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  1. Hi, We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and our 4YO son was celiac diagnosed 2 years ago (and is with a great pediatric GI doc). We are now seeking a GI doc for adults who is knowledgeable of celiac, gall bladder and other GI sensitivities for a family member who has positive blood tests for celiac and needs to explore further testing with biopsy. We are having difficulty locating a doc in our area who really has a grasp on the disease like the pediatric doc does. Your help is much appreciated!
  2. Our 2-1/2 DD has had bad diarrhea and pimply, red bump, extremely painful (can't sit) diaper rash for 10 days. Her twin brother was diagnosed with celiac 1 yr ago and has had significant growth and temperament improvement on a gluten-free diet since then. She had blood test 1 yr ago when brother was diagnosed, but had negative results (common I understand under age 5...her brother's blood work was also negative - only the biopsy confirmed his diagnosis.) We had her blood tested again this week and are awaiting the results. She was in 5th percentile for weight (now has lost some due to diarrhea). Her brother tested positive for one of the celiac genes, but she has not been genetically tested. My questions are: 1) Have others seen this type of rash in toddlers with celiac, 2) if so, how long on the gluten-free diet before improvements were seen and 3) what treatment has worked (we've tried oxistat, A&D, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, vaseline, steroids, Desitin) and nothing works, she's in a lot of pain. Obviously, potty training would help, but we started a little while ago and it was derailed when this started..... We were avoiding the biopsy with her until absolutely necessary, but it may be time, depending on blood work results. Thanks much.
  3. Looking for a GI doctor with a Celiac specialty in the Milwaukee area. Our 2 yr old son was biopsy-diagnosed a year ago; husband had positive blood test, but negative biopsy; we weren't confident about his doc's experience with celiac so I'd like to find a different specialist to address my worsening symptoms. Thank you.