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  1. Quack Treatments?

    I am new to this site today and investigating Celiacs. This morning I got the result of a positive IGg of 56. The nurse said "it indicated possible celiacs and to avoid gluten until we get results of ultrasounds that were already scheduled and perhaps see GI spec. later. Isn't IgG a test for infection/ lots of food allergies? I saw a holistic nutritionist for fatigue last March. I didn't focus on the bloating - it was new and I thought not a big deal. I just added vitamins including D, B's and K and omega 3's. I saw a naturopathic chiropractor in Aug/Sept. who uses applied kinesiology - checks arm strength while you hold different substances- is that like the test you are discussing? Supposedly it should be as accurate as a blood test and then you hold other substances to see what "corrects" it. I saw her b/c the bloating was more obvious and fatigue continued. I questioned wheat sensitivities and know of some people with celiacs, but didn't think my sxs were severe enough and for some reason I didn't think a PCP would take my vague, minor sxs seriously or order the correct tests. I like the idea of whole health, prevention and wellness, rather than a strict medical model. The chiropractor told me my system was irritated by wheat, rye, millet and white rice. I was told to stay off them for 2 wks and then it would be "corrected" with taking homeopathic remedies specific to my body's needs. I tried it and the bloating was better, not much change in fatigue and then I gradually introduced back wheat. I saw my PCP in June for agonizing heartburn, but it didn't continue beyond a few days. They did a metabolic panel and checked H pilori for ulcers - everything fine. I don't think they checked for celiac possibility. Overall, my thought was that naturapathic doctors can be more thorough and check for things other docs can miss, however I wasn't sure about the validity and objectivity of those tests. I didn't have obvious results or reasurance. Also, they may miss what medical MD's may see as an obvious concern - CANCER! NO ONE told me that bloating is a #1 sxs of ovarian cancer (silent killer). When I saw my mom and mother-in-law who were both nurses and were visiting from out of town. They saw my stomach..I said, "I had cereal this morning, and look, I look 4 mos pregnant" not an unusual event. Their reaction was - you need to be seen by your OBGyn right away. They couldn't fit me in- I saw PCP. So, I am relieved to hear my sxs are probably GI related, but I was surprised about the limited awareness of bloating as a potentially serious sxs! Scary! By the way, when I fasted for a few days to detox with a short lemonade fast, I felt great - that should have told me smthg! Anyway, who is best to see now? best tests? My PCP wanted to see me in a few wks and then refer to a gastroenterologist. I don't want to wait that long! I called 1 with a great reputation - he's booked until Feb. Is a blood test that checks thoroughly for food sensitivities the best next step? Do you need a biopsy to confirm celiacs? Can't any MD order that if the GI guys are full? I'm in southern NH, can prob. go to Boston. I'll keep doing my research... I'll call my doc tom, but thought you might have more ideas- thanks!! Michelle