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  1. Hyperparathyroidism

    Thanks for the responses. I have the primary HPERTH. I know that they may share part of the name (thyroid) put the function of the parathyroids are completely different from the thyroid. I think I am going to ask the doc that he hold off of the surgery if my levels of calcium had not increased. I may also ask him for a bone density test just b/c that is a test I have never taken before and I have always thought my bones are week and not strong. But we will have to see. Everything just keeps pointing to the one thing I am trying to avoid so please just pray for me if you will while I wait til July. I will keep you posted to see if my levels have decreased and if the diet is doing its job. Thanks so much for all of your responses. I get more help from here than any one from the medical community.
  2. Trigger?

    thanks this at least gives me a time frame of how long to try this on my kids. I was not for sure of how long. thanks for your info.
  3. Does anyone out there believe that celiac disease is not triggered by something such as a virus, stress, or child birth? Does anyone out there believe that this is something you had since conception and that over years of gluten exposure and ignoring the small almost minimal early symptoms and just explaining those symptoms as just getting older or the gallbladder surgery you had in 97 or the tiredness is from having 3 kids and nothing else was your clear warning you have celiac disease? Here is what I am getting at I heard some where you have enough villi hair to fill a tennis court. I had a stomach virus 3 years before diagnoses of celiac disease that docs thinks was my trigger. I believe it was my body screaming enough is enough and since I did not listen to that warning sign b/c I had not idea what celiac disease was yet alone gluten I kept on ingesting the gluten. Til finally it starting breaking down my neuro side to my body. Now I am about a 1/4th of a tennis court left of villi hair. I do not believe that in the short 3 years since that virus that I lost almost a whole tennis court of villi hair. I believe that this is something that over time just wore me down. I have always been somewhat healthy nothing major so why out of the blue. Nations don't crumble overnight and neither to relationships. So why your body designed in the image of your creator crumble in that short of time? Does anyone have theory on this or has a related topic to research. I am debating this b/c my kids have not tested positive for celiac disease in their blood test even tho, I their Mom, am a celiac disease. I feel that I need to experiment with them on the celiac disease diet to see if it helps them in any way. The show a few of the what I call early warning signs. And if this diet helps them it would have me believe that this is not a trigger. That by the time you get to a 1/4 of a tennis court thats when some one catches on to test you for this disease. Again this is just a theory but it seems more understandable to me. Can anyone relate?
  4. THis may have been mentioned before not sure. I have to meet my endo next month about hyperparathyroidism HPERTH for short. He says celiac disease destroyed one of the glands if not all won't know til futher testing. I have to come to a decision in July of who I want in my area to cut on my neck. Sounds appealling doesn't it? He was giving me this long of to make some decisions and to see how I would progress on the diet. Just those words makes me think that there might be hope for a reversal of this HPERTH conditon. I do not know. What I find on the internet is that in all cases surgery is a must. I have read the latest surgery that the do which is called the MIP. This eases my worries some but I was wondering if anyone out there has this condition and can being on the diet, eating healthier, excersize, and vit. intake could heal this crazied or crazy glands? If there is another alternitive I would love to research this to take to my doc. for his in sight. He is a really smart guy and I like him and feel comfortable talking with him about an alternitive if there is one. I just can't find it. Can some one help. THanks
  5. Seizure?

