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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can you get a genetic test done instead? Just wondering if that would be a better option then eating gluten again. I am thinking about getting it done. Trying to find out if insurance would cover it. I heard it's just a cheek swab.
  2. I had both an endoscopy and colonoscopy it was awful. I would just go on a gluten free diet vs. invasive testing. But that is just my opinon.
  3. I am super confused now. My first test was a blood test done by Cyrex labs. Wheat IgG is out of range, 1.87 and range is .3-1.3 Transglutaminase IgA is out of range 9.83 and range is .6-1.5 I paid out of pocket for this test. I had a second test done covered by insurance; Endomysial Iga - negative run by mayo clinic. Transglutam ABS - less than 1.2 normal is less than 6 run by mayo. Transglutam IGA - less than 1.2 normai is less than 4 run by mayo. Wheat IgG - high 3.1 with 2.0-5.0 being low. Which test do I believe. The doctor at first said a subset of Celiac and now she is saying negative to Celiac. I really do not know what to think.
  4. I was tested by Cyrex labs that is supposed to tests different parts of the gluten. I tested positive for Transglutaminase IGA (range .6-1.5) my results 9.83. I am not sure exactly what this means. I tested negative for Gliadin. My doctor said this is subset of Celiac. What does that mean. I have had a biopsy but was gluten free so it came back negative and I am not going through that again. I am just not sure of the diagnosis. She said that it's celiac but I am not as sesative as someone who tests positive to Gliadin. So if I was contaminated I probably wouldn't have a reaction. I have anxiety so not really typical celiac symtoms. Thanks for any input.
  5. Grain Free Gourmet Cookbooks

    I go to Elaina's pantry all of the time and have made several of her recipes - cupcakes, pancakes, brownies, and cookies. I did order the cookbook but I think I like the website better.
  6. Over the past year I have browsed through and purchased a few gluten free cookbooks. I only use one or two recipes but was looking at the reviews on amazon and thought maybe these would be some good ones to buy. I have not tested positive for celiac but am gluten intolerant. I think my family overall has been healthier. I recently had a gluten challenge and while I had no GI upset I am wondering if there may be other unnoticable things going on that will build up over time. Anyway I would like to find a good cookbook that has a good pizza dough (yeast free too). I am also almost dairy free, I eat cheese but no dairy in the raw like milk or ice cream. I would like something I can use on a regular basis. Thanks, Crystal
  7. While you are waiting - this is just a suggestion go to Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe or a local vitamin store and get a good quality high potent probiotic and start taking it. My children's doctor - normal western medicine doctor always tells me to give my kids probiotics with there antibiotics.
  8. My family loves the Authentic foods blueberry muffin mix. It's very expensive so I wanted to get the recipe. I heard Authentic foods is Bette Hagman? Does anyone know if this is true? I would really like the recipe if anyone either has it or knows which book it is in. Thanks!!
  9. My doctor is a Naturopathic Doctor. She doesn't specialize in GI disorders but she treats disorders the natural way. She said that she didn't want to go the antibiotic route as she doesn't believe in killing everything. I am taking the probiotic in the morning and at night. I am not sure if this overgrowth was severe or not. It's my understanding that probotics won't harm you so possibly you need to take it more than once a day. It's also my understanding that the antibiotic kills everything and you can get pretty bad diarrhea so make sure your getting your fluids. I really felt crappy before and other than the gas and bloating I haven't noticed any change yet. Crystal
  10. I was also diagnosed with an overgrowth of bacteria. I was diagnosed through a urine test though. I was told that it could take months for this to clear up. I was given caprylic acid capsules also and then mega doses of probiotics (125 billion) I have to take the caprylic capsules for 30 days 3 times a day. I also take the heavy doses of probiotics for 7 and then a regular dose ongoing. I was also given a digestive enzyme. I started this yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night very bloated, crampy and gassy. I took the caprylic this morning and within a couple of hours I was gassy and bloated again. My doctor told me this would happen. She also said that I might start feeling sick initially before I started to feel better while the bad bacteria dye off. I did feel really tired today. This has caused malabsorption for me, which resulted in my tests results showing chronic inflammation. I am on a gluten free diet (although tested negative for celiac) I have a sensativity to whey which is most dairy. However I can have cheese I guess the whey is processed out. I also tested sensative to both brewers and bakers yeast so I avoid that. I do not have a overgrowth of yeast. My eyes are really dry but I thought maybe it was the high pollen count. Anyway I just wanted to share with you what my doctor prescribed. I do hope it works. Crystal
  11. I would like a good banana bread and blueberry muffin recipe. I have tried several with blah results. I tried a good Blueberry muffin mix from authentic foods that was great but very expensive $7.50 here. I went to there website to see if I could get the basic recipe but no such like. I am not sure what I was thinking since they make a mix. I tried a coconut flour blueberry recipe but it didn't turn out very good. I have tried a banana bread using almond flour but it didn't turn out well either. Thanks, Crystal
  12. Need Advice

    Well the lunch turned out good - at least so far. The Chinese place was closed so the next closest was Applebees. I read that most people have not had good luck with Applebees here. I tried to call the corporate office to see if I could eat anything there or at least get the ingredients of there menu items. It was closed for presidents day. I called the local place and fortunatly for me a regular customer of this particular Applebees who has Celiac orders the plain chicken breast with a baked potatoe and broccoli. The told me this particular woman has never complained that she has gotten sick. So that is what I ordered. I hope that the chicken was safe - we will see. It didn't taste like there was anything on it but who knows. I took a digestive enzyme just in case in hopes that if there was hidden gluten my reaction would be less severe. One of my other friends is not going gluten free not for Celiac but turns out we have the same doctor and didn't know it. She is trying the gluten free diet to see if some of her inflamation goes down. She ordered a salad plain. Thanks for all of the reply's. I am going to look into getting those cards. Thanks so much!! Crystal
  13. Digestive Enzymes

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried Digestive Enzymes? I read somewhere and can't remember now that they might be helpful in digestion especially for people with multiple food sensativities. I don't mean go out and have a bunch of gluten but what I mean is that if you accidentially had some gluten hidden in something. Would it make the reaction less severe? Thanks, Crystal
  14. I am just wondering what the difference (if any) between being gluten intolerant and Celiac? My antibodies were negative (blood work) two biopsy's (2004 and 2009) were negative. My Natropathic doctor put me on a gluten free diet in December 2008 - I have had normal stools but other symtoms are there (fatigue, muscle cramps, anxiety, terrible stomach aches and cramps) My endoscopy reveled no inflamation in my stomach but did show a sliding hiatal hernia. I am not sure what other tests I should ask for? Should I ask for genetic testing to see if I have the genes that predispose me to Celiac? What other tests should I ask for? I have put my entire family on a gluten free diet. I am concerned that going gluten free could harm my kids in the long run. Could they have a reaction if they ingest gluten because they are gluten free? How long does it take to have a reaction to gluten? I mean if not all of the symtoms are GI related what else should I look for? Thanks Crystal
  15. Doing A Challenge?

    I was mistaken. Where I read that said some people who are allergic or intolerant to wheat can sometimes tolerate Spelt. I think I was just excited to try something that would be like wheat. Yep I guess it won't be a go. Thanks for the reply's Crystal