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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been taking citrate PLUS with Vit D and Magnesium (the chew tablets) for the past 2 months and just realized that they contain Modified Food Starch. Now since its been made in the US, I am assuming its either from corn, tapioca, or another start gluten free but am not for certain. Does anyone know for sure if this product is 100% gluten-free. Thanks! LCotter
  2. I am confused! I've been consuming a lot of soy recently due to trying to stay off dairy and I've noticed that I have a lot of gas and urge to go. Am I developing a reaction to soy or is it a reaction to CARRAGEENAN which is in a lot of no-dairy products? I've heard both. I bought organic lactose free milk today without CARRAGEENAN and almond milk that does have CARRAGEENAN. Any ideas on what it might be??? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Oh ya, I have been gluten-free for only 2 months now. LCotter
  3. Has anyone experienced rectal prolaspe before going gluten free? I had it and now its less frequent since being off gluten but was wondering if anything else could be causing it. I know its not a very pleasant topic but any advice would help! Thanks! LCotter 5 weeks Gluten Free
  4. Oh Good to hear! I haven't had any reaction to either them and I am really enjoying using the temphe. I checked and there is no wheat. Just soy and flax. YEA! THanks so much. LCOTTER
  5. So I am now 4 weeks into healing on the gluten-free diet. Still playing around to see if certain foods are okay. I bought free range eggs and flax tempeh (gluten free). Are these okay and easy to digest being so new on the diet? Many Thanks! LCotter
  6. My doctor thinks that I might be having reactions to the fructose in just wheat and other types of sugars but I don't want to try gluten again just for this reason. I've been doing a lot better off gluten. I do keep a food journal and it seems that I have gas and or D when I have eaten beans, lactose, or sugar free products. Could this just be because my gut is senstive and healing? I guess that is my question. Thanks again for all the help out there!! LCotter
  7. GLuten and dairy give me D and C but I still get bloated, occasional D, and gas sometimes. He thinks that it maybe the sugars in beans, fruit, etc. I think its because my intestines haven't fully healed and I was eating beans and dairy way too soon in my gluten-free diet. Maybe I should see another doctor? Any suggestions?
  8. So has anyone heard of the the FODMAP diet? My niece is now put on it because her GI doctor told her that a lot of people are mis-diagnosed with celiac when really they have a sensitivity to fructose and other sugars. Basically you have to limit high fructose fruits like apples and pears and other sugars like lactose, raffinose (beans), and wheat (but not all gluten). I'm still so confused being new to the gluten-free diet. I see my GI on Thursday and am wondering if he'll put me on that diet BUT I don't want to try gluten again quite yet. ANY THOUGHTS OUT THERE? LCotter 3 weeks gluten-free
  9. What are the best foods to eat for the first couple months? Its such trial and error I know! Thanks for the advice! LCotter
  10. So I've been gluten-free for almost 3 weeks and decided to see if I could tolerate dairy again. I ate about 3oz. of the Fage Plain Greek Yogurt last night and felt fine. This morning I had cramps then some D, yuck! But I also made homemade gluten-free chicken chili last night. Was it the beans or yogurt that could have caused this? What should I avoid being a newbie to the gluten-free? HELP!! LCotter gluten-free newbie "in training"
  11. Hi! I've been gluten-free for almost 3 weeks and have dairy for for the past week as well. I've heard to cut out dairy for the first 6 months. Is this true? What about Fage Greek Yogurt, Goat's milk yogurt, or even the lactose free lactaid cottage cheese brand? I really miss it and am not sure if its wise to add it back in so soon. Any thoughts would help!! Thank you! Lindsay gluten-free newbie
  12. Anyone Out There From Austin, Tx Area?

    I live in Austin and have found a few good restuarants! Wild Wood Art Cafe ROCKS! I order all my bread and pizza crust from there. I also found Iron Cactus to be very helpful. THey made sure there was not any gluten even touching my food but they had great AHI tacos with corn tortillas. I also like the new RICE thai and sushi bar. Great selection of gluten-free meals. Its on 2222 and 620. Just opened! Any other resturants ideas? Please let me know if you found any others! Thanks, Lindsay
  13. Hi been colostrum while still trying to avoid dairy and of course still on a gluten free diet. Would the lactose affect me at all? I heard it is like drinking raw milk. Thoughts? Thanks, Lindsay
  14. Hi! I was wondering if Calium Citrate was okay to take for Celiacs or if it was gluten free in general. I've heard its not safe and then I've heard others say its totally gluten free and dairy free. I take the good belly probiotics which contain this supplment. Should I be careful? Thanks! LCotter 10 days gluten free and dairy free- on my way to recovery!