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  1. Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound Wa

    I know this post is super old but it's still searchable on Google so I thought I would update it a bit. I went to Great Wolf in Grand Mound two years ago and while they were knowledgeable about gluten allergies and did what they could, I was left wanting. Especially after paying the exorbitant amount for the breakfast buffet. But I am planning on staying there again at the end of this month and I called them today just to see if anything was new, and oh boy is it ever. They now have kids sliders with gluten-free bund, hot dogs with gluten-free buns, mac and cheese with rice noodles, other types of gluten-free pasta for adult dishes, gluten-free tortillas for wraps, gluten-free waffles, french toast sticks, bacon, sausage, etc. I am so excited now I can't wait. Hope someone finds this useful!
  2. Please Help Me Figure Out What Is Glutening Us

    Thank you to everyone who responded. First off, my vitamins are okay, my prescriptions, with the exception of one that said they add no gluten ingredients but can't guarantee anything, are ok. I check everything that goes into my shopping cart every time. Even if I buy it every week. I have considered other intolerances, but if that is what it is then kill me now, I can't deal with anything else. Daycare would never let my son have just one taste. I am positive on that one, but I know that kind of thing happens. I would totally be willing to give up the Sour Patch Kids and all other food dyes and see if that helps. I have also eliminated all msg that I possibly can. And I plan on stopping with the coffee or at least making it at home to start and go from there. We don't live off of prepackaged stuff, but we do eat some and while I wouldn't have a problem eating a whole food diet, my 3 year old is a different story. My kids are far from your typical "fast food era" kids even before gluten-free, but my son is kinda picky. We don't eat a lot of sweets or cookies, we mainly buy Chex, gluten-free crackers, white rice, pasta sauces, refried beans, chili, quinoa, potato chips (sometimes), yogurt, some canned veggies and fruit, but mainly fresh, hot dogs (nitrate free), bacon (nitrate free, uncured), turkey, corn tortillas, gluten-free bread, gluten-free baking mixes, potato flakes, and peanut butter. That is pretty much the extent of things that come in a package that reside in my house. I am not sure if "whole foods" means not eating rice and quinoa and corn tortillas or if it just limits things with more than a couple ingredients or un-natural ingredients. If someone could specify that would be great. I could probably get my son to do it if he had those options, but not without it. Other than that I don't know. My son is more covered in hives by the day. My husband thinks I am a whack job. He tries not to, but he gets frustrated when I take away one thing after the other. My son is more covered in hives by the day, but it kills me to think of pulling him out of "preschool". He loves it so much and he just started. I really think I am missing something though because my stomach hurts about 60% of the time and feels normal the rest. It seems that whenever my stomach hurts, my son has new hives, or a stomachache too. I have a nagging feeling that it's right in front of my face. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'm sure I will figure it out eventually.
  3. Please Help Me Figure Out What Is Glutening Us

    I forgot, we have also been eating a ton of Sour Patch Kids lately, but the ingredients looked okay.
  4. I know I have seen a post like this before, but now I can't find it. My son and I have been gluten free since January and we were doing well for months. Now for the past month it seems we are constantly on again off again with symptoms. I pretty much feel like I did before I stopped eating gluten. I have indigestion EVERY time I eat. I am miserable all over again. I have been glutened twice that I know of since being gluten-free and both times I was incredibly nauseous. Now I am not nauseous, just indigestion, so I feel like I must be getting a steady stream of gluten if I am getting it. My son is on and off with very mild diarrhea after months of miraculous (to us anyway) solid poop. And his itchy bumps and eczema are back, just mildly, but he has been clear skinned since February. He says his tummy hurts every few days. He is only 3 so no much info from him other than what I can observe. I don't think I have introduced anything new into the house and our whole house is gluten-free so no CC. I have been doing my best to eliminate questionable things like Frito Lay products. I checked my floss, toothpaste, soap, all other toiletries are formulated gluten-free. I haven't checked the dishwasher soap, but I was pretty sure that Palmolive said all their products were gluten-free. Please correct me there if you know otherwise. I have been over and over all our food. We eat things mostly labeled gluten-free or if not I check carefully. Only things I question even though I have checked would be Hormel chili (only reg w/beans or Chunky no beans) Fritos, and tortilla chips (CC is possible I guess). A week and a half ago I stopped getting anything to eat outside of the house besides coffee. And while I think it is very possible to get CC at Starbucks, I can't see it happening consistently now when it never happened before. The only other reasonable thing I can think of is that it is purely coincidental that we are both getting "glutened." Maybe my stomach just hurts because my depression has been back for a month or so and my son has been attending daycare for about the same amount of time. His daycare provider is very knowlegible and I bring ALL his food, but CC is very possible just from playing with gluten covered kids. Any ideas out there that I am missing. Feel free to ask any questions. Help please! We were feeling so good.
  5. Necessary To Replace Pots & Pans & Utensils?

