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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There are no gluten ingredients in the product itself, only plant oils. I am concerned about CC.
  2. Ark Naturals products (specifically Neem pet shampoo) is the only new item introduced into my home my 100% gluten-free home.. That, and I started eating cooked onions (possible allergen??) * Please note before posting : I am extremly sensitive to trace amounts of gluten, and I washed my pet in our kitchen sink. I washed her once a week ago when my symptoms started, and once today when I got much sicker.
  3. Saying it should be illegal.. is so many kinds of unrealistic. The entire issue is about legality, already. The fact is, companies do get sued of ridiculous things they have no personal control over, on a regular basis. It's a realistic liability. If you want to complain about how screwed up the system is.. You may want to point the finger at the root of the issue; very imperfect court system and those who abuse it. The highest abuse comes from people "protected by the ADA." Celiacs are now part of that group.. so it's no wonder corporations are starting to worry. The pharmacy is also the messenger, in a sense. Your medicine is made by a company, that company decides what is or isn't on each line, and you take the medication. While they have to disclose inactive ingredients if you ask and they can find out, it truly is not their job to worry about that. The job is generally about the active medications. If you think they don't realize peoples' lives are in their hands, you aren't thinking very hard. If I meet a pharmacist who worries about allergens over focusing on potential dangers of the actual medicines.. I am running for the hills, and I have multiple serious allergies. everything that woman did that you seem so offended by.. It's standard dealings for me sense going gluten-free. Re-checking the formula of my proscription each time (takes all of 2 minutes) is not the end of the world. And I wouldn't blame them if my medication accidentally contained gluten; as the messenger, it wouldn't be their fault. It's no more difficult than buying food, soaps, etc.
  4. I have skin reactions to said items (gluten, dairy, soy, rice, olive) and have been having a impossible time finding sun screen..!! Does anyone know of a dedicated gluten-free sun block that may be (or is) free of these other items?
  5. I was kosher all my childhood and teen years.. and now all the meats I've been able to find (only two brands - Blackwing & The Buffalo Guys; or fresh stuff from a meat market) are not kosher, just organic. While arguably similar, kosher and organic meats are distinctly different.. Really I'd love a brand that is both.
  6. 20+ Food Intolerances...help?!

    I also cannot eat the fallowing you listed : wheat/gluten, milk, beans, peas, soy, grapefruit, pineapple, nuts, yeast, rice, melon, oats, salmon, aspartame, sesame, asparagus, carrots. Plus no olives, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers), tangerines/tangelos, alfalfa, red/vidalia onions, bananas, kiwis, strawberries; maybe broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower; and I still manage to eat a nutritious diet, with the help of Kirkman brand's hypoallergenic vitimins. Now you may be a little less upset to know.. A number of your allergies are actually just part of one common lump allergy : Legumes (Nuts, soy, beans, peas, alfalfa), and no one (celiac or otherwise) is not reactive to aspartame, which is practically a toxin. I was told by an "alternative" doctor to go on a diet that would have me eating many things I react to. The point was to "desensitize" myself. Horrible idea that made me sicker. I don't know what "natural path" is, but I can't tolerate brown rice much easier than white rice, and if you feel the same way, don't let some doctor or anyone else tell you your own digestive system is lying to you. Same applies to any other foods on the diet they're pushing. I found the only thing that works for me, is trying one new food every 1-3 days, to check for reactions. In doing this, I found I could eat oranges, eggs, blackberries, raspberries, and even corn (all unexpected). Buckwheat tastes like rice, you could try that. Tapioca is a good alternative. Romain lettuce is very nutritious (better than Iceburg). Eat a variety of red meats (ostrich, buffalo, beef, venison), and/or whatever white meat you can tolerate is good; Like turkey, fish, shellfish. I can also eat white onions, which theoretically aid your digestive system. I also take slippery elm. Other foods.. I am still in the process of trying.
  7. After eliminating every other item I formally consumed multiple times daily, from coffee to apples, I realized I was getting an hour to two hour long stomach ache (dyspepsia/nausea/lightheadeness) every time I ate foods cooked in olive oil. Starting immediately after consumption. My face started breaking out pretty bad after I ironically switched to olive oil soap, thinking I could be allergic to something in my old soap. Before, I had assumed it was a Birch allergy based on the timing, tonsil swelling with meals, and my massive seasonal allergies.. But olive is also part of oral allergy syndrome, and also fits the timing. I'm pretty sure olive allergy is also more common than Birch? I'd like to know if any other celiacs have an olive sensitivity/allergy?
  8. Is there such a product in existence?? Any time I accidentally consume any of the listed allergens, or touch them usually, I break out. No one likes to break out, only to be able to even wash it with specialized soap. I emailed neutrogina (clean and clear) asking about their products in general, and specified 5 items, by name and item number.. they emailed me back saying this : "Our line of products is quite extensive, and we do not have a specific list of gluten free products. If you would like to contact us again with the name of a specific product for which you need ingredient information, we would be happy to assist you." - - - In other words they not only didn't read my email (which asked about legumes/soy and other allergens, not just gluten) but don't seem to have any CC-control methods for any allergens on their lines. I am a very sensitive celiac, and certainly can't use their products.
