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  1. Had symptoms improved immediately after goin gluten-free?
  2. I've got few questions. But first, my story. I was self-diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I always had a lot of gas and bad breath. I began diet with no gluten and no simple sugars. Flatulance problems was reduced to minimum and my bad breath got better. Breath is not good now, but definitely better. I have no other problems. I can gain weight with no problems, I have no brainfog, joint pains, stomach pain, problems with D or constipation. I am like totally healthy person,but when I'm on normal diet I have flatulance and bad breath. So there are my questions: 1)Bad breath is not common symptom of celiac disease/gluten intolerance.Do you think that I can be gluten intolerant when I don't have common symptoms? 2)Does anyone has bad breath problems,which dissapeared after going gluten-free? 3)I've got white tongue. I always had. Diet didn't help me with this yet. Tongue is still white. I thought that when I improve my digestion, white coating will dissapear. I can't scrape it off. It don't hurt. I don't have any white patches in mouth also, so I don't think it's oral thrush. Can be white tongue symptom of celiac disease? PS: I tried also low sugar diet with gluten. When I was sugar-free and gluten-free everything was fine. Then I started to eat gluten(whole grain rolls) for some time, my flatulence went back. Then I cut it out, and flatulance went away. Thanks a lot