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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dallas/tyler Texas, Anyone?

    No, they don't use separate toppings, but they do pull from the middle of the stack. I've eaten at Subway twice so far this week and have not had any problems. Their staff has been extremely careful when preparing my sandwiches. I applaud Subway for testing this out. And best of all, the bread and brownies taste delicious! Typing this post is making me crave another Italian BMT! ;-)
  2. Well, I still have my joint and tendon pain even after being gluten-free for a little over two years now. I would've thought that maybe my pain would gradually subside, but no. I still hurt just as frequently as I did before I went gluten-free. (Which is usually anywhere from 12-19 days every single month. And I can have pain in up to 4 areas at one time.) As soon as I stop being lazy, I'm going to start trying to exercise and drink more water to see if that helps. If not, I'll just go back to my rheumatologist. When she last saw me, she wanted to try me on Sulfasalazine pills--but I never filled the prescription. I think if I don't see any results after 6 months of exercising--I'll give the meds a try.
  3. On my iPhone I use "is that GLUTEN FREE? eating out" and "is that GLUTEN FREE". I also have "GFNews" which lists a lot of current gluten-free related news.
  4. Dallas/tyler Texas, Anyone?

    I just so happen to live in the Tyler area! Hooray! I emailed the company the other day regarding their new gluten-free menu and my cc concerns. They just replied with a very generic email that pointed me back to the nutritional info section on their website. They said if I had questions about anything not listed on the pdf I could ask somebody at the actual store in my town. From what I've read they will be offering a gluten-free roll with a one-time use knife and a gluten-free brownie. I think the items are supposed to be available starting Monday, Jan. 10th. I know where I'm going to be eating lunch that day! Yay for Subway! I hope this test is a success so it will be offered nationwide. Now if we could just get Burger King or Wendy's to start offering a gluten-free bun... =)
  5. Hello Mohamed, I am by no means an expert on any of this. But, I do know that Celiac can be tricky to diagnose. My blood results were very similar to yours. The ONLY part of the Celiac tests that I tested positive for was the Anti Gliadin IGA--just like you. Everything else came back negative. I even had a biopsy, and my GI doctor stated that she was very confident I didn't have Celiac, because the villi showed no sign of damage. However, she did suggest that I wait a couple of months and take the blood test again. And once again, I tested positive for the Anti Gliadin IGA portion and nothing else. I then decided to go on the gluten-free diet just to see if it helped or not. It was very hard in the beginning. I went through gluten withdrawals, which made me feel even worse than I did when I was eating gluten. But, 3 months later I finally started feeling better and most of my symptoms began disappearing. I took the same blood test again. And guess what. The Anti Gliadin IGA came back negative after being gluten-free. Which means my body really was reacting to the gluten. You may want to just give the diet a try. I'm so glad I did. Good luck!
  6. Mmmm..comfort Food

    Yep, I agree! (And I'm extremely picky.) Those are the BEST brownies--I can't tell that they're gluten-free. My husband and kids love them, too. And their chocolate chip cookie mix is really good--not too crumbly and not too cakey. Hooray for Betty Crocker!!! Now, if I could only find a GOOD gluten-free yellow cake mix.
  7. Pei Wei, Do You Like It?

    I ate at Pei Wei for the first time last weekend and had no problems. (But, I can eat gluten-free soy sauce.) However, I don't think the dish I ate had soy in it, but I'm not sure. I tried the Pei Wei Spicy Chicken and white rice.
  8. Joint Pain

    I've never heard of Ankylosing Spondylitis before. Maybe it could be that. A lot of my symptoms do sound the same. When I have a flare the affected joint(s) get more painful and stiff if I'm sedentary. But if I get up and move around for awhile, they usually losen up a bit. And they usually only get extremely painful and stiff late in the evening or first thing in the morning. Also, I do have a little bit of lower back pain from time-to-time. Not sure if it's the same type of back pain I've read about associated with AS. Mine happens when I've been standing for several hours. It causes my lower back to ache really bad. I also wake up with an achy back on occasion (especially if I've been sleeping on my back.) But that pain usually disappears pretty quickly. As for the diet change--I don't know if I can handle that right now. I've just now learned to cope with the gluten-free diet. Don't think I can give up my chocolate and ice cream just yet. But I'll keep that advice in mind. Maybe I'll try exercising and drinking more water for now. Thanks for giving me hope, and for letting me know about AS!
  9. How Long

    It just really depends. My headaches and abdominal pain went away pretty quickly. My gastro symptoms didn't improve until my 3rd month of being gluten-free. (But I think that's outside the norm.) Actually my gastro symptoms got much worse the first couple of months of being gluten-free. Hope you have a swift and full recovery!
  10. Joint Pain

    Thanks for all of the tips everyone--keep 'em coming! Lisa16 I know what you mean. I get this joint problem in the weirdest places sometimes, too. And on occasion it occurs in my tendons behind my knees and in my achilles tendon. I don't think it's fibromyalgia, because the affected area actually gets a little red and slightly swollen and it feels warm to the touch. It's nice to know your problem eventually got better. Hopefully I'll get there, too.
  11. Joint Pain

    My rheumatologist did a blood test for Lupus and it came back negative. So I don't think it's that. I'll probably give it another year, and if it's still not better I may go back to the doctor. But I really don't want to go that route, I HATE going to the doctor.
  12. Joint Pain

    I'm getting close to my 1 year anniversary this September of being gluten-free. All of my problems are much better now. I almost feel like a normal person. "Almost" because I still have this stupid migratory joint pain. I've had it ever since my late teens. It used to just be in my lower body and only occur in one joint at a time before moving elsewhere. It would travel to maybe 3 or so different joints and then the problem would go away for a few months. Well, through the years it started creeping up into my upper body, too. And now over the last several years it's gotten to where the pain can be in 2 or 3 different joints at the same time traveling around all over the place. I usually have some form of joint pain on average 15 days out of any given month. I would think the frequency would be decreasing by now. But it is not. My joint pain is the whole reason I went to the doctor over a year ago. Every single test they gave me came back negative except for the Celiac test. So, it makes sense that this problem is Celiac-related. I do occasionally get glutened, but it's pretty rare. Everything else has improved just not this. Is this normal? Does it usually take a long time for the joint pain to disappear? I was misdiagnosed with IBS for 19 years. It took 3 months for my gastro symptoms to subside (which I think is longer than the normal Celiac.) Would a vitamin or supplement help me? Any suggestions or positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the book!
  13. How Long Does This Last?

    lol... yeah, I guess my name isn't too fitting anymore, though. Well, I do still suffer from the joint pain, but everything else is sooo much better. Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery, too, koolkat222!
  14. How Long Does This Last?

    OR you could be going through gluten withdrawal like I did. I felt horrible in the beginning. Frequent bathroom visits--it was TERRIBLE. My gastro symptoms were way worse on the gluten-free diet than they were when I used to eat gluten. And I was always very careful about cross contamination. Finally by around the 3rd month my gastro symptoms were all cleared up. Hang in there. I'm sure it'll get better. I think maybe it took me so long to heal since I suffered for 19 years before having a proper diagnosis.
  15. Ah ha! I've dealt with tonsil stones since my late teens. After I found out about Celiac Disease I had a feeling that my crazy tonsil stones were probably linked to gluten. All of my other weird quirky problems were! Glad to hear I'm not alone.