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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi there, I am desperate for advice about my 2 yr old son. When my son was a baby we switched him Soy formula because he was reacting to regular & the doc said he must have been allergic to milk. So, the symptoms seemed to go away until he started eating solids. We have been now suspecting Celiac disease and the doc suggested starting a gluten free diet. We started it 3 days ago & today was his 1st official solid poop.....YAY! Ive never been so happy to see poop before ..Lol Anyway, not 5 mins, later I layed him down for a nap & he always has a drink of his soy milk & takes it to bed. He dranks his milk & then came out & said "mommy poop" I couldn't believe he would have pooped again. So, this poop was liquid. Could it be that he is allergic to the Soy milk??? For lunch he had a grilled cheese sandwich on gluten free bread.(about 1/2 hour before his nap) Now, the doc said to me that I can't cut dairy out of his diet, he told me just to cut the milk out. Could this be from the cheese?? or the soy?? I am SO frustrated with the doc & this whole situation!!! Can anyone offer some advice of what I should be doing now?? I was SO super happy that I thought the gluten free diet was the answer but now Im not so sure....but then why did he have his 1st solid poop of his life today?? COul he be allergic to soy & be a celiac?? or maybe he is allergic to dairy? Do you think I should be insisting on an allergy test?? TIA for any help
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips & recipes....i REALLY appreciate the help
  3. I am so sad to hear about all that you & your poor little girl has been through....she sounds like a tough little girl I did forget to mention in my above post that my son has had about 5 ear infections so far. I heard mention in a posting that Celiacs may have lower immune systems & therefore can get sick easier?? Not sure if there is any truth to that?
  4. Hi there, I just have a few questions & I am hoping to get some advice. We are suspecting that my son has Celiac Disease but are not sure. The doc. told us to start him on a gluten free diet & see if this improves his symptoms. The doc said to not bother with the blood test as this comes back negative lots of times & isn't covered by OHIP.....should I be insisting to have this done? He did not mention any biopsy that I have heard mention of on this forum. My questions to this is, if I go ahead & start cutting his gluten out will he not test positive on a biopsy?? I have heard a lot say that the biopsy is not always accurate but without it he will not be properly diagnosed & also is this a risky thing to do to a 2 year old?? Should I call the doc & insist on him having one done? I know that this is obviously my decision but I feel like I have not been given the right info at all from the doc. I am also wondering from some things I have read if my son may have the symptoms & would like to know if someone could tell me what they think. My son has had diarrhea from birth pretty much. We ended up putting him on Soy formula as he was always cramping, bloating, crying & gassy when he was a baby. This helped him & the doc determined he was lactose intolerant. When he started eating (we give him Soy milk) the gas came back, along with chronic diarrhea. He will have diarrhea sometimes 3-4 times a day. It is always diarrhea & never solid. He gets rashes on his bum quite frequently as the diarrhea seems to be so strong & smells AWFUL. I have heard people say that their children have troubles gaining weight but my son has always been a big boy. He was always at the top of the growth chart & weighed very good when he was a baby although, lately he oddly seems to be slimming down & not really gaining a lot of weight at his doc visits. Also my son seems to catch every little bug that comes around. Last winter he was sick so much (strep, croup, bronchitis etc.) that the doc checked him for anemia & that came back negative. I read on someone's posting that a symptom may be canker sores??? My son gets canker sores. If someone could help out with some answers/suggestions I would be so greatful. Thanks so much
  5. Undigested Food

    this happens to my son as well. He is 2 yrs old & whenever I give him mushrooms they look like they are fully intact in his BM's...also other food he eats will look like they have hardly been digested, I asked about this & the doc said he has a digestive problem & his stomach does not create enough enzymes to break down his food properley. He said there was nothing we could do except keep reminding him to chew his food really well & to cut it up lots so it would be easier on his stomach.
  6. My 2 yr old son has been having the same problem but we have not had any testing done. The doc is telling us to go on a gluten free diet for 2 weeks to see if it helps out with the chronic diarrhea. SO, now I am making up a list of what to buy! Good Luck
  7. Thanks so much for all the helpful information. We went to the doc's this AM & he says all the tests we did last week for a bacterial virus came back negative so the doc says he is thinking my son does have Celiac Disease. He told me to get him on a gluten free diet & check back with him in 2 weeks so we can see if this has helped. I am now just gathering info & trying to come up with a grocery list Thanks for the helpful tips I really do appreciate it BTW the waffles look great & my son LOVES bananas so thanx for that recipe!
  8. I will be watching this thread as well because I too live in London & we are pretty sure my son has Celiac Disease.
  9. I am suspecting that my son may have Celiac disease but am not getting much help from the doctor at all. (he actually stated to me once when I asked about the possibility of him having Celiac disease that "it could be but that is a very difficult & expensive diet anyway") I am hoping to change his diet to see if this helps at all. Any ideas you have would for a Toddler diet would be great as I have no clue, although I am starting to do lots of reading Thanks to this GREAT site. My son loves fruits & most veggies as well. Also is there a list somewhere of what kind of foods are safe & what isn't?? I honestly have no idea Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the tips I REALLY appreciate it. It's all so overwhelming
  11. Thanks so much for that advice...I feel strangely relieved knowing that you & others Im sure know what this is all about. It has been so frustrating not knowing what to do & not really getting any help from the doctor. I will now looking into trying a gluten & dairy free diet. I am suspecting that this is not going to be easy so I will need to start checking out this site & figuring out what a gluten & dairy free diet is as I have NO clue where to start. Again I thank you for your advice & I will get down to the business of reading
  12. I am new to this board & was wondering if someone could help out with some advice. I have been so frustrated because I feel the doctor is not doing enough. My son just turned 2 yrs old & has diarrhea everyday. When my son was a baby on formula the doctor said that he was lactose intolerant as he was crying, bloating, diarrhea. We then took him off of regular formula & switched to soy formula & everything seemed to be much better. Since my son has been eating he has had diarrhea. The diarrhea is VERY smelly & is sometimes mucusy(sp), slimy, oily with food that is undigested a lot of times. We have gone to the doctor MANY times asking him what the problem could be. I have asked if I should quit giving him any dairy products, he told me not to do that. He has told me to try the BRAT diet which I have & it seemed to help but he said this was a temporary fix basically as he was thinking at the time that he had some sort of bacterial infection. The doctor also ran a test for low iron as my son was ill a lot last winter with all sorts of things like Bronchitis, croup, strep, eye & ear infections etc. & the test turned back fine. The only thing we know is he has in asthma & lactose intolerance. 2 weeks ago we went to the doctor again because my son had diarrhea again but this time he had these things in it, for 2 days when he had a BM his BM;s were full of these little clear gel liquid filled things....smaller than the size of a pea. Then he woke up on the 2nd day & vomitted up a bit of food & also these gel things.....so i actually picked these gel looking things up & put them in a clear baggy & took them to the drs. office. The doc said he had no clue what this was & wanted me to take stool samples & send them in to the lab. the doctor says the test say my son is fine. I have no clue what to do now & am pulling out hair as to what I should be doing. My son is having this diarrhea everyday & it seems to happen shortly after eating & his diaper is full right away & sometimes even leaks. Does this sound like Celiac disease as this seems to be the only thing I could think it may be??? Thanks for your help.