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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. To clear up some things re: my SIL's diagnosis. First, the bloodwork she had done showed that she had antibodies that indicated Celiac's. I know the blood tests are really complex, so I don't know what that means in technical terms, just how it was relayed to me. She did not have the genetic tests done. My husband's bloodwork indicates he has a genetic disposition to Celiac's. And, yes, the endoscopy is how they found the tapeworm! Her doctor didn't order the stool sample because he didn't suspect it. My husband is still having GI problems. When he told his Dr. about his sister's actual problem, the Dr. said that the symptoms of a tapeworm can be similar to Celiac's, basically they both deplete the body of nutrients. This experience just emphasizes that everyone needs to be really thorough in getting any and all tests that can help with a diagnosis. Don't just assume that the first diagnosis is correct--it may not be that simple. And, wow, reading this forum, I've learned so much about Celiac's and the different ways it affects those with the disease. This is a great resource, and thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.
  2. I posted back in December that my SIL had been diagnosed with Celiac's disease after years of thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies. When she got the diagnosis, it made perfect sense and fit in exactly with a variety of Celiac symptoms. Diagnosis was, to my understanding, based on symptoms and not bloodwork. But she was having a really hard time getting her head around all the dietary changes she would have to make, so she wanted to have the endoscopy to be sure that this was the correct diagnosis. Well, it was not Celiac's disease. She had a TAPEWORM that the doctors estimated had been in her for ten years. As gross as that is, it was about a month ago, and her body is showing great signs of recovery. Interestingly enough, my husband had bloodwork done to see if he had Celiac's because he's had alot of GI problems. He does not have the disease, but he has genetic markers, so it's something we'll watch for in the future. I just wanted to share my SIL's story with this board, because we were all certain that she had Celiac's, the symptoms were just a perfect fit. But no, something else was depleting all the vitamins from her body. And I swear this is true! Perhaps her story will help someone else who's reading these boards and wondering about their diagnosis.
  3. Thank you for your replies. Obviously, we have to wait for my husband to be tested before we can do anything. But I am really wondering if this is what has been bothering him for so long. If so, the irony would be that he consumes almost all whole wheat products for the health and fiber benefits--but perhaps not benefits for him! If he is diagnosed with Celiacs, I think we will do a gluten-free kitchen because with little children, I don't think I could prevent them from causing cross contamination. And I realize all the damage that a little gluten could do. The kids and I could certainly get our fill of wheat products outside of home. So...would I have to replace all my old appliances and utensils? Or is a good run through the dishwasher good enough? My SIL and I aren't particularly close, and she hasn't even told my husband about her diagnosis, just heard about it from my MIL, so I'm not sure how's she's dealing with it. I would imagine it's a pretty big shock.
  4. My husband's sister was just diagnosed with Celiac disease, after 2 or 3 years of thyroid and vitamin deficiency problems. They speculate that their father's mother had the disease too. (She died in her 80s of breast cancer, but had similar problems as my SIL has recently faced.) My husband has suffered digestive issues his whole life, as well as general fatigue, moderate depression/anxiety, and difficulty losing weight. No horrible, acute symptoms. He is going to be tested ASAP. We have three young children who all seem healthy, no failure to thrive or other apparent problems. I know that this is a genetic disease that runs in families. My questions are: If my husband tests negative for Celiac disease, is it possible that he has it and it hasn't been "triggered?" Do the blood tests pick up whether he has the disease whether or not it is active? If he is negative, are my children "safe" from the disease? Or can it "skip" a generation? If he is positive, should our children be tested? Also, if he has Celiac disease, do I have to clean all the wheat/rye/barley out of my kitchen completely? Meaning, can I cook for him, and for everyone else--or is the fear of contaminating his food so serious that I need to just have everyone on a gluten-free diet and ban W/R/B from the house? I know this might be premature, considering that we don't know if my husband has the disease or not, but I am so concerned about him, our kids, and what this will mean to their long-term health. My SIL also has children, so I would like to know more about these issues to be of help to her too. Thanks in advance for your help with these questions!