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  1. i already know about msg... im kinda angry now cause my doctor wants me to see a neuologist before. i already had an mri done before. but maybe if i tell him about my vision...i don't know. i just want answers before someone gets punched in the face.
  2. sigh! i just went to the optometrist and he checked my eyes for glaucoma, no glaucoma or eye problems. hes sending me to an ophtomologist next tuesday who specializes in the eye and brain, because i could be having any number of things he said, from a kind of stroke to a kind of migraine. when is it gonna end?! arg...
  3. ok, thanks. i pray someday i get common sense and go right to the problem instead of things that "cause symptoms, such as "blurred vision"> anyways...thanks. i won't annoy you guys nemore!
  4. well thats what confused me, and why i stopped thinking it was my eyes until recently. many months ago (back when i thought i had a form of autism...)i went to go get contacts, and had to get an exam cause i havne't been there in like 5 years. so they basically just checked vision and for glaucoma, and that's it. but it turns out there's another eye doctor, an ophtomologist. i have never heard of this kind, they study eye diseases. which means im gonna be given another label and told it'll all work out. but this one at LEAST makes more sense than say mercury in your fillings or celiac disease, not to say they aren't real, it just makes a lot more sense to me.
  5. could mercury in my fillings cause such vision problems, or is it more probably caused by something i already had?
  6. actually i had the problem WAY before any medication was given to me, but it just made me nervous back then so they treated the nervousness. now im scared...ive been talking to a lot of people and i read that mercury in your fillings could cause some of the moodiness...and to be honest, i feel like i have more energy since getting 3 of them replaced.but i just can't believe that at my age and with only 6 fillings, it could cause the terrifying vision probems. in fact, i've been told it was all because of my thoughts and it was basically all my fault which is why i've been searching for so long but no one ever thought to mention "gee, see an eye disease doctor". im just glad ive found something that makes sense and isn't so alternative.
  7. well i guess i've reached a roadblock. i want to thank everyone for helping me, i guess i've sort of "absorbed" enough information to make most 19 year olds jealous. i won't forget your guy's advice, but i needed to look at the most obvious problems and stop making them worse. like for instance, when i told my therapist about my strange vision she and the psychodoc said it was anxiety or cause of a personality disorder or some bull shot. so that's why i looked into alternative treatmens for it. and thats how i got here. if you really want to know, im the most gullible punk in the world. i didn't have the guts to trust my own instincts. besides, eye balls are "all in my head" too, techinically. it sucks being me. you believe everything. anyways if anyone has informaton on...eye stuff, please message me. thanks.
  8. ive been reading up on those (which usually gets me obsessed, ironically im now taking medication for OCD) and it seems they only last like upwards of 20 minutes. this has been buggin me since late middle school. from what i told doctors, they figured i was so anxious that it caused a kind of detatched state. i used to be a psychology major, and i know that anxiety CANT cause a perpetual state of visual detatchedness. im also a little peeved that i went to a normal eye doctor. but i never thought about actual eye problems. im not actively thinking much about food intolerances at the moment, but please don't think i'm discounting them. i also want to apologize to tom.
  9. i don't know what to do about my vision though. im getting really irritated about it. like if im going blind id just like to hurry up and go blind because im so tired of this.
  10. the worst part is knowing exactly what is wrong with you with all your heart and there's no way to explain to people without seeming like a crazy conspirist. i mean i literally do not care about college or work at all. i literally don't. i figure, you have to enjoy the small things first before you move on. i can't even sit on my chair typing here without feeling very uncomfortable, because it's like i can hear EVERYTHING in my house, and there's that ringing in my ears that makes any silence, anywhere a complete lie.i can't go anywhere for peace and tranquility literally no matter where i go. and why bother dating when i can't appreiciate being around the opposite sex, my eyes can't appreciate her face and register what she is telling me (unless it's big important things, the smaller social cues go over my head amidst the anxiety) and why talk to even a therapist when it's like there's a big noisy fan in between you to. it's like there's no escape. no one has helped me, but i have honestly appreciated the help, even from the more alternative doctors. i know im dramatic but these problems combined have almost gotten me killed, either in a car crash or because of being depressed.
  11. now that i have some out, can i begin chelatin, like with cilantro? or is it still dangerous? what about DMSA? and just curious, but it's not a placebo affect, this sense of relief and calm is it? i mean surely i'll feel a little bit better right? i wish someone else had there's removed.
  12. well i got them out. at least 3 of them anyways. i was hoping all of them would be out in one sitting but when you think about it it would take a long time for the dentist. anyways i actually feel kinda good, like not so restless. but that might be because i was so nervous during the whole thing. im still a little dissapointed my vision hasn't cleared up but i guess i'll just have to wait to see the eye disease doctor. my mom has glaucoma i won't be too surprised if i get it. i just wish i could get the other ones out now so i can start to feel better like 100%. but if i could wait till today 2 weeks ago through all that pain, i guess i can wait till the 9th of feb.
  13. has someone gotten this done before? its happening tomorrow, im scared. my teeth are very sensitive!
  14. its interesting you mention seizure, because i had an MRI done and at first they though "petite mal seizures" and i was like "yay! i know what's wrong with me!" but then they did it again and it was negative. just to give you an idea of the stuff they thought i had...