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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Ali & mftnchn, I was breastfeeded for a long time, but my mom has had her own gut problems all of her life as well as her grandmother who had 'a lazy stomach'. I was examined for possible malabsorption and deficincies, the only thing that came out was a serious lack of iron/anaemia, that has been looked after. I am now officialy dx with nervous breakdown and benzo-dependency so I'm taking supplements to strengthen my nervous system and I guess cutting back on complex carbs will have to wait for a while since they play a major role in functioning of the nervous system... But I do avoid processed food and prefer organic. Also, I will have the mold cleaned up next week, meanwhile I'm going to move out and see if I feel better sleeping elsewhere. I will check out what you mentioned of heavy metal toxicity. Thanks! Yoekie
  2. Ali B, you are right. I had a tummy bug only a couple of weeks before, that must have weakened my gut flora.
  3. Hi all! Thanks for replying! What is very strange to me is that what I read about scd (which should be helpful in healing a leaky gut) is a contradiction to what the doctor prescribed me for it. He put me on 'permealine' which is a powder that is intended to stop hyperpermeablity of your gut, yet it's basically fructo-oligosaccharides. And I have to take probiotics as well. I don't know if I have a problem with carbs (good question!), I have very normal bowelmovements. The reason why I'm looking into scd is because something is obviously weakening my immunesystem and nervoussystem (I have chronic sore throat, feel exhausted, frequent headache, can't stand noise, have rashes, bleeding gums, dizzines, trouble concentrating, feeling depressed) and chadlady mentioned on an other thread that sugar and carbs could do this. Yet, I'm taking a look at different aspects of life (I have dust allergy and live in a house with lots of mold, my bedroom is so bad I can smell it) or maybe it's all because of depression and insomnia. But food is my number one since I have trouble keeping the weight on and it is a fact that I have/had foodintolerances. AliB, that sounds like a painful experience! Get well! Yoekie
  4. Hi all!! I've been reading about it (love the pecanbread site! usually, what's good for kids, is good for me). I've done some reading on the purely chemical structure of nutrition also and am now convinced that simple carbohydrates (both mono and disaccharides) go easier on an inflamed/irritated/leaky gut. So to me it's all about cutting down on complex carbs (together with other measures like peeling and cooking fruits and vegetables). I could call it the simple carb diet. I would give preference to monosaccharides because I am lactose-intolerant (which is a disaccharide) yet it has more possabilities (lactosefree milk, chestnutflour and chickpea flour are disaccharides I would allow). Yet I wonder, complex carbs are necessary to level out bloodsugar highs and lows (I'm hypogleacemic) so how about that? And then there's another thing: my stooltest came out fine so I don't have bacterial overgrowth (which is why I won't do the introduction diet). I understand polysaccharides are what gut-bacterias live on but not all are harmful! The good ones are necessary and even reduce the harmful ones! "When oligosaccharides are consumed, the undigested portion serves as food for the intestinal microflora. Depending on the type of oligosaccharide, different bacterial groups are stimulated or suppressed. Clinical studies have shown that administering FOS, GOS, or inulin can increase the number of these friendly bacteria in the colon while simultaneously reducing the population of harmful bacteria" (wikipedia) Is that why you have to eat the scd yoghurt? Is that enough?
  5. Okey I'm now giving it serious consideration. I know my parents will think I'm starving myself and I don't like the introduction diet at all but I really need to get better so I'm prepared to try a lot... maybe even SCD, who knows. I'll do some more reading first.
  6. I could give it a try but I have very little resources since I live in Belgium and you simply don't hear of 'SCD' around here. Only low-carb diets to loose weight but that's not what I want!! Didn't you loose weight? I can't get nut butter around here. Can I use walnut/chestnut/coconut powder? I could bake biscuits with them. Would it make a difference if I eat low carb, or should it really be strict no-carb to make a difference? thanks for informing me about the immunity-thing, it matters greatly to me.
  7. People already suggested trying it 6 months ago when I joined the forum. I read about it, then rejected the idea because carbs are what I hang on to when I'm not feeling well. Most of the time I'm not hungry, and tasteless food (which is carbs!) are the only thing I get down easily. As does a bananamilkshake but I guess even that's 'forbidden' in SCD... so I don't know what on earth I'd live from. And then I'm not sure it's the food. Maybe it's my nervous system, my immunity system or both. Going without carbs could weaken those even more... I don't know. But thanks anyway for sharing what helped for you!! I wish you all the best in your recovery!
  8. It's been 6 months since I was diagnosed with leaky gut. I've taken probiotics every morning, fish oil supplements and followed a strict gluten/wheat/diairy/egg free diet. And nothing's changed!! I still have sensitive bowels (and stomach), I haven't gained anything, I still need 12 hours sleep and feel exhausted nevertheless. I have a chronic throatache, headache, bleeding gum, am feeling dizzy and have a bad inflammation on my hip I don't know what to do. How do you know you have a leaky gut, then how do you heal it? And -perhaps most importantly- how do you know when it's healed?? Last week I was in a rash on the palm of my hands, but I'm sure I had not eaten any of the 'forbidden' foods. Yet, with a leaky gut, I guess you can become intolerant to whatever comes into your bloodstream, if not wheat and diairy, than corn and soy, no? So what's the point in following a gluten-free diet? I'm not celiac. Anyone any ideas?
