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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey everyone--just an update (I'm super excited)--after deciding to avoid Arrowhead Mills, because they use a shared facility and because people in other posts seem to have trouble with them, I saw Rancho Gordo mentioned on a Gluten-Free Girl post about beans. http://www.ranchogordo.com/index.htm They sell gourmet, heirloom beans, so they're definitely more expensive than other dried beans, but I'm not gonna make a fuss if I can be sure they're gluten free. At ~$5/lb (dry weight), and $8 flat shipping, it's still a lot of food-per-dollar. Double checking with the company (this is how paranoid I am, these days), I emailed: I placed an order--hopefully they're good!
  2. looks like others are reporting problems with Arrowhead Mills: http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/index.ph...d&pid=47219 http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/index.ph...mp;#entry517777 from the "gluten free" marketing campaign of Arrowhead Mills' parent company, Hain Celestial:
  3. does anyone know of a brand of dried beans (organic or conventional) that are for sure safe? GOYA dry beans are cross-contaminated http://www.goya.com/english/nutrition/listings_gluten.html (isn't their documentation method great though? so useful!) Eden foods had their dry beans tagged as gluten free, but when I emailed them they did some investigating and realized they were cross-contaminated in processing. They changed the designation. I'd love to be able to buy safe dried beans--they're so much more economical! please help!
  4. careful! ingredient lists alone won't tell you if something is gluten free!!! dried beans "are just beans"; quaker oats "are just oats"--these contain gluten because they're made on shared equipment. this is known as "cross-contamination." Frontier Coop curry ("just spices") glutened unwary me the other day--emailing them reveals they're made in a shared facility with wheat--nothing on the label OR the website! anyhow, so it's not clear whether Sunsweet prunes are gluten-free--I'll email the company before I try any from the pack I just bought. have you considered the possibility of fructose malabsorption? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fructose_malabsorption I'm pretty sure I read it sometimes presents with Celiac. good luck!
  5. FYI I contacted Frontier Coop regarding their curry powder; they responded: I'm playing it safe, so I'll skip this one and maybe try one of the ones mentioned above... anyone know of other brands of gluten-free curry powder?
  6. According to the manufacturer, PG Tips is gluten free:
  7. Info from Yogi Teas: I have yet to hear from PG Tips. I'm pretty sure I reacted to their tea...
  8. Did you hear back from them, dinali63? Now that I look at the PG Tips bags again I am totally suspecting gluten from the glue used to seal them! I just sent an email and will post if I hear back. I've been having some problems of late as well, and I recently have been drinking some of this tea, and a tea called Egyptian Licorice by brand Yogi Teas (delicious, by the way, assuming it is gluten-free, as other posts seem to indicate, at least according to the company...)