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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Problems With Apples?

    thank you all for your replies! it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone!!
  2. I've been gluten free for almost two years now, and all my symptoms are nearly gone. But when I eat raw apples my belly still hurts, not if I eat only one, but if I eat them like two or three days in a week it does hurt... I think it also happens when/if I eat lots of salad or not well cooked vegetables... does that happen to anyone else?? is this normal?? am I doing something wrong? alba.
  3. sorry I'm a bit confused, I just moved from Europe to US, two weeks ago I asked at Starbucks (a girl in the counter not on the phone) what beverages were gluten free, the answer was: "only the coffee and the unflavored teas" I have to say that I was very disappointed... and now it seems that the girl was wrong??? If I got it right in US I can have everything except the Christmas beverages and the java chips (which we don't have in Europe and don't know what they are...) help!! thank you, alba.
  4. Hair Color

    how do you do that??? and where do you buy it?? I mean do you add regular honey to regular henna??!!! I'm gonna try that!
  5. Hi Alia!! First of all don't panic!! I know in the beginning can be very difficult but then it's really easy... I'm the only gluten free one at home, and what I do is I keep all my gluten free products in zip lock bags, and make other people keep their really dangerous products, like wheat, flour or bread in ziplock bags too, and we just keep it in different shelfs. For the pantry a deep cleaning should be enough if you then follow the "ziplock bag rule". I didn't know anything about replacing Teflon or plastic... I just clean everything really good. The only thing that I have "separated" from others is the sieve, because I have the feeling that's difficult to get clean, and I don't use the toaster anymore. Don't have kids so I don't know anything about the stickers... hope to have helped a little bit...
  6. totally agree, and that's my rule too!! the less they "mess" with it, the safer it (probably) is. Also when I go to restaurants, I order the grilled chicken/steak/whatever with baked potato/vegetables no sauces, no toppings, no nothing! the less they have to touch it, the less they'll be able to contaminate it.
  7. Hair Color

    brunette, but willing to be red!! jajajaja 30 and no gray hair... yet!
  8. Quaker Rice Cakes

    has anyone tried mothersnatural rice cakes?? I know they are distributed by quaker oats but... they really seem like a different company, and I've been eating them for a while (I didn't know that "quaker problem" yet) with no secondary effects... so I guess they are probably right. I have to say that I prefer those to the Lundberg just because of the calories (yes I'm strugling with a weight problem too!!) a Lundberg cake has 70 calories, while a mothersnatural just 35 ... so... what do you think??? should I stop eating them? anyone had any problems with them?? thank you! alba.