    I replaced everything, but I had scratched teflon anyway, which I knew wasn't safe for anyone. If you have stainless steel it can be scrubbed with steel wool. And so can glassware. If you see those burnt on grease spot on things like casserole dishes, you can bet there is gluten in it. At least scrub well, replace anything scratched like teflon or plastic, replace your toaster and your pasta colander. And it doesn't matter if you sanitize things. Imagine pouring bleach over a piece of bread, it is clean, but it is still a piece of bread with the same protien structure. Sterilizing does nothing. And I did buy a new BBQ grill, but they make reusable metal grates and foil grates or just use foil over your existing grate.
  6. So this is the first time I have been glutened and been sure. I have felt some of this once before, but it was the first time so I wasn't sure because I was still healing at that time. This time my son and I ate the same thing (Ruffles actually so they must have been CC'd) and we both had symptoms. He broke out in hives which is typical for him (nope, not DH) and had 3 BMs the next day. I got totally nauseous. I don't puke, but sometimes I wish I could. I had this nauseous thing before, but wasn't sure it was a glutening. Now I know. The funny thing is that this happened last Saturday so we felt icky on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday we were fine. Then on Wednesday son had D three times again and I started feeling bloated and gassy every time I ate. That is what I felt like all the time before going gluten free. I was constipated and passing what I refer to as rabbit poop and then today I have explosive D like I used to get when I was constipated. I feel wretched, but this is probably the end of it. The D usually is or at least it was before. I am just wondering if this is a normal timeline? It was weird to me that I was fine for 2 days before getting more symptoms, but maybe that is how long it took for the damage to occur? I don't know. Also, I am wondering if some of this could be prevented by drinking Lactaid or avoiding dairy. We drank Lactaid in the beginning, but after a while we were able to tolerate regular milk so we switched. I always used to get the bloated gassy feeling when I drank milk so my theory is that getting glutened damages the intestines enough to bring back the lactose intolerance for a while. That makes sense right? Maybe we should just continue on with Lactaid in case we get glutened? Any advice is great. Alia
  7. I was wondering if anyone else has this? I have only been gluten free for about a month now so I am still not positive of my reaction to being glutened. I used to have stomach cramps and D about once a week and it was bad so I thought that would probably happen when I got glutened. Fortunately I have not had any of these episodes since going gluten free. I also have not had much gas or indigestion which I used to have almost every meal. But about 3 or 4 times now I have gotten really nauseous for a whole day. Feels like bad morning sickness. I feel like I have to burp, but it is stuck and then when I do burp I feel better for about 10 seconds and then it is back to nausea.....constant nausea. I rarely ever felt like this before going gluten-free so I am assuming that this would be from getting glutened. Anyone else have this symptom? Thanks! Alia
  8. Could This Be Dermatitis Herpetiformis