    I know all about strange dreams. But I can not say forsure that it was a siezure you had or not. I to suffer from siezures. I only started suffering from them that I was aware of Last June. These come around my ovulation cycle. Usually 2 within a 24 hour period and they last for 25 min. a piece leaving me feeling physically unplugged for 24 hours after the first attack. Than I am back to normal. These where not like anything any health provider around here had seen before. My hands and mouth draw up like a stroke than I can not feel anything from my knees down to my feet. A migrane usually triggers these with a intense knife stabbing pain behind the right eye. But I did have a siezure one time during a nap. I was not suffering from a headache than and my dream was of some one heavy setting on me. I woke up to find myself in that crazy postion and could not release my hands or mouth. I knew after several mins. that this was a siezure. Once my docs. found out that I had this attack during my sleep thats when they concluded it must be a siezure. I have taken several eeg tests to all come up neg. for this activity so in stead of doing a week long eeg test they assumed that was what was happening before being diagnosed with celiac disease. I am on siezure meds for 7 days out of the month and it lessons the side effects of these siezures. Does not stop the migranes. Since my celiac disease diagnoses in Nov of 08 last month was the best month I had had with these attacks. I am going to give myself a little more time before I update my docs on my progress with the meds and the diet before I ask them to try and release me off of the meds. I want at least 3 good months without these eposiodes before I give up the meds. I may never be able to but I am not sure. My docs just tell me I am an experiment. It would be a good idea to keep a jounral of your daily activities as well as what you eat and if you are female your period cylce. I have just seen my endo and he is concerned with my parathyroid glands. He thinks celiac disease has destroyed at least one and hyperparathyroidism is known to cause seizures as well. I will let you know that I am fully aware of what is going on around me when these attacks happen I just can't control my body and it hurts. If I did not keep a journal of my activities they would have never tested me for celiac disease and I would still be on the anti depressent meds that left me in the corner of my living room drooling on myself while I was trying to take care of my 3 kid under the age of 7. My docs wanted to list me as paniac attacks. I am still upset at how easy our medical community can right you off as crazy and others around them believe them and their recommedations without listening to the patient. Having a siezure in my sleep was the only blessing that happened during this scary time in my life b/c it finally woke them up to listen to me. May God Bless you and answer your prayers to your health problems. Jesus took this to the cross it is not yours to burden alone. Get off of gluten as soon as you can. If it is affecting your nuerologically than your small intestines is down to aobut a 1/4th of a gas tank full villi hair. At least that is how they described it to me. Once your nuero system is checking out than you are in some serious trouble but you can heal. YOU CAN HEAL. May God help you with your stress and burdens to allow you time to affectively stick to this diet.
  6. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is located within the Massac, Pope, Pulaski and Johnson Counties of Illinois and the McCracken county area of Kentucky that would want to join a local support group for Celiac in the Massac County area. I already have a location which is just outside of Metropolis. Was looking for April of 09 to be our first meeting and would advertise in the "whats happening" of the Metropolis Planet and Southern Scene. It would be once a month meeting and kids will have a place to play. If you are from this area and have interest in attending please contact me so I will have an idea of what to expect. I could use a lot of help and knowledge about this disease and support from others who know what I am going through. I know of a few groups in Paducah but with my kids and the distance I just can't make it. You can reach me at larrynbrandi@dishmail.net Thanks Hope to hear from some of you in this area.
  7. Dh In Scalp

    Not sure, will check into that never thought Vit. E would be an issue. Do you know why it affects us differently than non-Celiac? Very interesting b/c I asume that it is a Vit. that we need and should be good for you. But again I am not sure what is good for us anymore. Thanks for you help
  8. Dh In Scalp

