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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've had diarrhea everyday since I got pregnant. My OB says it's rare for diarrhea to be caused by pregnancy (constipation is far more likely), and he thinks it's related to my "celiac issues", but at the same time he says I should be less sensitive while pregnant b/c my immune system is suppressed. My lactose intolerance has gotten far worse as well BTW. I hadn't thought about the TUMS though, I'm popping them like candy. In any case, I feel lucky not to be constipated!
  2. I use Natural Essentials from Iron-tek. Certified gluten free and sweetened with fructose, nothing artificial and great taste. I bought a small container of 'Vanilla cake' from Whole foods for about $20, then found the 5lbs container online for a little over $30.
  3. I usually eat rice, bananas, and beef broth for a day or two...depending on how bad it is...then I start incorporating other things little by little...I'm usually back to normal by day 3. I hope this helps
  4. Thanks for your posts! My hubby loves the Atlanta Fish Market, we might go there.
  5. I had the same question...thanks for the info. I was reluctant to throw away my nice pots and pans but I see why it's a good idea. Why the cutting boards though? I've only used them for veggies and meat. What about steel colanders? Thanks again!
  6. I want to take my husband to a nice (upscale) restaurant for his birthday but I want to be sure I can eat safely. Any suggestions?
  7. Anyone From Miami?

    Awesome. Thanks for your posts. I'm leaving tomorrow and I've already looked up the location of the nearest Whole Foods. Have a good trip Janessa and Happy New Year to you both!
  8. I had a dry cough and asthma-like symptoms. They've gone away after 2 weeks on the diet.
  9. I went to Chipotle in North Druid Hills (Atlanta) a couple of days ago and it was the worst experience I've had eating out since starting the diet. I wanted to order a salad and was wondering whether the dressing had gluten in it. I had checked their website, but their info is VERY incomplete...dressing is not even listed. I asked the manager about allergen information and she had no idea what I was talking about! She handed me a little brochure that talked about how they use organic ingredients! When I tried to explain that I can't eat gluten, she responded that their food is sugar free!...wtf?? I was already there so I ordered the salad and ate it w/o dressing. Luckily I speak spanish and was able to explain to the food handler that I'm 'allergic to wheat' and he should change his gloves. I still got sick...I guess everything in that place is cross-contaminated. I'm never going back!
  10. Anyone From Miami?

    Hi all, I'm going to be in Miami for a week and need some suggestions about where to eat....this is my first trip since starting the diet and I'm a little scared... Thanks!
  11. Anyone From Atlanta Area?

    I'm newly diagnosed and live in Atlanta as well. I'm also struggling a little, especially with getting my husband and friends to understand...so I can't help you there...but I'm here if you need someone to commiserate with. BTW, does anyone know a good dietitian with experience in Celiac disease in the ATL area?
  12. I've been on the diet for about 10 days, and some of my non-GI symptoms are getting worse (headache and muscle pain and stiffness). Could these be withdrawal symptoms? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  13. Thanks for your posts! I feel a little better now that I have a place where I can ask questions and find support.
  14. I've had digestive issues for years. I had ulcers at 19, gallstones at 21, had gallbladder removed at 27, recurring reflux for the last ten years. I've been diagnosed with chronic gastritis and GERD, but PPIs haven't helped. I started getting worse about 2 years ago, frequent infections, fatigue, parasthesias, etc...then they found I had atherosclerosis at 28, i felt like I was falling apart. Then this spring I had a bad viral infection and after that I just kept getting worse, muscle cramps, pain, tingling and numbness, terrible fatigue...I had a million tests done and everything was "normal". I saw 5 different PCPs and specialists, and was diagnosed with a 'relapsing viral infection' and CFS. Went to see a new gastro in October and he suggested testing for Celiac, I went online and checked the symptoms and I had every single one except weight loss (I had actually been gaining weight). The panel came back and my IgA was normal, but my IgG anti-TTG was very elevated. I had genetic testing and it was positive. But then the doctor did a biopsy and it was negative. When I saw him he said he still wanted me to go on the diet, and then retest, but he was very reluctant to say I have Celiac disease. I did start the diet but I'm still very weary, what if he's sending me in a wild goose chase? I'm afraid I might be wasting my time while something more serious might be going on. Also, I'm concerned about never having a definite diagnosis...b/c of insurance and other issues involved...I called my insurance to ask if they would cover a dietitian and they said I had to have a diagnosis first, and I feel like I can't do this diet w/o help...it's all so overwhelming! Sorry for ranting...I just don't have anyone who can understand what I'm going through.