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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Careful Do I Have To Be?

    Obviously you are going to have to handle your baby. There is no way around that. The nature of babies is a very hands on. Besides they learn by being touched, that is how they develop. Poor baby if she has got to eat gluten for such a long time. I can understand your delimma, maybe wear gloves and protective clothing. Judy
  2. Itching

    I can totally relate to you. I got to itching so bad I would practically draw blood. A gluten free dairy free diet has done wonders for me. Aveeno seems to help, but I don't get the stuff with oatmeal, I get the stuff for babies. I have terribly sensitive skin. Judy
  3. I Fell Off The Wagon!

    I also hope that is the extent of your reaction. I also get a severe case of the hives as well as having to stick close to the bathroom. I have both Celiac disease and the Dermatitis thing going. I sure hope you start feeling better, maybe keep some gluten free goodies on hand. That way you won't be tempted to eat the other stuff. Judy
  4. Thanks RiceGuy I will look into the brands you mentioned. I guess I have to do some research. Maybe I will have to look at Gluten Free Mall or Miss Robens. It just goes to prove nothing should go in the mouth without researching the ingredients. Judy
  5. Do Other People's Comments Bother You?

    I get a little hot under the collar when people tell me they feel sorry for me. I had someone say "it is too bad you have read every label before you buy anything. It must be rough to have to be that careful." I'm not looking for anyones pity, that is not how I want to run my life. So I can see where it would bother you to have people make comments. But I know they don't mean any harm, so I try to take the comment in the spirit it is given. Judy
  6. I think I got into some gluten with some calcium pills that I took. I looked on the label after I started itching and it had Maltodextrine. I started itching, and am as red as a beet. Is there a good source for gluten free supplements. I guess I'll have to stop taking it until I find a safer product. Thanks for any help you may have to offer. Judy
  7. Am going to be starting a support group in Kitsap County Washington. We don't have one except for Port Townsend which is in Jefferson County. Anyone interested please email me at j_herman53@msn.com. Thankyou in advance, Judy
  8. Help! Am Gaining Weight:

    I sympathize with you since I have the problem too. Everything I attempt to do back fires on me. I haven't given up on it yet something has got to work. Judy
  9. I've been diagnosed about 11 years ago. I only have a problem if I accidentaly get even the tiniest bit of Gluten or dairy. I think I must have yesterday becauseI'm swollen and stuffy today. I'm positive I didn't get any Gluten, but must have gotten some dairy. Also you might be reacting to preservatives or salt. I even have a problem with Brown Rice, but can eat the white Rice. Maybe try an elimination diet for a couple of weeks and see what you are reacting to. Judy
  10. How Did You Cope With Your Diagnosis;

    It's got to be disheartening to be avoiding all that and still be having symptoms. I forgot did you mention dairy? I cannot eat any dairy at all. I admire you for being in the world of gluten and being able to stick with the plan Welda. I'm sorry to hear that you are getting a divorce. That would be enough to at least tempt me in to eating all those poison goodies. Good for you that you are able to resist. After a certain amount of time I think the reality of how sick I got when eating the other stuff becomes a distant memory. I sure hope you are able to figure out what is making you sick celiac3270. Maybe try an elimination diet where you stop eating certain foods then reintroduce them to your diet might help. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Judy
  11. How Did You Cope With Your Diagnosis;

    It used to be hard for me around the holiays until I offered to bring the stuffing rolls and desserts to my daughters house. Of course it's all gluten free I just forget to mention it and the others seem not to notice. I found especially for a good couple of years that holidays and special occassions were really tough. It'll get better. I know it doesn't seem possible right now, but you are still in the learning and grieving part of the process. I have a very good friend who is a Diabetic, and she went thru the same thing when she was first diagnosed, so it is human nature. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Judy
  12. Low Energy

    This is an old post, but I just had to share what I do to keep my energy level up. Raw fruit iis a good pick me up, and so is a handful of raisins. Also are you getting enough potassium? If you are newly diagnosed you have to give your intestines a chance to heal. I took mega vitamin every day, I think iit helped the process. Judy
  13. Everyone has had some good advice so far. My suggestion is to stick with the basics. You can't go wrong with meat, veggies, fruit, and some folks have to watch the dairy at first, but there is many great soy alternatives. I also recommend getting a bread machine, the commercial stuff is just plain disgusting and I had a hard time swallowing it. Good Luck starting your journey of better health. I can tell you from personal experience at first this seems over whelming, but you will adjust. ( In Health) Judy
  14. I agree most of the responsibility has to be on your daughters shoulders. Is there a support group in your area? I know I had to make the decision myself that I was going to stay gluten free. Of course there is a difference between being an adult and being a child. I am a grandparent so it pains me to say this, but if your folks don't cooperate, they should only have supervised visits. You have to protect your child, also you need to educate her so she makes proper choices when you cannot be with her. I am looking for some videos on the subject but so far have come up empty. There is plenty of literature out there though. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth. Judy
  15. Help! Am Gaining Weight:

    Well so far today I have pretty much stayed with the old weight watchers plan. I think I'll buy a better book when I get some money maybe after Christmas. Looked in the local library and they didn't have any copies. Plenty of vegetarian, and low carb books, but not what I was looking for. I just substituted the wheat bread for a slice of gluten free. I also made my sandwich open faced for lunch. I agree with you Stef, exercise is an important part of any plan. Of course you are a young kid and I'm over the hill, so your metabolism is going to be better then mine. When I was your age I didn't have to give my weight a thought, of course I wasn't absorbing nutrients back then and everything I ate hurt my stomach. But even so I respect what you said and you are absolutely right. That is why I walk for an hour every day, but should add more things to my regiment. Are you a police officer? If you are my hats off to you because you have a dangerous job, that is sorely needed if we are ever to get the crime off the streets. Though I haven't always appreciated being pulled over and issued a traffic ticket. Thankyou everyone for your suggestions and advice. Have a great Sunday, Judy