    I have been looking on this forum about Dh and I may have this not sure. I have suffered with my scalp for years prior to the celiac disease diagnoses. I thought that is was pimples on my scalp since I was having acne problems with my skin after each of my 3 childrens births. I thought it was a hormonal thing. I have not had as much of a problem with my scalp in the past several months has I have had in the past. But I have been gluten-free since Nov of 08 and this past month my scalp has been on fire. It has itched, there are fine little pimple like bumps through out my head and heavy at my hair line. I have not consumed any gluten or have had an accidental gluten issue in a month. Is this a detoxification process or is this not Dh. Some of the bumbs when irritated will be so sore I can hardly brush my hair and sleep on my head which ever side it is. I have not seen a dermotologist b/c I think this people are quacks. But this may be my step. If it is, what do they treat it with? I have read that sometimes scalp issues are treated with cider vinegar b/c they assume it is a fungus. Is this the same or is this all together a different level. I have made sure all of my hair care products are gluten-free and I have just started using a dadriff shampoo even though I do not have dadriff. I switch thinking this might take care of it. Only have been a week on the dadriff shampoo and I am not sure if it is helping. Don't know how long it is suppose to take if it is suppose to work. Also for the past 2 years I have had these weird patches around my eyes pop up. I had totally elimated anything I put around my eyes for a month and it is not anything I am wearing. So I have went back to my makeup and skin care and this had not made it worse or better. What they look like is small dry scally patches that get real red and swells. They start out about the size of a pencil eraser than swell underneath the skin. Sometimes they itch and than the skin will flake off. The only pain that is felt is a dry pulling senstation. I have 2 of these patches under each eye and about 3 on the eyelid of each eye. They never go away so that means they are in the same place each time they flair up. There is no blusters or anything coming to a head on these. Just dry patches and some times hard to cover with make up b/c the foundation and eye shadows does not what to adhere to them. Again I have checked everything I have been putting around my eyes to see if it contains gluten-free and even call company for backup. I have even stop using anything around my eyes for a month and still having problems. They never go away but sometimes fade out but when they come back they are very noticiable. I do not know if this is another form of Dh or something all together different. I was hoping that once I got off of gluten they would go away. Are these things treatable? If so do you have to have Dermo or can you treat at home with something natrualistic. Trust me I am not a natrualistic person I just do not have any faith in the medical community anymore. It will take a long time before I will let myself trust another doc. I just pray I do not end up in the er for some major life threating problem and have to realiy on these people to live b/c the many that do not know, in this area inwhich I live, about celiac disease I don't think I will make it. That is my opinion not my advice just opinion.
  9. Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    AMEN, I have Jesus, I have really never known a time when he was not with me. He has always been with me. As a matter of fact he is within me. He is the laminen that holds me together. I do not know if I spelt laminen correctly but it is a cell that holds other cells together and other cells together. If you look it up it is in the shape of a cross. Pretty cool. Jesus Saves.
  10. Does Anyone Have An Answer

    Thanks so much for all your advice. This really helps. I am going to give it a few more days and see if it will go away by avoiding the dairy, corn and nuts. I have a tea that is a laxitve and took it the other nigth. It has seemed to lessen the pain to a 2. I know the dis confort is there. But I know my doc. that I am dealing with and they will want to give me some type of meds that I will have to spend a day and a half to make sure it does not have gluten in it. They like to have killed me with a vitiamin they told me to talk and to find out it had gluten. That is how I know about being gluten. It caused me to seizure. Anyway thanks so much for all the great advice.
  11. There may be a topic on this already and I have not found it yet. I have been gluten-free for 2 months and have been feeling great but over the past 3 days I have been have abdominal pains that last all day. On the pain scale of 1-10 I give it a 4, its enough to leave me irritated and it last even into the night. The pain does not feel like my stomach it feels like it is my intestines. I have 2 bowel movements a day and they are not a terrible strain but I have never been constipated that I know of and I am sorry for being graffic. Anyway I was wondering what was going on. I have been glutened before and it is far different than what I am feeling now. I still have a great energy level but this pain is annoying. What would you suggest. It seems like I need something to sooth my bowels but I don't know. I am not gassy and this does not feel like a gas pain. I just feels like I have done 10,000 sit ups. Could this be a sensitivity to something else, my thyroid meds need to be adjusted, do I need a laxitve, or am I getting a different reaction to some gluten that I have not realized yet? What could confort this or better yet stop it or is this just part of the celiac disease? And please don't laugh if this has already been talked about and it is right in front of my nose, b/c trust I am the type that would miss the forest for the trees. Thanks for all the help!!
  12. Emergency Preparedness

