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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm The Only One :(

    Since my dx, I found that I have celiac disease on both my mother and father's side. On my mother's side, my grandmother, aunt and 2 cousins have it, on my father's side it's 2 cousins. No one discussed it until I was dx'd which I think finally put a name to all the symptoms others were having. Hey, look at this the bright side, I can go to family reunions with 'safe" foods! Gotta laugh! Interesting note: my mother's side of family is swedish, fathers side Czech. Melissa
  2. 66. Watch Meg Ryan in "French Kiss" have her "lactose intolerance" scene on the train with Kevin Kline. While she's eating the cheeses on the bread, I dying, then when she starts have spasms I'm crying but nothing compares to her walk afterwards, I've been there SO many times until I found out I too was Lactose intolerant. 67. Make something with your hands. I string jewelry and it's great for my mental attitude. 68. Read some of the old classics, such as Tom Sawyer or a Nancy Drew story. What fun! Melissa
  3. I'm thinking about starting my husband on it and see how it improves his immune system. He has no allergies of any kind to foods, his is all seasonal things like pollen and grasses. I know it is very expensive. Just thought I'd see what kind of results if any, us gluten-free's have seen. Melissa
  4. Berneses, I saw your post and see now it's been 24 hours, were you able to see you doctor? What was decided? I'm curious ... I want to tell you that for 10 years off and on I've been breaking out behind my ears, then sometimes across my shoulders, in my mouth, on my arms. Some of the doctors said it was shingles, some would say they simply didn't know. When I found out that I have celiac, I researched DH and couldn't believe what I saw. The only time I break out now is if I ingest something contaminated that I'm not aware of. Keeps me motivated to stay as pure as possible! gluten-free since June 2004, The day of my dx is like a new birthday for me as I feel WONDERFUL. Let me know how you're doing. Melissa
  5. Gf Cookbooks

    I have several gluten-free cookbooks but my favorite is "Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults" BY Connie Sarros. It seems like I grab for this book over all the others for meals that have ingredients I tend to have on hand. The other book I grab daily is the 3-ring binder I keep on my kitchen counter! I have compiled a 3 inch notebook of recipes I have copied from web-sites, changed over from "traditional" cookbooks or as someone said "gfed". I have the recipes in dividers and it seems like an I go it those recipes the most. Sometimes I feel like a "recipe junkie"!
  6. I'm looking for any information that maybe someone on this site could share with what they might know about "noni juice". It's a juice derived from a fruit very similar to a pear. The fruit is raised in the Asian islands and has been available for years. I recently came into awareness of it and have been researching it as much as possible. The claims are big for boosting the immune system and I'm interested in the product, the manufacture confirms it is gluten-free, sugar free and preservative free. I'd just like to hear from any other celiacs to see what experience they have had with it. Thanks, Ponita
  7. How Cool Is This?!

    What fun! My 9 yo son took the quiz with me and we scored 100%. I'm gluten free for 1 year now and needless to say in our home it's a "family" change of lifestyle, so for my son to rate 100%, it shows how he's been paying attention. Melissa
  8. Thanks! I'll check it out. There's a HY-Vee in my area. Nothing like a cold beer after mowing the yard. Melissa
  9. Rash Or Dh?

    When I saw my dermatologist yesterday he mentioned one of the main charactorists with DH vs. hives is the "bilateral" appearance, which means the erruptoins are on both sides. When I brake out that is how I appear, raised rash on both forearms, legs, and both sides of scape. It's like a mirror image. The doctor did a biopsy so I'll know next week the exact make up of the rash to confirm or define the DH. Melissa
  10. My Dh Is Back! Advice?

    Peggy, For me the DH appears when I have had a known gluten item. For example,I had a 1/2 of a donut this weekend (sunday afternoon in fact) and on Tuesday evening became awre of the DH rash starting on my arms. So now and in the past my reaction time seems to be 48 hours. I have been gluten-free since June and can say with very few mishaps ... but this donut on my dinning room table was more than I could handle. My dermatologist gave me a topical cream to use in case of flareups (Lociod lipocream). My goal was to never need to use the cream. When I broke out this week I went on over yesterday to his office for a biospy to confirm what it was. I hope you find what casued your DH to flareup. Melissa
  11. It's all about choice and gaining the knowledge to make the right choice. I have found that if I don't stay clear in my mind as to what are my best choices for meals then the next day I do feel depressed and sometimes a bit of joint pain. I have been sick for a long time and not having pain is a great stimulator for staying clear of gluten. Stay with the message board, there is so much to learn and so many people who are going through the same thing as you. Melissa
  12. Wow! I read your post then went to google to research what you were talking about. How do you feel about this dx? What an interesting story. I think you are truly a testament that a person has to keep looking for reasons why we feel the way we do. Where is the cleveland clinic? Did you see a rhum doc or immunlogist? I'm asking because I have a freind who has some of these symptoms. I'll be thinking of you. Melissa
  13. Eddie, A person I met here through the message boards once said she looked at the foods that had gluten as tainted or contaminate. Just that idea has really helped me. I find that I look at the little bits here and there that are bad for me more seriously. I'm new at this too and having the message boards has been a great motivator too! You are surounded by people who are having the same problems you are. My cooking is very basic. Jack Lalanne, the exersise guru, once said, "If man made it, don't eat it". Good luck and let us know what you need. Melissa
  14. Infertility

    Roxyk, You have a very close spot in my heart. My husband and I looked at starting Clomid. We chose at the time not to take meds because I was so sick that we were concerned that a pregnacy would be too much for my body. I don't know how old you are but I sure hope things work out the way you hope for. We were blessed to have adopt a beautiful baby boy the day after my 39th birthday! He's turing 9 soon and a true treasure in our lives. Roxyk, I wish you to the very best, from my heart to yours. Melissa