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  1. I have JUST begun research on this. My 9 year old has had eczema forever. A friend is going through testing for celiac, and is convinced that my son's itchy skin is actually dh. His first cousin was just diagnosed with celiac. The cousin is off dairy and gluten. That mom suggested I eliminate dairy first - because it's easier and may be all that's necessary. Any advice? Thanks! Eczema (AD) is itchy too. If I eat even the tiniest bit of casein, my breastfeed son gets eczema with little red bumps right across his cheeks My three-year-old daughter also had eczema as a baby (on her legs and the sides of her face). Gluten and dairy (casein) are the most likely culprits. It's worth trying to figure out, because babies with eczema are at a higher risk for asthma as they get older. A lot of people think kids outgrow their allergies, but I've read that your body just adapts. You're still allergic/intolerant, but the symptoms change... so eventually (if you don't change your diet) instead of eczema you get something like asthma or an autoimmune disorder.