    I have been in the heart of this ice storm of 09 and live in the middle of the Shawnee National Forrest and no I am not a tree hugger. I have always lived in the country and have had to learn to plan ahead for things like this b/c when you live this far out of town you never know when you will get back again. But I will say that having celiac disease during this disaster has been an experience. We just got our power back Saturday and I am just now getting to enjoy the finer things in life like lights and running water. Now that I am out here in cyper space I really feel like royalty. Anyway you have gotten some really great advice and I would stick to it. I have found so much help on this site far more than any doctor or phd could do. Anyway this is what I did to survive this wreck. I knew it was coming so I went and stocked up on the foods that I could eat and the snacks I could have and lunch meat that I could have. I am fortunate to have gas logs to keep us warm and to have a gas stove to cook. This helped me to toast my breads when I needed a sandwich. Before we lost our power I made up soups, exp. Chilli, homemaid Chicken noodle soup, and spaggettii gluten-free of course. This helped with lunch and evening meals. I was able to get by with gluten-free cereals for Breakfast and since we had a stove I could have eggs and stuff like that. I will have to warn you this:::: We lost our water for 1 day during this storm and I tried to conserve water so we filled bath tubs for flushing and pitchers for drinking and my sink for washing dishes. Filling the sink to wash dishes was a no no. I did not have proper rinsing water to get all gluten off my pots and pans and I did not have a clean enough wash towel to help with the cleaning process when it comes to gluten. I did not want to pile up wet soured wash towels in our house b/c I knew I would not be able to wash them since I had no power. I was just trying to conserve well I got glutened. Spent a day sick with no power and no running water til later in the afternoon. This was no fun. I got by just fine with eating gluten-free while having no power but did not do so well when it came to the clean up. I could not see well enough with the poor lighting I had and well you live and you learn. I thought I was pretty prepared when it came to roughing it and I was a year ago when we had this same ice storm come through but not as powerful as this one. I spent a many of day at the BBQ grill outside cooking for the family 3x's a day for 3 days b/c our old gas cooking stove did not work when power was off due to an electric start system. That thing was worthless. Well when this storm hit I was really freaked out b/c a year ago I had not been diagnosed with celiac than and could have anything. Now this was scary and for the first time my husband started to understand just how scary this is for me b/c he did not have a clue as to what I was going to do. Poor guy if I had to count on him to feed me, well lets just say he would really poison me. I was so greatful for our linemen who have restored our power and our phone men for restoring our phones. For the first time I have realized just how life threating it is to go without power for people like us and even the elderly or some one on oxygen or a life saving device. We still need to pray for people in this area who are still with out power, water, and heat. We have had several deaths due to this storm and several people who have lost jobs or work has been slowed due to this. It is a mess around here but I am thankful for what we have and I am praying for those that don't. One final note, if you do not have a gas stove but you do have a BBQ grill make sure you clean it up for the winter so that you do not have to during a storm like this. When you put your grill up for the winter store it in your garage or storage building on you property so when you need it you can pull it outdoors to use it to cook. DO NOT COOK WITH AN OUTDOOR GRILL INDOORS!!!! Don't bring it in your home, your garage, shed, extra. You can only cook with this outdoors. If don't follow this rule you could run the risk of carbon monoxide poisioning and catching your house on fire. It is not worth the risk. Just put some extra clothes on and cook outside. If you do not have a gas grill it would be a wise idea to purchase one and one with a skillet burner. You will be surpized how handy it could be. But you don't want to get caught in an ice storm with no propane to fuel it with, not clean to cook on, and can't get it open b/c it is frozen shut. Just another tip.
  13. I called the kroger to find out about their Kroger brand Soy sauce and it is gluten free. You all may all ready know this but it is a whole lot cheaper than the other brands and is just as good. So if you are needing soy sauce and you are at Kroger it is ok. Thanks
  14. I think I have got it now. I have tried uploading my kroger card with coupons and it did take when I used it last week. They even took the computer coupons as well but these where not the advertiesed coupons like the velveta cheese ones that first appear on coupons.com. I could not get them to take it. But these where the coupons from the Kroger website. The funny thing is these computer coupons that they took come from coupons.com. I do not understand why they would not take the other but would take some from the same site. All these coupons that you print off come from coupons.com no matter what coupon site you come from. So the only thing I know to do now is load as much coupons on my Kroger Card and print off as many and just see everytime. I will probably bugg them enough with taking food back everytime I use these stores that they will either give me the discount or stop taking these altogether.
  15. Thanks for your responses. I did call a company the other day and they sent me coupons to as well. The confusing part is when I called our local Kroger about this internet coupons they told me the do not take any at all b/c these coupon companies are not paying out but the funny thing was when I was checking Krogers sales at for the week the had a coupon link on there to get and free coupons to be used at Kroger. They are not labeled Kroger coupons but they title page says to be used at your next Kroger trip. I will try to see if I can use them today. I have to do some shopping so we will see. Thanlks