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  1. I was recently diagnosed a few weeks ago with celiac after bloodwork and endoscopy, the weird thing is that my husband also has it and has been gluten free for 7 years. I pretty much already ate a lot of gluten free because of hubby so the diet isn't too hard, but the diarrhea has gotten a bit worse than before for some reason? I literally have to run to the bathroom right after a meal, especially at night. We have gluten free pans, toasters, utensils, cutting boards and condiments so no chance of cross contamination (I have two sons who still eat regular bread ect) I have been careful about washing hands after handling regular bread and pasta and we never go out to eat. I even checked my prescription meds, toothpaste, mouthwash and all are gluten free. Is it normal to have increased diarrhea after Going gluten free for a while? I'm hoping it's just my system re-adjusting. My mother in law also has celiac and suffers from diarrhea too even though she's totally gluten free for years.
  2. Thanks for your replies, his fever broke the next day, It's just strange how it came on so quick He agreed to go to his doc. of it happens again, but hopefully it won't Thanks again! Tanya~
  3. Hi, my husband has celiac disease and since last Sunday has progressivly felt worse, he ate at The Outback resteraunt from thier supposed gluten free menu. He came home that night with a nasty blister on his upper lip, he says it came on as he was eating, ever since then his whole body aches, and he's had a fever since yesterday, tonight is it close to 101, he has no symptoms other than the achy body. I'm a bit concerned and was wondering if he's had contact with gluten, could it cause fever like this? I'm keeping an eye on the temp. right now and will definitly take him to the ER if it gets too high, thanks for any help or info Tanya~
  4. Brain Fog?

    Thanks, that's what I figured, I'll definitly be careful
  5. Brain Fog?

    Thanks for your replies he has been gluten free only for about 9 or so months, he was diagnosed right before our wedding. We ate at home last night and the burgers are those angus beef ones from our butcher, expensive but worth it, thier really good too It's funny you bring up the kissing thing because I was wondering about that myself with the lipstick, and I'm a real carb junkie too, I like my pasta and bread lol, so I need to remember not to kiss him after munching on those (it's hard though!) another thing I'm wondering about is our utensils, like cutting board, plates, forks, spoons, we're thinking about getting a different set just for his use and a seperate drawer to put them in. We don't have a dishwasher, but I try to soak all the utensils in scalding water. I also wanted to know if I was eating something with gluten in it, and I took a sip of his drink, and him my drink, could it happen that way too? There's so much to learn with this disease, I have pancreatic disease and have to sty away from fats, and now he has to stay away from whaet lol, it gets overwhelming
  6. Hi, my husband has celiac, and he seems to be doing good on the diet, although he does get glutened sometimes and we have to figure out what it was. Last night he had a gluten free supper (or so we thought), rice, vegatables and hamburger without the bun (he hates gluten-free bread) he calls me this morning saying that he had a strange morning and feels weird. He always- since I've known him (16 years)- wraps a towel around himself to go to the shower, well this morning, he gets out of the shower and realizes that he had no towel and had walked to the shower naked, something he's never done before (we live with my father who sleeps in the living room, so walking around naked is out of the question normally lol). He also left the faucet in the bathroom running and went to bed a few weeks ago, good thing I woke up and needed to use the bathroom, or the water would have been on all night. I'm wondering if he's getting a brain fog from getting glutened somehow, is it normal to have brain fog like this from gluten? Thanks! Tanya
  7. Hi, my husband was recently diagnosed with celiac, and has been doing well on the gluten free diet,(we're still learning) but I noticed that if he does happen to accidently ingest gluten, the next day he is bloated and very down/irritable which is very unlike him, he's a very good natured guy most of the time, and he says he noticed some mood swings too. So I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in moods after eating something with wheat in it after going on the gluten free diet? I was also wondering if anyone else has gained, or has a loved one who's gained weight after going gluten free? He's gained about 10 pounds since the diet. Thanks!
  8. Yup, we're getting married next month on the 9th luckily, my fiance's mother is a professional cake maker/decorator, so she'll be doing ours, and she has all the ingredients for a really tasty gluten free cake we really lucked out! Thanks for the wedding wishes! -Tanya
  9. Thanks a bunch for your replies last night was his first gluten free night, which he didn't mind at all, he loves rice and meat and salads with oil and vinagar, we probably won't be out to eat for awhile until he gets used to the diet at home, his mom is still having a time with the diet, but is getting better at it, she has a bunch of cookbooks that she's gonna let us borrow. I also was tested last month for celiac, because of severe digestive problems, they thought I had crohn's, but the colonoscopy came out negative. I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm assuming the test came out ok (I hope!). Thanks again for your info, it's a big help and much appriciated -Tanya
  10. Hi, I just now found this message board after doing a search and I'm glad I found this My fiance, soon to be husband next month, was diagnosed with celiac yesterday, I went with him to his new GI doctor after a blood test came out postive for celiac. His mother was also diagnosed last year and has severe osteoporosis, she is 63 yrs. old, so she was diagnosed later in life. I suspected he had the same thing after bouts of diarrhea and he would get stomach bloating, gas, and pains, so he finally told his doctor about his mother having it, and that's when they ran the test. His doctor is exellent, and he himself has celiac, we were in the office for an hour, his wife is also a doctor and works with him, she teaches how to cook for celiacs and told us where to go for gluten free food, they went through everything with us and gave us a information packet with allowed foods, and not allowed foods. It's all a bit overwhelming and confusing and I have no idea where to start, it's certainly going to be a challenge starting this gluten free diet The good thing is that he doesn't really like pasta, breads, sweets or pastries anyway so that will be easy, the hard part will be all the hidden gluten in foods and cross contamination in resteraunts, he's now afraid to eat out. I wanted to get more info. about how to cope while eating out, and also what spices are safe and which ones are not? Thanks for any info Tanya