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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i have been waiting for a follow up email to say whether products are gluten free and a SILK buyer is looking in to it; I will post. Company was bought out by a larger Co. and they have changed packaging as they now h are buying soybeans from China now due to increased load I suspect and can't regulate. This means they now have organic and regular brands. This might be why they took away the gluten free label. However i will post reply when it comes in. I am just trying to inform that is all
  2. Thanks for the info. I wonder if it is because Silk milks are no longer marked as gluten free?
  3. just moved to Denver Colorado and really need to find a good pain specialist -one that open minded. I apologize if this isn't the kind of doc to ask for; I just thought maybe there is someone who is gluten-free and also has a pain issue. If there is a website I should go to instead of this forum please let me know.If there is a Doc that you think is amazing please pass on the referral. I thank you
  4. I am interested in a support group in Denver ; we are new here. Anyone else?
  5. I accidentally came across this information. I was inquiring as to whether either the silk brand eggnog or pumpkin drink were gluten free as there is no certification or listing of it as gluten-free. I emailed the company and inquired as to whether the eggnog or pumpkin was gluten free. I got this response: Currently, gluten is not considered one of the Big 8 allergenic foods (milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish and soy) and the Food & Drug Administration does not provide gluten-free labeling guidelines. However, our products do not contain wheat, barley, oats, rye, or malt, which are considered sources of gluten proteins. To the best of our knowledge, our products are free of gluten. As with any food product, the best source for nutrient and ingredient information is the package's Nutrition Facts label. In addition, the Food Allergen Network, www.foodallergy.org, is an excellent resource for information related to this topic. We hope this information is helpful. Sincerely, Jennifer Kesler Consumer Response Representative Ref: N976741 For me ,this is no assurance that SILK's products are gluten free certified - I have sent another email for clarification on gluten free status of the milks. Right now I have stopped using silks milks until I know. I will post my next reply. I leave it to you to decide what to do at this point.
  6. The Celiac Belly

    If evacuating is hard for anyone there is a natural way to try; take magnesium start with the lowest amount say 100mg daily if no results add 100mg every two days until you clear out. This will tell you how much you need. magnesium is good for the muscles. I have tried everything and this works! if you take too much you will become too loose - if you had results at say 500mg try taking 400mg a day and go up to 500 mg if you need it. If you are always on the loose side then you'd have to take it with calcium to balance.
  7. Crock Pot

    A good site is A Year of Slowcooking the site address is crockpot365.blogspot.com i used to throw stuff together in the morning ( or prep night before ) and it's great to come home and have dinner ready! I have made stews, soups, casseroles, - i think this site will give you some good ideas.
  8. I have not used them yet but I did email them about Teff and they emailed back that they get the Teff from a farmer who only produces Teff so it is not a gluten-free concern. Their site says they started up in relation to supplying those with allergies etc. They also have Sorghum berries which I have not tried yet. Don't know yet if Sorghum is gluten-free or not. We compared the prices to Bob's and where we shop and it is a good deal for us if we buy a bigger order. In fact they say the bigger the better for price. It really depends on what State you are in. You can put up an order and enter your state to see how much including the shipping - then try adding 5 more pounds or 10 and see the cost difference in shipping - it is better. Generally with a decent size order they either are even or cheaper but also they have more selection. Let me know if you find out about the sorghum! Hope this helps.
  9. I am interested in using lecithin and I know you can by it liquid - I tried to find it at our health food store and they did not have it and I actually found it at our vitamin store super supplements, so you might try getting some there. If you used it you'd have to adjust the liquid/flour recipe by a little - I am not totally sure but I think 1T of lecithin and reduce 1T flour? That's all I know.
  10. I tried the original recipe tonight and we had burgers on buns for the first time since going Gluten-Free! This is great and opens up ideas for many things! Thanks for the post!!
  11. thank you so much for the input! Funny the two mills I was looking at was the Nutrimill and I believe it was the Country Living Mill - this was the only one that was both hand crank and electric. I may not be strong enough to crank it but my husband could. I think a lot about all the electric things I am used to in the kitchen - We both want to plan to be solar powered in the future., I think it will be important down the road. Thanks for your input - I really am stuck between these two though not like we are buying it tomorrow or anything- does the Country L. Mill grind really fine too? the add for Nutrimill says it is the ONLY one that grinds so fine?? Thanks again!
  12. I highly reccommend the late Betty Hagman's The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread . I only started the gluten free life very end of Nov 08 - just about 6 months for me and I have learned so much from her book and some of the great sites that are out there incl this one. She has a recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Bread in there - have not tried it yet but everything i have had has been great. Many have learned to develop their own recipes from her. I didn't post the recipe as you already seem to have a couple. Let me know if you need another one. I make her breads every week and even my guests like them. My goal is to bake with higher fiber/protein flours - between learning from the woman who created those first cookbooks and some wonderful web posts i am learning! Good luck!
  13. I notice that a lot view my posts but I don't receive replys. Am I not posting properly? Please if anyone has any info to help about grinding grains and also where do you shop for all your grains? Prices really vary. Thanks to anyone who replies!
  14. I would really like to buy the whole grains of Teff, Amaranth, Millet and the other grains I use and make my own flour. I have looked and looked online and there does not seem to anything hailed as clearly working. Some say use a coffee grinder which I have already tried and just as I read it did not grind fine enough . I am stumped? Any success stories out there in making fine ground flours? Please share!
  15. I purchased The Gluten Free Bible - and this book is full of helpful suggestions on travel AND has pages in the back that you can photocopy in many languages. I wonder if the library in your area would have this? Probably in Mexico you can just speak English but good to know about these pages for future travel. you can photocopy them and hand them to the server; It just explains you need gluten free options and asks for help. It sounds like you are already doing a great job by calling. We went to Kauai and I was worried about where to eat etc. and by calling ahead and finding out where to eat and to shop made it so much easier. We also brought a few staples with us (In our suitcases and a separate box) just in case; We had a kitchen to use some of the time. The only thing that got us was a salad dressing at a restaurant; one server was sure it was gluten free and it wasn't. I have read in my book that buying an Amy's dressing and taking it to the restaurand can really help if you don't mind doing that. Have a great trip!