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  1. I am trying to stay gluten free as possible, but didn't know about the diary products when in the healing process... I love my cheese and was glad it wasn't a thing I head to give up...
  2. Wow I see a lot of soy and dairy free too... I read there might be other allergies I could have... I guess I got diagnosed by accident... anual check up blood test came back twice with high liver enzymes (alp) and do tested for a variety of things at onces... found out it was celiac... I think I am sticking to something half way descent and I guess never really found issues with mayor symptoms... but I guess some of the "inconveniences" I had in the past from time to time make sense now... like the pains in my lower right abdomen (always was worried it was an appendix) Well always been a Belgian beer drinker... that is out now as well as all the treats from there but oooh well its going to be a healthier lifestyle I looks like there are a whole lot of nice people here with advise.... would you say I should be one of the books that helps with gluten free grocery shopping?
  3. just got diagnosted with Celiac... found out what that means... no more wheat or gluten in my diet... not really been able to stick with it yet since I am dazed and confused of what I can or can't really have... and where to eat... this is going to be a while before I get my bearings... and right during the season too... with all the tempting (gluten rich) foods