  9. I had intense treatment for iron deficiency aneamia (got weekly iron shots). My level went up from minus 5 to 29. The doctor said it's enough for now, I just have to make sure I eat the right stuff but I wondered: am I where I should be at or do I have to get it up some more? Yoekie
  10. Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you're not doing any better yet, despite your efforts. You asked if anyone else remembers the day things changed. I do. Maybe you remember my story -I had a food poisoning at 14 and it went a steady downhill from there. That one scoop of ice cream got me so seriously messed up inside that it took me 5 years to even START to recover. And no doctor knew what was going on, so I did some research and selfdiagnosed ibs. I now know about leaky gut and food intolerances but still I think ibs is true for me. I probably was intolerant to many things since right after the food poisoning but it wasn't just that... I felt I could not digest anything at all - even things that I'm not intolerant to. I remember it could take me hours just to digest an apple, rice cakes, fuit juice,... It felt as if my gut was Totally irritated, no matter what I ate. It thought I was going mad, and maybe going to die. But I didn't. For no reason - I started to get better after 5 years, I think the "natural healing process" kicked in. I'm still not well -but at least, I'm recovering. So of course you have to rule out all possible major disorders but if nothing shows up, I think you might just have to accept that your gut got seriously messed up and is irritated with everything that comes in and that it will take a while to heal - but it will. To be sure, I would make myself go through a short time of restriction. Like only eat the one thing you're most sure of you can digest (for most of us that's rice). If you do not become symptomfree on your most 'safe' food, than certain foods propably aren't the (only) problem, but 'food' in general, or rather 'the digestive system' is. I would then start eating what you feel most comfortable with. Like for example for me that was tasteless food - as I had ever prominent naussea. I also cut out everything that had any fibres, fat or acidity in it (like veggies, fruit, beans, meat) because my stomach couldn't cope with that. My diet did become very blend and unbalanced but I managed to eat everyday and keep up at school. Regarding your situation -maybe you've already lost a significant amount of weight? and you said you're dropping out of school - there are a few things to consider - like what foods are most likely for you to keep your weight up and what can ease your digestion: have you tried coconut milk and eastern spices like ginger, cardamom, fennel seeds to ease your stomach? Mint tea can do a great job also as well as essential oils I find organic processed foods to be less troublesome than 'normal' food this is going to sound mad, but if just eating gets hard, check into babyfood, find a cookbook for kids all ages and find appropriate dishes for you. Babies have a very sensitive gut so what is good for them, is good for you. Check out Lizzie Vann's Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook, it's great! to power up your diet (you could start to feel faint and have trouble concentrating simply from malnutrition), think of powder drinks and medical nutrition drinks: Nutricia has some great products You might talk to your doctor to find a med to aid digestion/stimulate your appetite/keep naussea or diarrhea at bay. No matter what the reason is, you have to make it through this difficult time!! Try to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible and try everything possible to keep your weight up. Good luck with the endoscopy and please keep us posted on how you're doing! Best wishes, Yoekie
  11. Thanks for filling me in on american breakfast ideas!! We here in Europe are raised on bread with chocospread !! If you're oldfashioned you know porridge and we have croissants on Sunday but that's about it!! I'm thrilled to try out the puffed sweet potato and fried rice idea ! Thanks everyone!
  12. I'm trying to cut down on bread (as store bought is too expensive for every day and I can't bake edible bread myself -yet ). Sometimes I have a glutenfreegrain porridge but I'm looking for less labor-intensive alternatives. I get easily bored of granola and rice cakes. Any ideas?
  13. I'm from Belgium and surfing the internet about glutenfree living is sooo frustrating... I see all those delicious-looking foods for sale in USA & Canada -not just basics but also real treats like donuts, bagels, cereals,... argh and I can't find any of it here!! Do you know what I'm talking about? I'm not used to buy stuff online and wonder about the shippingcosts to Europe... anyone has experience with that? Am also thinking of making a trip overseas (to the UK) for glutenfree shopping. It's not fair
  14. I wanted to take the pill to stop having m for a while because I'm very anemic. I'm putting so much efforts in getting my iron back up that I hate seeing much of it go wasted. I wanted the patch because I have a Leaky Gut and avoid taking oral medications. But I had not thought of the possibility of gastro-intestinal side effects. Since I'm on it I don't seem to digest anything at all, whatever I eat, even crackers don't go well. I get stomach ache and am not hungry. My weight is on the edge and I really can't afford to loose any so I'm thinking of getting off the patch though I've only been on it for 2 weeks now. Has anyone had these side-effects or should I think of another possible reason for my gi-symptoms?