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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    Yeah, that's one thing I've def done -- got my OWN toaster Why risk it, ya know?? ALSO --- does anyone know if PREDNISONE is gluten-free? A steroid? I take it on occasion for Arthritis flare-up and the Walgreen's pharmacy said they believe it contains gluten but I've found many websites of manufacturers, etc. that say otherwise! So foncufsed!!
  2. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    OMG thank you -- it is nice to see the phrase "be real people" -- and to find someone who agrees with me. That's what I've been thinking all along. Cross contamination, I understand. Lipstick/lipgloss I understand...even toothpaste. But the shampoo/beauty product thing and dog thing? Come on! I agree, no "official" source has said anything to the effect that that stuff is true, same goes w/ the kissing thing.....but that being said I DO live by the mantra " to each his own" -- so it avoiding those things is helping some people, then good for them. I'm not going to live my whole life catering to the gluten-monster. I think a restricted diet and vigilant lifestyle is good enough. I hope my system never is so sensitive that I have to worry about my doc licking me or getting my hair done at the salon. One thing I WOULD like to share is that I found out what may have been "glutening" me....a supplement I was taking, whose website said (under FAQ's) that ALL of their products are gluten-free. I checked right after I ordered and got diagnosed. Now, conveniently, that claim has been taken off the site!
  3. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    Thanks....I talked to one of my best friends who owns a salon (and never would lie to try to get me to spend money lol) who says that she has a Celiac client who always uses the same products as me and has never been "glutened" by it. She also asked a GI who she services who said the same thing -- most shampoos are fine unless you swallow it...which I probably haven't done since I was 3, so I think I'm okay but thanks Most of my stuff has nothing alarming in the ingredients, but yes I'd stay away from the all-natural hair products, obvisouly. Thanks for ur advice though!
  4. Pittsburgh - Celiac Friendly

    Outback, EatNPark. PF Chang's & Uno Grille are all gluten-friendly
  5. City Of Pittsburgh

    Hi Laura I am newly diagnosed, 25, and from the South Hills also
  6. City Of Pittsburgh

    Hi!! I am a PITT graduate & IUP grad student...live in the South Hills area. Get in touch if you'd like
  7. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    Hmmm what about the brands they sell at the salons? The more expensive shampoos? Do most of those brands have gluten? I will have to check out the product websites. I guess going back to Fructis or Pantene would save me some money at least! hehehe
  8. I don't **think** I'm getting glutened, but, I DO think it is going to take me some time to feel better, as I just started the gluten-free diet about a month ago. I just don't think I've started feeling the positive side effects yet. Haha and yeah, I think my bf likes taking care of me, too. It just makes me feel bad!! But that's my own issue, I guess ... lol Thanks for the input & advice, have a good wknd
  9. What Have You Done?

    I have to admit, about 2 weeks ago, I broke down SOBBING because I wanted pizza! No lie! I also stormed out of a local restaurant because there was literally nothing I could eat there. LOL...I'll adjust (one should hope!)
  10. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    Well, I am a weirdo b/c I shower with my back to the water...leaning my head back, so I rarely if ever get shampoo in my mouth I guess I'm lucky in that sense! I don't play chew my hair, either. Do MOST "mainstream" shampoos have gluten in them? I buy Paul Mitchell all-natural Special Green Tea Tree Oil Shamppoo/Conditioner. The only product I use for the most part is Moroccan Oil. I don't know if either has gluten, I'll have to look it up. Wow - I didn't know about all this, so thank you. I guess if I don't improve in time, I'll have to switch up my beauty products. Once I get in a routine with things that I actually like/that work for me, I don't want to switch lol but if it is harming my health, it's worth it in this case. Guess I have my work cut out for me with research!!!! TY and have a good wknd!
  11. Aww thank you so much. You are totally correct in all of that. I guess I knew all of it but it does help to hear it from someone else who has dealt with the same issue. Yes, my bf IS a keeper, that's for sure. And as others said, if the roles were reversed, I'd def be there for him, too. You are so right in that he DOES get annoyed w/ my guilt/apologies. I guess I better learn to deal with it Tonight I am taking him out to dinner to show my utmost appreciation Hehe
  12. Thank you so much! You ALL are right!! I guess deep down inside I already knew all of this, but it is quite helpful to hear it from other people!!! Thanks again!
  13. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    Hmm, I guess it's hard for me due to contradictory things. My doctor told me that I should not worry about beauty products, kissing, toothpaste, and I also found the following off of a Celiac Info website.... CELIAC MYTHS: Myth: Gluten can be absorbed through the skin. Fact: Gluten molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin. If you're having a reaction to a personal care product (for example, a moisturizer or a sunscreen lotion) that contains gluten, you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Myth: Celiacs need to use gluten-free cosmetics. Fact: Celiac disease is triggered by eating gluten, so skin-care products and cosmetics that contain gluten aren't a problem unless you swallow them. Toothpaste, lipsticks, lip balms, and any product that will be used on small children should be gluten-free. Myth: Celiacs need to avoid kissing non-Celiacs. Fact: Unless you "tongue-kiss" someone immediately following a meal, chances are highly unlikely that you will get "glutened". Of course there are plenty of "urban legends" circulating about this, but for most this is simply NOT an issue. Myth: You'll feel better as soon as you stop eating gluten. Fact: The amount of time it takes to feel better after going gluten-free is different for every person. Some people feel the results right away, but others need weeks or months to feel results. I suppose every person is different though, and it's worth a try. I also will consider taking dairy out of my diet. I don't think I can, to be honest with you, lol, but it's worth a try if it will get rid of my neurological symptoms. Everything I read said that dairy/lactose intolerance was usually digestive in nature and I've had no stomach issues, but we shall see -- again, it's worth a try!!! Who knew giving up food would be so hard! You don't realize what an important part of your life food is until you can't eat some of it This sucks to say the least ... but hopefully I will feel better soon and be singing a different tune Thanks for all of your helpful advice & tips!
  14. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    PS: I am glad to see I am not alone or crazy in experiencing the types of symptoms that I have been, considering they are not "typical" .. ya know? So thanks for sharing And feel better :)
  15. Newly Diagnosed; Still Struggling!

    Thanks, yeah, my physical fibromyalgia symptoms stopped bothering me awhile ago, as my arthritis went into remission. (The muscle aches and tenderness and weakness, etc.) I also take a ton of vitamins and probitotics. Trust me, I've been doing this for years now. I take good natural vitamins, too, not overly processed manmade crap. They just dont' seem to be helping, etiher, but maybe my stomach isn't healed enough to fully be absorbing them yet. I've taken a plethora of good healthy vitamins for years now (seemingly to no avail) And while I understand being diligent, the official Celiac Association site as well as many in the medical field I've spoken to have said the makeup/shampoo/toothpaste thing is a myth, unless you are a child who swallows your toothpaste or shampoo They also said the kissing thing isn't true, unless you french kiss someone right after eating. This is coming from medical professionals and the Celiac Association not myself -- don't shoot the messenger But hey, maybe that stuff varies from person to person. It may depend upon how sensitve your system is. I'll have to try some of it, I guess...Ughh...this is the most frustrating thing I've ever dealt with. I'll take arthritis & fibromyalgia over this all any day!