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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i am going to look into doing them at home, my poor husband - we just got married this past august and it has been nothing but one thing after the next with my health!!! i have noticed that a lot of people with celiac or IC comes with alot of other crap! that is so funny - a heating pad is amazing -it is crazy how well it works. some nice lady here in the office just gave me the thing you stick right in the microwave....so nice! i have noticed that muscle relaxers help when there is a bad flare up. this diet is so hard! i just had a cookie, no will power what so ever!
  2. i didn't mention that the instillations did heart like hell. no one mentioned me doing it at home?
  3. Hi - i have had two bladder instillations, i don't know the solutions off the top of my head ...but unf. i went to the doctor the other day and with my new insurance, i cannot possibly afford to get this done weekly. they wanted $600 for the preocedure - i said i couldn't do it anymore. My plan is to stick to this diet, but its so hard. I cheated and had pizza and man i was sick. but i don't know if it was the dough, the red sauce or the cheese. i get my results from my celiac test on wednesday. i DO KNOW certain foods bother me, i need to learn to just stop eating them. like it isn't like its just gluten or just dairy or acidic foods - it freaking feels like it is everything my major problem know is the pain i am in, it feels like my utereus is being pulled out and there are like puppies or something trying to scratch there way out. i am at my desk about to cry. currenly i am taking elmiron and prosed for the IC- i am on some others for my trigeminal neuorlgia (which they only think i have) idk what to do at this point. i feel very stuck.
  4. Hi - I just started the elimination diet today...so i am crossing my fingers that it works... i am supposed to start the bladder cocktail this week again - has anyone tried it?
  5. Hi Judy - thanks for the response. I started the Elimination Diet today - so lets see what happens. My pain is so intense lately, over the counter medication doesn't work, do you recommend anything?
  6. Hi - i just found this while doing some IC research...i see no one has written since 10/08 so i am hoping i get some responses. i was diagnosed with endometriosis may/07 and had a lap...BUT the pain really never completely subsided...i tried everything - so about a month ago i had my second lap and they found LOTS more endo and having the great gyno that i have suggested a urogyno come in and check my bladder - they found that i am a ICer. i am really having a tough time! i just recently got married in August and my poor husband and I can't ever have intercourse with me without me being in pain, and its been a month since the surgery - and i am so scared to even try - i don't want to disappoint him and hurt! any suggestions to get me out of this funk would be helpful! Christie endometriosis, IC, possible celiac, tmj, facial nerve pain (they think), body ache, migrains...and ALWAYS ALWAYS exhausted!!!