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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Most recent one is also normal: TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE, IGA 4.35 0-20
  2. Is there even another test on the panel that would show up positive if the deaminated gliadin tests were negative?
  3. My blood tests results are slowly trickling in and so far they are all normal. I know 4 tests were being run but am not sure which one I am still waiting for. I don't think I want to pursue further testing....just would like to go gluten free and get on with my life. My brother is severely gluten intolerant (never tested) so at least I won't be the only one. Deaminated Gliadin AB IGG 2 Range 0-19 Deaminated Glaidin AB IGA 3 Range 0-19 Total IGA 159 Range 68-378 Wendy
  4. I have pelvic instability and problems with my sacroiliac joint and pubic joint.....bone inflammation and hardening. Already in physical therapy for those things. I don't think my back is involved but I do have bad scoliosis. Wendy
  5. The past few days of my gluten trial I have noticed that the top of my right foot and ankle are numb and feel weird. It is pretty constant....feels like nerve damage after a surgery. Is it possible that this is from the gluten exposure? Will it go away when I am gluten free? Wendy
  6. I'm on day 7 of my gluten trial and am going to try to go for at least 2 weeks.....since I was only off gluten for 12 days and I've been eating gluten for 42 years! I was getting really excited that I only have one more week of this and then I realized I have to keep eating gluten until I get the blood test results and they decide if I need an endoscopy and that could take a LONG time!!!! I'm not feeling happy right now. How long did the process of testing and getting results take for you? Wendy
  7. Recently my sister-in-law (who is a physical therapist) mentioned that I might try going gluten free to see if it helped me with my joint pain/inflammation. I was completely gluten free for 12 days and wasn't really sure if it helped with the joint pain but what I did notice was that I had more energy, no headaches, no nausea, no stomach aches and I stopped taking my prescription acid reflux pill for the last half of that time and didn't experience any symptoms. History: My brother probably has celiac disease. He has been gluten free for over 5 years. If he ingests the tiniest amount of gluten by accident he gets severe joint pain, heart burn and is extremely sick. He's mentioned to me many times that I should try going gluten free because of my GERD and migraine headaches.....but I never did. Almost every morning I wake up with stomach cramps or nausea. I call this "my digestive system waking up". I've always figured it was from an empty stomach or too much stomach acid. I thought everyone felt this way. I do experience extreme fatigue some days but I have always attributed that to "being a mom". My GERD is because I'm overweight and I get migraines because they run in my family. I have a reason for every single one of my celiac symptoms.....and it is possible that those are the reasons for them. When I was off gluten I was pretty sure I had a gluten problem, when I first went back on gluten so I could be accurately tested I was feeling yucky within 24 with heartburn and headache and actually had liquid diarrhea in my pants. At that point I was sure I had a gluten problem. Now I'm on day 6 of eating gluten and the symptoms are not as severe (I am taking my acid reflux prescription again) so now I'm starting to doubt there was a problem. Maybe I'm just imagining that I don't feel good. I just want to do the test and get it over with. Anyone else ever doubt how lousy they are actually feeling?
  8. Very well put! I've been thinking about this quite a bit since I am currently eating gluten so I can have an accurate test done. I'm only on day 5 (after only being gluten free for 12 days) and am ready to just do the test and hope it's accurate. Sometimes I'm feeling ok but most of the time I just feel so yucky.
  9. Thank you for the replies. I've e-mailed my doctor to see if I can have the testing done later in May. I'm finding it really strange that I didn't realize how lousy I usually feel until I was actually feeling better. This might be a long few weeks but I will try to enjoy some tasty treats for everyone here without making myself too sick.
  10. I only went gluten free for 12 days and then started eating gluten again thinking I wasn't noticing that much of a difference. I was focusing so much on my joint pain that I didn't realize that my headaches, nausea and heartburn had gone away. Within 12 hours of re-introducing gluten I had heartburn and liquid diarrhea. My doctor agreed that we could do blood work for celiac disease if I want. Do I really need to eat gluten for 6 months before I can get tested even though I was only off for 12 days? How long should I wait before having the tests ordered? What specific tests should be ordered?
  11. I've been taking omeprazole for more years than I can remember. If I don't take my daily dose I will have heartburn or acid reflux during that 24 hour period. So my theory is that if I stop taking it once the gluten is out of my system that I should know pretty quickly if the diet change has helped....but I'm definetely not an expert! I also think that the food log is a great idea that I'm going to try. If I can get off of my prescription medications just from changing my diet I'm all for it.
  12. I have been eating gluten free for 8 days to try to figure out if being gluten free could help with the joint pain and bone inflammation I have in the front and back of my pelvis. My PCP told me that a diet change would not help and that I should just go to a doctor she has recommended and get cortisone injections.....which I will do anything to avoid. My brother is gluten intolerant (never did medical testing) and gets acid reflux and SEVERE joint pain all over if he eats any bit of gluten. He has always told me to try going gluten free to see if it helps me with my acid reflux and migraine headaches but I never took his advice until now. I also just started taking anti-anxiety medication at the beginning of this year and read that anxiety could be a symptom of gluten intolerance. Here's my questions: 1) How long should I wait until I stop taking my acid reflux medication as a test to see if the gluten free diet has elimated the acid reflux? Normally if I miss one dose I notice it so it wouldn't take more than a day or two to find out.....I just wasn't sure how long the gluten will be hanging around in my body. 2) Can gluten intolerance cause actual bone inflammation or hardening of the joints? These are the things that are showing up on my most recent x-ray. Thanks, Wendy
  13. My son has a problem with dairy, so he drinks Rice Dream Rice Milk. But he also seems to have a problem with gluten and the Rice Dream box says "Contains Barley Gluten .002%" Is that enough gluten to cause a problem for someone with gluten intolerance or celiac? How much gluten actually makes you sick? There is a gluten-free rice milk at the store I shop at so it's not a problem to switch. Wendy
  14. It's funny how excited we moms can get when our child has solid poop! My three year old has almost had solid poop on two occasions, but the rest of the time it's foamy and green. We're on an elimination diet right now and when he doesn't sneak forbidden food his stool is a normal color....but still not solid. It was very interesting to me that your son had green stool when consuming gluten. My son's poop is always green when he has something he's not supposed to have. Wendy
  15. My three year old has had GI problems as long as I can remember. We started food allergy testing about 4 months ago and have eliminated numerous things from his diet. We know for sure he has a problem with dairy because if he gets into any his diarrhea comes back. We also know that he has a problem with wheat because we tried adding that back into his diet a couple of weeks ago and he had stomach aches and green diarrhea/loose stools for over a week. We had blood drawn for a number of different tests, one of them was for celiac. The problem is, at the time of the test my son had been off gluten for about a month. So his pediatrician said he doesn't have Celiac. Here's my questions: 1) Would that test be accurate since he wasn't consuming gluten? 2) How much gluten do you have to be consuming when you have the test done? 3) For those of you with Celiac, how much ingested gluten will cause you to have a reaction? My son seems to react after stealing a handful of cereal. Thank you, Wendy