). She has tried a gluten free diet and says she does not see any difference. Three and a half years ago (at the age of 56), I developed chronic diarrhea and after several months, the gastro did a biopsy and said that it appeared that I had celiac, but there was also inflammation suggesting Chrohn's. After further testing, he decided it was not Chrohn's. I started following a gluten-free diet, and the diarrhea disappeared. Now, you would think I would be happy to continue the diet! However, I find myself eating an occasional piece of bread or ordering something in a restaurant that has breading. I do not appear to have any bad effects from doing so. I should note that I do generally follow the gluten-free diet. Unfortunately, I do the same thing with sugar and I am clearly at risk for type 2 diabetes (because of my family history, weight, and cholesterol). Today, a light went on. I have had one cold after another, several bouts of bronchitis, and have generally just felt cruddy for the last year. Don't ask me why I didn't associate my "slips" with these symptoms, but I think I've been in denial--in the face of some pretty strong evidence. Can someone give me a pep talk?? I know I need to take this seriously, but I have not been able to do so. Help!
  8. I was diagnosed with celiac after a biopsy in December. I've been gluten free except for a couple of notable exceptions (spelt bread once or twice). I just had another blood test and my ALT and AST are both elevated (127 and 110). I read somewhere that these can be elevated in celiac disease, but they have not previously been this elevated (just a little over the upper limit of 40). Can anyone help me to understand if this is likely to be from celiac or from some other reason? Yael
  9. I was diagnosed with celiac disease when I had a biopsy in November. Two (and probably three) of my children have celiac disease and when I started having intestinal issues for the first time in my life, I decided to get checked out. When I went gluten-free, most of the diarrhea stopped. A couple of days ago, I believe I made a mistake in eating some candy that may not have been gluten-free. Yesterday, I just felt bloated and uncomfortable, last night I had very bad diarrhea which continued today, and tonight I am vomiting. Is this a typical course when you are exposed to gluten? I feel horrible, but not horrible like I have the flu--just in my stomach. The candy I ate was from a candy store where they sell things out of bins. Probably a bad decision on my part and I'm paying for it big time! Yael
  10. I have two children (and probably three since the third tested positive on the blood test) with celiac. I started having stomach issues (chronic diarrhea) at the ripe old age of 58. None of the blood tests have confirmed celiac, and I am now going to have a colonoscopy this week. The gastro did not seem very convinced that my symptoms were caused by celiac (although for the month I stayed off of gluten (after the blood tests)) I was much improved. He mentioned that he wanted to look at the blood tests before deciding to do a biopsy. Is there anything I need to (try to) insist on? I don't want to go through all this and still not have an answer! Thanks!