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  1. You people that complain of diarrea, believe me i feel for you. i have messed up clothes and bedding many times. It teas me off when the Dr. ignores it. i found the fix. I got my info from my Diabetic Magazine. Drink a cup of hot Peppermint tea a day. you will be pleasantly surprise. Now i drink iot only every other day, i know it sounds crazy but it works. Harpo AlsoAmstillight beer is good i drink it all the timeand is gluten-free.
  2. I just rad the ladys letter that went 5 years withCD and not knowing what was wrong. I know what she wAS GOING THRU THAT 5 YEARS. i WENT 9 YEARS. Yes 9 years.I have the skin type celiac disease. The terrible itching is what sent me to the many, many Doctors. Then it got yo the point of breaking out with the terrible bumps, blister type on my arms, knees, shoulgers,etc. Yopu would cratch tyhem then they would turn intro sores. You talk about something ugly this is something else. My daughter is a nurse practictioner in the twin ciuty area in Minneaplos area. After all of the Doctors i went to to find out what i had it was she that gave me the answer, over the net. It is time these Doctors wise up I have been on a GL free diet for several months now and it is getting better. i'.m sure i have a long row to hoe b 4 i will get it to where it is well on the road of recovery. I,m no younster either i'm 78 years old .Any others that have had this diagnosis problem??? Harpo
  3. I have found after many trys of lotions tyhat ST. IVES is the best and is within reason price wise. It even releives the terible itching HARPO