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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I seen my doctor they refuse to help me. The hosptial will not help me either. im not seing my speciliast for 1 month.
  2. i am going gluten free and dairy free again starting yesterday hopefully the pain will go down it is twice as bad as it was before
  3. Just got my biopsy results and their negative I dont know what I can do from here still have severe stomach pain (lower stomach area around belly button) everyday along with intense burping and gas. I have done barium enema. blood work. ultrasound. endoscopy. barium swallow. I still dont have any idea what it is. I went to hospital twice last 5 days and they wont help me cause Ive had this problem for 6 months and they dont understand how much worse it is now. My doctor said i was thinking about it to much and making it worse. Because im sure My brain is making stomach pain of course. Anyone have any suggestion what I can do?.
  4. I went lactose free when i went gluten free i was eating completey gluten free for 3 weeks no results. Its now 4 days after endoscopy still severe stomach pain and burping how long will it be like this for my stomach pain to go away it was bad before but now its become irritated and much much worse.
  5. Syptoms -Stomach pain all the time ( lower. abdomen. stomach area ) -burping -constipation -loose. thin stool -shortness of breath sometimes -freqent bathroom trips -not full evacuated after going to washroom -dizzynes mostly after eating -pain worse after eating after just doing a endoscopy I have had severe stomach pain with all the above syptoms just much worse. I took last 4 days off work and went to hospital with severe stomach pain I could barley stand up. They checked my blood and did x-ray and said i was constipated and gave me laxitive. They never told me if they were testing for celiac is it something they have to specifcally test for or something they will see when they check it out. I have had pain for 6 months now, but it is so bad now it hurts everyday and i dont feel like eating anything anymore. I have to wait 6 weeks for biopsy for results, Doctors will not help me now and i dont know what to do. My syptoms started ranomly one day out of nowhere i had extreme stomach pain that night too. I have done every test to check for other disease. barium enema. blood tests. stool tests. barium swallow, ultrasound, endosopy showing no ulcers I tried gluten free diet for 3 weeks no results Does anyone have any idea what this could be???
  6. I dont have gluten. or dairy or eggs or any of that stuff for last few weeks and no results food doesnt seem to affect it. And when i very first got this it came out of nowhere 100% fine one day and all of a sudden i felt like i was gona die sweating. pain. burping i felt like throwing up but I didnt. I was looking up two bugs called Dientamoeba fragilis and Blastocystis hominis same symptoms of ibs so I thought maybe that was it.
  7. I have been gluten free for 3 weeks now with no improvement. starting to think I dont have celiac disease. what else can cause constant stomach pain all the time.
  8. Well my main concern is feeling better tho, im in pain every single day and I cant keep calling in sick or I will get fired from my job. If the biopsy is negative its not a big deal, i will still know i have it if i feel better being gluten free. I have been waiting for 4 months already to see a specialist and I still have to wait till december 8th to see one. and when I do i gota wait another 1-2 months to get the test done. I live In Canada, ON the worst health care I have ever seen in my life. A doctor once told me if I had celiac disease it should be better in 1-2 days going gluten free./
  9. I am eating a lot of brown rice noodles When i see my specialist for stomach biopsy will it show if I am not eating gluten for the last month or so>?
  10. yes my doctor told me that ibs is something they say you have if they cant figure out whats wrong. I guess celiac disease is the only thing It could be then. Unless I have something very uncommon. Oh and does anyone know if store bought potato and egg salad( compliments ) contains gluten it has like mayonaise and mustard and a big list of other stuff i dont know what it is. I hope it doesnt or I screwed up my whole gluten free plan again.
  11. Thanks for advice shay I guess I will have to continue eating gluten free for a while then. I dont wana do the blood tests If i have to eat gluten. If I have to eat gluten again,Then it will take even longer to feel better, which is my main concern. I have been eating spaggeti. meats. potatoes. corn. last few days. its hard to always eat fresh fruits and vegtables cause they can get pricey. From what I have read it can take like up to 3 months to feel better. I have been taking probiotics ,ultra inflamax and L-glutamine for healing. My other concern is what if it isnt celiac disease then im kinda screwed. Do these syptoms really seem like celiacs? Im 19 and been pritty health and fit all my life. I Dont know what else it could be celiac or ibs?.
  12. Im not sure if my symptoms are those of celiac disease and im having a really hard time trying to figure this all out. Syptoms -Stomach pain all the time ( lower. abdomen. stomach area ) -burping -constipation -loose. thin stool -shortness of breath sometimes -freqent bathroom trips -not full evacuated after going to washroom -dizzynes mostly after eating -pain worse after eating I have done all the tests like ulcer blood tests. barium swallow/enema. ultrasound. stool sample. Also did blood work that showed low vitamin D I went to a naturpath doctor he says I might have celiac disease well i have tried gluten free for two weeks now. It still hurts everyday and makes work diffucult. My symtpoms started one day out of nowhere and like this for 6 months now. This seems a little to severe with the constant pain to be ibs. I am going to get blood tests done but they costs $200 to do and I can barely afford this overly priced gluten free food. Should i continue to do gluten free diet, any advice would be helpfull cause im sick of doctors not helping me.