  9. First, it was very comforting to hear that neither of those chronic (and rather scary) conditions would likely apply to me. I also really couldn't see it being a bug, based on how long my symptoms had lasted. I will at least talk to my doctor about thyroid, but because my general blood tests always shout "100% normal and healthy and every way," they told me once before that it was unlikely. I'm still going to get tested for H. Pylori, too, as ulcers still fit the bill. Mainly; It's very strange.. The day after I posted this, my constipation and related oddities just stopped, and have yet to return. The day after that, and every day (excluding the two days after I ate a bowl of grapes), my dyspepsia has been absent, too..! I am no longer sure I'm bloated, and thinking.. maybe I'm just finally gaining more weight? I don't know how to tell the difference, sense I have essentially never gained weight before. But my bras went up a size, sense going gluten-free year ago, and my thighs and butt actually fit into a size 1 now, so probably? I just didn't think women gained lower-stomach-weight easily. The change seemed to root from diet. I removed coffee and one gluten-free product from my diet, along with every single Birch-related food. I started to finally change my sleeping schedule back to semi-human hours, have had enough energy to clean up my apartment and go out for walks, and even started eating CornThins and Oranges for the first time in a long time! Sadly, now my diet is pushed to a pretty extreme limit, but with a couple of months of allergy testing and finding a good nutritionist, it should only get better.
  10. I have a large number of allergies, along with skin (and "normal") gluten reactions. I also had pretty bad reactions to every "normal" antiperspirant and deodorant i tried. First, I tried the Savonnerie one, and of course like all Sav products it is safe.. but powders are not so good for just everyone, as it gets on your cloths. I didn't like it, so I kept looking. The Most perfect things I could find : Nutribiotic brand deodorant sticks/solids. It doesn't stop sweat, but it leaves you smelling great, and contains aloe, so it really helped my skin heal.The whole "you still sweat" concept.. Not a down side once I found out that regular antiperspirants only prevent sweating by clogging your pores with something gross.
  11. I'm kind of freaking out. In 2 weeks I will have my medical records, but not officially have insurance for another full month (If I really rush it, maybe 3 weeks), and just want some information or peace of mind to hold me off until I can get formal testing done. For reference, I am age 19 and female. I feel fine in the morning, and in the evening/night, I get sick. Practically every day for years. Salad makes me feel better. One of my parents has a hernia, and suspected stomach ulcers when my age, but testing wasn't available at that time. I'm getting tested for H. Pylori (stomach ulcers), but now I am also wondering about Chrone's or Ulcerative Colitis? Most alarmingly, I have been finding recently, bloating (constipation), then that there is mucus in my stools, and maybe rectal bleeding?? Current condition in simple terms : * No vomiting, cramping, or diareah problems at all. * No vitamin deficiencies, recently (finally) gained a little weight. * A "spell of sickness" = stomach pains, belching, dizziness/tiredness, bloating, shaking hands, feeling cold? usually 1-2 hours * Eczema, acne, constipation & mucus, eye irritation, tonsil swelling. (But that sounds like allergy symptoms??) * As a child : chronic tonsillitis, large/long-lasting mouth ulcers, delayed growth, skinny, picky with food, stomach/joint pains. *Temperature normally 97.6-97.8 (f) Something other than just celiac is wrong with me, any idea as to what??
  12. Wow thanks for all the info. It just occurred to me.. I also need to ask about cat litter. Any ideas there?
  13. Does anyone know of a type of cat food that is gluten-free, Soy-free, and Rice-free?
  14. Aaah Just Want To Complain

    Actually, I find people to assume I am stuck-up and difficult when I reject food offered. They take much less offense if they know I just can't. Like, today I went over to someone's house for an Easter lunch, and she was nice enough to make a separate salad and main coarse just for me. I ate the meal but skipped the salad, saying I couldn't eat tomatoes. She tried to just pull the tomatoes off but, luckily, her daughter-in-law has a friend with gluten allergy, is aware of how sensitive allergies can be, and came to my rescue..! So, first, thanks for telling me about making tea. I will apply that to other leaves in the future. Now, the reason I say tomatoes and "other tea".. I couldn't be happier. Sort of. I was right about the allergy not being to coffee! It was to a different food I ate regularly. Apples - Birch pollen. I actually react to every birch related food it seems, which is a huge list, including legumes, nightshades, many major fruits, some vegetables and spices (including ginger & cinnamon). When I found out rice was causing my hand dermatitis about two weeks ago, I assumed I had been wrong about my previous "find' of birch allergen and continued eating 5 apples a day, unwittingly making myself sick. I always had an apple with coffee..! So my list of allergens just grew ridiculously larger.. and now I'm happy I can have coffee, but also freaked out over how to get nutrients.
  15. If his main problem right now is DH.. he is simply not gluten-free. DH is not a reaction to just any allergy, it's an autoimmune reaction to gluten. Now if it's not DH, but contact dermatitis or eczema, then looking for other allergens is the right idea. I don't know if it would help, but my process of recovery/food-removal (finally feeling good this week for the first time in years) was : 1. Dairy 2. Yeast, additives, preservatives, vinegars, colorings, chocolate, flavorings 3. Gluten 4. Nightshade & soy (eczema) 5. Nuts & Rice (extremely bad contact dermatitis for me) 6. Birch (Oral-allergy syndrome - allergy to pollen translated to related food allergies, including: all Legumes, Nightshade, and a number of fruits, vegetables, spices.) * I also avoid coconut.. but am unsure of whether or not it's an allergy. *Avoided coffee & tea until allergies were 100% identified, as caffeine instigates stronger allergic reactions. - I also use gluten-free and allergen-free personal care items, live in a gluten-free home, and replace my toothbrush if there is a chance it has been "compromised." Despite other allergen problems, I have not had a gluten problem in months. I also used a food-symptom diary and elimination diet. It is important to write down every ingredient in non-plain/raw foods you eat, and what spices/seasoning you use. Last, I found that apples were making me very sick.. Just proves you can be allergic to anything.