    Thanks for your reply. I did notice after I posted the pictures that his stomach was very distended. I guess I really didn't notice it back then and it wasn't always like that, but certainly that is not a good thing. He had so many issues back then that I'm not surprised I didn't catch that. We are almost 3 weeks gluten free and he still has the eczema, although not as bad. He is however having diarrhea almost every day. Not all day, just one or two, but it burns his skin. I hope he isn't allergic to anything else. I was thinking and the only thing he eats that I don't is Trix and Cocoa Pebbles. They don't have gluten ingredients, but they are processed on equipment..blah blah. I only bpught them because he wouldn't eat the gluten-free cereals like Envirokidz. I'm going to stop feeeding him those and see what happens. I don't know if I could handle another allergy. Sorry I got a little off topic there. Thanks for the reply!
  9. Bob's cornbread mix is pretty good by itself, but it doesn't have as strong a cornbread flavor as most cornbreads and it is a bit denser. Here is what we like to do for dessert. We make the mix into muffins instead of bread. It doesn't require any adjustment in the recipe, temp or cooking time. Pour the batter into 12 muffin cups. I sprinkle sugar over the tops before I put them in the oven. When they are cooled, top them with frozen sweetened strawberries (thawed(or fresh if you want)) and top with whipped cream. YUM! It resembles a shortcake quite nicely.
  10. We got some WOW baking company cookies from the store the other day and they are magnificent. They are based in Washington where I live. BUT you can order them online. I first tried them when my friend who does door-to-door sales ran into the owner and he gave him a few cookies to try. He brought them to me because they are gluten free. I tried the Snickerdoodle one which is not on thier website yet, but they assured me that it was new and would be on there soon. And my 7 year old gluten eating daughter told me that they are way better than "regular" cookies. They are so moist and scrumptious. Like they were just baked. I just wanted to share. Alia
  11. I have been gluten free for about two weeks strictly and I feel better and worse I guess. Or different anyway. I haven't had any running to the bathroom episodes which is a definate plus! I have had some gas here and there and one day of horrible nausea and stuck burps, but chances are I got glutened somewhere along the line. I need to learn to keep my fingers out of my mouth! My main concern though is that I am even more "foggy" than before. Not neccessarily in the memory department which has always been a problem, but more with balance. Last couple days I have been running into everything. I mean I ran into the door jamb walking down the hall. I have bruises all over my thighs from running into stuff. It's like my depth perception is off. Do you think it could be just that I am tired from adjusting to the new diet. Something to do with carbs maybe? Why am I such a klutz?
  12. I will apologize in advance for the TMI factor. My son is 2 1/2 and we are starting a gluten free diet. I have been Dx and both my kids had negative tests, but they have symptoms and we are going to do a trial (and probably continue on gluten free either way, but it's nice to know). My son has always had unexplained occasional weird poops. I'm pretty sure he has Celiac or is gluten intolerant. In the past few months it has gotten a lot better. More normal. Now, we have been mostly gluten free for going on 2 weeks and all the way gluten free for a couple days. I only finally got my kitchen all spic and span today though, so I am sure we have been getting contamintaed here and there. The last few days he has been pooping 3-4 times a day and it is gritty and grainy and sticks to his poor bottom like crazy. It seems very dry, but also very acidic because it is burning his skin. It is pretty dark in color also, sometimes dark brown, sometimes green. I was thinking that maybe it is because we have taken away most of the gluten the past couple weeks and his body is starting to heal, but then he gets glutened and his body has a stronger reaction. Like he is more sensitive now that it has been taken away. I know that is common and that it can stay more dormant when you constantly ingest the offending substance. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this. Thanks!
  13. Okay so I am not too keen on how to post pics in a forum like this, but if it doesn't work then I will post links to the pics. I have Celiac Disease and was told 4 years ago that I did not have it even though I had a positive biopsy for DH and a positive blood test. Not sure how you miss something like that, but that's besides the point. I didn't know much about it back then and had no idea what DH was. Only last month did I happen upon some info that told me that if you have DH you do indeed have Celiac. So now we have just gone gluten free in the house. My son has had eczema pretty much since he was born. He vomited a lot and was switched from breastmilk to a hypoallergenic formula. Now I suspect that he too may have Celiac disease. He did have a negative blood test, but I am certainly not convinced. He is going gluten free too. He has always had crazy problems with his eczema. It's not just typical dry patches. He gets all these little bumps that itch and the doctors always just tell me it's "an atypical reaction to his eczema". That I am not buying either. One time, about a year ago, he broke out in what I thought was hives. The dr said it was not hives, but another atypical reaction. When I should have been Dx I had a terrible DH rash on both elbows down my arms and both knees. I have never had a rash since, but have very dry skin. I am not too familiar with what DH looks like other than what I remember of my rash 4 years ago. I'm sure there are lots of different variations on it. Now that I know that's what I have, I am wondering if that may be what my son has. He almost always has the little bumps and they are mostly on his thighs with some on his lower legs, trunk and arms. If he is naked, he will scratch them. Then they break open. The pics below are of his eczema when he was a baby on his face and his "hives". I have circled a spot in one pic and that is what his bumps that he has all the time look like. Does this look familiar to anyone? I am also confused as to whether you can get a DH rash from skin contact with gluten or just ingestion. If it is skin contact then I feel bad that I have been slathering him with Aveeno with oatmeal for the past year. Poor baby! http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/had...0misc/rash2.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/had.../Photo-0133.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/had.../Photo-0135.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/had.../Photo-0134.jpg
  14. Tacoma Melting Pot

    Just wanted to share this info with fellow Melting Pot junkies or those looking for more restaurants. I heard about a Melting Pot in New Jersey that had a gluten free menu so I decided to email my local one becuase I love them. Below is thier reply. It is a bit vague, but I believe it is a corporate wide initiative to make sure that they know how to deal with allergies and such. And most of thier food is naturally gluten free so not too much to worry about there. Enjoy. From: Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 To: Cc: Subject: FW: Web Contact Form for Tacoma, WA Hi Alia, Good News! We van still be one of your favorite places to enjoy! We deal with food alergies all of the time. While the list is far too long to mention everything that is gluten free, we are well prepared to feed you well and without incident. You actually can have many of your favorites, like cheese fondue- we simply leave out the flour, the beer and the bread! Let your server know that we need to take special care of you due to the alergy. You can still have a great time here! Lisa Vincenzo GM Tacoma Melting Pot 253-535-3939
  15. The grill is so gross really. It is so coated in grease. I tried to scrub it and it ate my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. And it is teflon which freaks me out a bit, even not being scratched. But it is a little scratched up, not too bad. There are so many nooks and crannies too. I really just wanna throw away my whole kitchen and bring in a new one. Luckily we just bought this house 3 months ago and it is new. Imagine my stress level if it was older. YIKES!