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  1. "But this guy claims he can tell (possibly) if a person is Celiac after they have adopted a gluten-free diet and have healed? That's a first!" You're right, Gemini - it really doesn't make sense. If he can tell I had damage in the past then why the heck would I need to do the challenge at all. Good point. I have a lot to think about. Unfortunately the single blood test I had was negative probably since I was wheat free and gluten light at the time. I am thinking of eating something gluteny maybe one or two more times, seeing what reaction I get, phoning this new GI and telling him how i feel and cancelling this biopsy. Luckily all my friends and family are supportive of my gluten-free diet since they have seen the positive changes I have had with it. It has been such a long time to figure out what makes me feel this way and I didnt have help from any doctors. I dont want to put myself through feeling horrible again to convince a doctor I've met once. Knowing it is celiac for sure would be nice, but the chances seem so slim at this point. CMG, thank you for your post, I appreciate it. I think I am going to order the genetic testing from enterolab and the stool test too. Would you please post something when you get the biopsy results? I would be interested to know how the challenge worked for you! Does anyone know of anyone who had a positive result on the biopsy with the "gluten challenge" after being gluten-free for a while? Thank you, newburyport
  2. wow good post. i was an terribly anxious child, just terrified of everything. when i got into college i had major panic attacks and have had 2 two-year periods in my life of being on anti-depressants. the first round helped in 2000, later in 2005 the drugs made me into a zombie (slow moving, lack of personality, just droning along) and also made me consider suicide quite a few times. all through college i was diagnosed with unexplained chronic fatigue, anemia, they thought i had MS, lyme disease, mono etc. - i was sent to neurologists, many doctors. not once did anyone ask about diet (pasta bagels and coffee! yeah college). after removal of gluten from my diet less than 2 months ago, i have seen remarkable disappearances of all kinds of weird symptoms including the anxiety! i feel totally different, not on edge all the time. it is amazing. it took about a month of carb cravings followed by a few weeks of sugar cravings ( i was never into candy before) and finally i feel so levelled out. i am still getting used to it. also, i finally got tested for vitamin D - it's low!, and am taking supplements finally hugs, newburyport!
  3. I really like the Whole Foods brand, "365" I believe it is. The pancakes are light and fluffy and delicious! I believe there is milk in the mix, so caution there I tried Trader Joe's gluten-free pancake mix and both my fiance (not celiac) and I felt HORRIBLE after eating them. They sat like a huge brick in our stomachs and we both were uncomfortably full for a few hours after. I am hoping to try Pamela's next ! Happy Breakfasting! ~newburyport
  4. one more question! This reminded me...GI had paperwork from a biopsy that i didnt even know about in 2006 when I went in for upper endoscopy for gastritis. Results just said "normal" He said they might have done the biopsy because I was low in iron, but at that time i had none of these symptoms i had now. He also said they might have been sampling a different area than he would be for these symptoms. GI doctor said that the villi never heal fully, even though they are not flat anymore after going gluten-free (is this what "blunting" refers to?) and he would possibly be able to tell if they had been damaged at all in the past? Is this accurate?
  5. Hi and thank you so much for reading my post. I agree that it seems ridiculous to do this to myself with the slim chance of a diagnosis. The doctor seems concerned about gluten-free, that it is such a restrictive diet, but I am already on it anyway. And chances are the biopsy will be negative, he said so himself, and then I'll be exactly where I am now. I will continue to not eat gluten/wheat after whether it's celiac or not because of the uncomfortable reactions, - i cant live the way i lived this year with bloated-pregnant belley and constipation. it was so depressing. and even if i used products with wheat -shampoo, etc. i get the styes in my eyes. I can't go around like that. I am assuming I am just extremely intolerant for whatever reason. The thing is, they diagnose things like high blood pressure, but they don't go telling the people to go eat fatty red meat to make sure their blood pressure goes up. Same thing with lactose intolerance - no one would get a diet of cheese for 8 weeks to "make sure". I guess I am worried that I will never truly "know". And that this is my last chance to take the biopsy since it is getting to be so long since I've had gluten. And also worried doctors in the future wont take me seriously without "diagnosis". They never took my symptoms seriously in the first place. They said I didnt have it because I didnt have diarhea. And that was the end of that. No one took tests or even looked at my gigantic stomach. Do you all know, can they do the bloodwork panel for celiac after the gluten challenge if i chose to do it? Will the numbers be up in that time ?(i only had the one test after being gluten-free). Also, since getting less constipated and being on the diet, I still have bits of undigested food in my stool, which worries me, does this clear up as you heal? Somehow I feel like having the doc look around on the endoscopy just to make sure something else isnt going on (though i seriously feel it isnt)...but perhaps colonoscopy is the best for that? Thanks so much for your support everyone hugs, ~newburyport (p.s. - pinklady - i actually live in RI - sorry,confusing name! )
