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  1. I have suffered from GA for over 20 years, however since my diagnosis with Coeliacs in Nov 07 and following a gluten free diet, my skin has all but cleared. During the time that I struggled with GA, I tried every solution offered, however, I was always concerned that with the steroids, PUVA etc that I was trying to mask an underlying condition. Given that GA appears to be auto immune - as is Coeliacs - and also given that mine has cleared systematically since starting the gluten free diet - I am inclined to believe that there is some connection. Searches on the internet are also linking Coeliacs with Diabetes. There is also a link with GA and Diabetes - does not take a genius to work out that there may be other links. I do feel that current medical solutions are there to treat symptoms rather than find solutions. Both of my 'symptoms' for Coeliacs - GA and Anaemia - were dismissed by medics for 20 years - but both have cleared within 12months!! Best of luck to all of you to find your trigger One final note - it takes about 6months for your system to recover if you do have a Gluten intolerance - and any Gluten is too much - even down to crumbs from a shared toaster or cooking food in fat that has been used to cook batter etc. The GP can do a bloodtest to check for antibodies against gluten although the final confirmation does normally need to be done via an endoscope.