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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. To my knowledge gluten intolerance is Celiac. My sons ped told us to keep him eating the gluten products until he had his biopsy that way they can tell for sure.. If you stop before you have more testing , it could possibly show up neg on the test. After we got the positive results for the Celiac , (gluten intolerance, wheat intolerance)..We all went gluten-free. If you have the funds to purchase new appliances go for it, but if you wash everything well I don't see any harm in what you have now. Good luck!
  2. My daughter wants this , but we told her no because of her gluten-free brother... This is great news!!! Good looking out! And who care about the ratings everyone has a different pallet.. As long as she likes it and it makes some cullinary creations im for it...lol
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone.. Your all right he is 4. I should know he will say yes to everything.. I need to educate my family a little more on the everything is gluten list..I do make the gluten free cookies at home I just got to make sure we save some for those days. That's my plan for xmas, i'm going to make all the deserts, but make them gluten-free.. And the shirt idea great idea... Great for family functions... thanks
  4. My son took about 5 months to really notice any change. He gained 2lbs after being diagnosed in May to gaining 5 more since then, so the change is not fast. Its a slow process i'm guessing depending on the damage already done. So be patient. and good luck!
  5. I don't know if everyone is having this problem or if my family is just the one that doesn't see the dark side of being a Celiac. My son is 4yrs old and was diagnosed this past May. Ever since then the whole family ( mom,dad, sister) are gluten-free. The problem is when he goes to his grandmothers house or to another family members house, they feed him things he cannot eat. My son knows that he cannot eat gluten and with the help of his sister he can manage it a little, when me or his father are not around. But even then when you have someone offering you a piece of cake or a cookie he will not say no.. And by the time one of us finds out hes already consumed a good amount. So we get mad yell at grama and her excuse is its "sunday" or is a "birthday" . I just wish they would understand the situations and stop feeding him the things he cannot have.. No matter how many times we tell them or pamphlets we give them to read its the same story every weekend. I've just had my limits and ran out of ideas..They poor guy comes home every sunday with stomach aches and cramps.. And I want it to stop.. Any suggestions!!!
  6. My Celiac son is 4, and he is really small for his age. It bugs my husband more then it does me, but I don't think size matters anymore. I will be enrolling him next year into kindergarten, for every reason.. Kids will be kids at that age and I don't think they would even be able to notice something like size. I think children are examples of ourselves and if they see us lacking the confidence we need in life it will rub off onto them.. At a time like this were the other kids get to eat pizza and yours doesn't, I think that's going to be a lot harder on him then being the one who cant spell a word or being the shortest kid in class. He needs to gain his confidence early on in life so he can thrive as he gets older and be an example of never letting something like this get to him. My advice get him enrolled into school its the best thing a child could experience. Good luck! :)
  7. Before my son was diagnosed this year , His BM did have those same signs.. It was almost always constant.. And smelly.. I would tell your child's Ped. The disease is genetic. And its always better to find out now then later.. Good luck.
  8. We had found out that our son (4yrs old) had celiac disease in May of this year.. He was under the 50th percentile. He gained no weight and did not grow an inch in one year.. I had told the doctor that his BM were always bad , smelly and irregular. ( this was before his check-up .) but the doctor just thought it was a bug going around. Finally when he went to get his shots this year they noticed the problemand sent us to a few specialist and he was diagnosed. Before we went gluten-free his stomach was always hurting and was so huge it looked painful. Now after 6 months being gluten-free he has lost his stomach his BM are normal, hes gained 2 lbs and grew a 1/2in .. that may not sound like much, but in the gluten-free world it is something.. Im still pretty new to this Celiac Disease, but it gets easier as you go. The whole family is now gluten-free in support of our son, and its going great. I wish you the best of luck...