  6. Hi everyone, I have been wheat-free since December and Gluten-avoiding since January, and am feeling 1000 times better. I have had unexplained chronic fatigue and anemia in the past as well as a few kidney stones. I am a 28 year old, 5'7" female. I normally weigh about 117, but by 2008 I had gone up to 136. Then I started having chronic constipation, extreme bloating and styes in my eyes every day. After removing all medications, dairy and finally going vegan, I stopped eating wheat for 3 days and my eyes cleared up completely. My naturopath has me on an anti-inflammatory diet after regular docs insisted i was "just getting old" and "needed more fiber" - also on probiotics, digestive enzymes All of these things have cleared up since avoiding gluten: -Am finally back down to normal weight -Bloating and constipation significantly better -No more trouble sleeping (my fiance would wake me up every night saying i wasnt breathing right i was on my back -Styes are gone -Itching skin on shins is gone -No more pains in sides (I was attributing this to kidneys/stones but now who knows) -Face less swollen -Gums are bleeding less -Mouth ulcers are gone -Apppetite is coming back I was allergy tested, and a few things came up on the prick test but no allergies were present for the bloodwork. I have low vitamin D25, but am taking supplements now I also had the Anti-Tissue Transglu IgA Ab tested and it was 12.3 (negative was <20), but I had already been at least wheat free for a few weeks at that time. Both the naturopath and the new GI doctor I just saw today want me to have the biopsy done. The last time I accidentally ate gluten I got a huge fever and aches all over, but he says that's not a symptom. I searched here and it seems like it is a symptom for some people. GI doc wants me to get the biopsy in 2 weeks from today and eat gluten up until then. From reading here, it seems like 2 weeks is no where near enough time for the "gluten challenge" - has any one gotten a positive result after a challenge? I am not sure whether to go through with it. I am finally just starting to not crave the gluten and feel normal after a year of suffering. I am considering sending out for enterolab. Please let me know your experience with the biopsy and challenge? Thank you so much! ~newburyport
  7. thank you ravenwood! i checked out the site, the plant base ones looked good for me also, if anyone is interested, i bought a brand in whole foods called "source naturals - daily essential enzymes" that were hypo-allergenic and plant-based for a lot less $ than i was paying for the garden of life pills ~newburyport
  8. Hi Everyone, I have read every post I could search for about maltase/malt diastase/maltodextrin and it seems like everyone agrees that they may not be safe for celiacs. I just ran out of my Garden of Life - Omega Zyme digestive enzymes and realized after a few days that I was having less constipation than usual. After reading the label I noticed they contain malt diastase and barley grass juice. My dr. has me taking 2-3 per meal so I wonder if these ingredients have been affecting me in some way. Searching online, I'm finding that all the digestive enzymes labelled gluten-free have these ingredients. Does anyone know of one that does not? Or do you all use them anyway? Just looking for some info please! I am looking to order online or go to Whole Foods. Thank you so much! ~newburyport
  9. Hi Friends, I've only just begun figuring this all out - but I'm definitely allergic to wheat, probably celiac (history of fatigue, anemia etc)...have been having crazed bloating & constipation all year. Like my digestion just came to a halt. Just went to naturopath a few weeks ago.. -on anti-inflammatory/hypoallergenic diet for 3 weeks -2 weeks of Replete (gluten-free) probiotics, followed by Spectra (gluten-free) probiotics -2-3 OmegaZyme (Garden of Life) digestive enzymes after each meal -warm water with lemon and honey each morning and before dinner -1 cup of nettle tea, 1 cup of dandelion tea each day -application of castor oil pack/heating pad working up to 1 hour a day in ten minute intervals. this has been the MOST helpful thing for me for the bloating and to just get my system feeling like it is moving/less toxic. i haven't heard a peep out of my stomach in a year and now it is begging to gurgle and growl again! thank goodness. (be sure to check with dr. before trying this!) anyone else using castor oil? great post, keep feeling healthy! ~newburyport
  10. Hair Color

    interesting post ginger gal here! getting more strawberry/blonde as i get older (am 28)
  11. Hi there, I am a 28 year old, 120 lb. female, generally healthy until about a year ago when I started having constipation, bloating and styes on my eyes every single day. One eye, then the other, top lid, bottom lid, totally random. I would wake up with my eyes sort of crusty or stuck closed. My opthamologist told me I had blepharitis and suggested the washcloth/baby shampoo method suggested above for life. I felt that something else had to be going on, since I had never had this happen before. A sty here and there like once every few years, but not daily. Over this year I have gone off any medications I was on (iron, birth control),stopped eating dairy, tried everything I coudl think of.... and only this November did I realize that when I stopped eating wheat for 2 days it completely cleared up. Completely. After a year of suffering. I had an allergy skin prick test and am allergic to wheat - am waiting for the blood test for it too to see how severe. Am also going to get tested for celiac if I can, though it is so uncomfortable to be eating wheat now that I know what is triggering this eye irritation, Just thought I'd let you know my story, as I could not find much information about styes and wheat or celiac. I told my opthamologist later and she hadn't heard the connection either. An anti-inflammatory diet is helping the constiption bloating (from naturopath...i switched after regular physician told me "you're just getting old"). Take care, Newburyport!