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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There are so many hidden poisons; you have to wonder what is really making you sick. I was reading soooo many posts that people are being careful and they are still sick and suffering. In 2 days, I red about fluoride poisoning, nanoparticles, GMO's, and MSG. The bottom line is, you have to make ALL your own food. If I could at this point I would grow my own. The video I posted above freaked me out!!! Then if you read through the link that was also posted, it mentions the use of vaccines. Research them and you will see a correlation between them and Autism as well as Asthma, ADD and food allergies.
  2. This is a rebroadcast from 92. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=59...2260+minutes%22
  3. I just posted this in another section. Could there be a reaction to MSG? Check out the list I found. http://www.truthinlabeling.org/hiddensources.html
  4. Here is a website that has a list http://www.truthinlabeling.org/hiddensources.html
  5. I have an 11 year old so I can relate to the age. Lunch time is a very social time of the day for the kids and my son gets picked on a bit because of some of the odd things I make for him to eat while the rest of the kids are eating pizzas and nuggets. I purchased a Food Saver so I could vacuum seal meals for him; it vacumes right on the paper plate so you can microwave. I
  6. After reading your post I did a little google and you were right. I guess we found out why the scent of Chinese food got him sick. I no longer use vegtable oil anyway but It is another item I need to look for on labeling. We use canola or olive oil. The link below talks about the process of makeing vegtable oil, the use of a chemical callled hexane, I wonder if the same process is used for all the oil. I will have to start to google again. Thank you http://www.chow.com/stories/10587
  7. Great feed back. My main concern was any reactions. Not everyone loved the product, but nobody claimed of any rash or reactions. Now we can give it a try. Thank you everyone!!
  8. I bought a product called Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone. The product is supposed to eliminate odor (not sweat) for 24 hours and is made of Mineral salt. My 11 year old is getting that stinky puberty thing going on and 2 showers a day is not working. With all the allergies he has I would rather not have him rubbing perfumes and chemicals into his skin. Before I have him try this I would love to hear some feed back from current or past users. Thanks
  9. It will be in a few NJ locations after the new year but will contain soy and egg.
  10. He had another allergy attack. I had guests over and they ordered Chinese food. My son walked into the room took a deep breath (exaggerating how good it smelled) and had an asthma attack, itchy mouth, dizzy and then shortly later was vomiting. He never even ate the food. The food was all removed from the house, windows were opened to remove the scent; he was in a separate room with the windows open for about an hour, said he felt better, went back into the dinning room and got sick all over again. He never got this sick from scents but I don
  11. Dilettantesteph, Wow thats a good point. My chid is allergic to wheat. Test for Celiac were negative. Can Play doh and paint give a reaction?
  12. WOW I realy learn something new every day! Thanks
  13. I don't know if it is a seperate test. My son had an individual test just for cashew, almond, and walnut. Almonds were worst of all in our case. Befor the test I thought I was doing something wonderful and healthy by giving him Almond Milk instead of cows milk. Poor kid had stomach ache every morning in school, many times sent home from vomitting. Back then he was eating wheat cereal with the almond milk which is another one of his allergies. (sorry spell check not working)
  14. Ener-g foods has croutons with bamboo fiber. Last I knew bamboo was the new floor that the Kung Fu school installed. I didn't know you could eat it. Any feed back on how well it is digested? or nutrients?