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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Do I Make It Stop?

    I am still learning about celiac. Swansons broth is unsafe. (made me sick) Unless it is printed on the label, it is not safe. I have used the Swansons "cardboard" container, which it is labeled gluten free. When I have been glutened, it always takes the skin reaction the longest to heal. I thought for a awhile I was touching gluten or soaps, shampooes, etc were making me ill, but have found, it is only whern I ingest it, that it gets me. The hidden gluten is the worst! Lately, I have tried the Walmart Great Value products that have gluten free labels, but they sure make me sick. I think their products are being made on non-dedicated lines, thus cross-contaminated. They should have to label that as well. Any food made on a non-dedicated line, makes me sick. The best way of finding out what is making your baby sick, is to go back to unprocessed foods, adding only one new thing at a time and then wait several days to a week for reaction. Salt and pepper are ok, I don't know about the hotdogs and I would question the bbq as most bbq sauces have gluten in them.
  2. Unless it is stated on the contaner, gluten free, I would not use it. I know I used a can of Swansons beef broth and it made me sick. Swansons does have gluten free, but it is printed on the label. There is a difference.
  3. Ive Had It With This!

    Wow! Are you sure it is the chocolate? I am still trying to figure this out. I have read that M&M's and Snickers are safe, but my DH tells me different. I wonder if the vanilla in these chocolate goodies are more the problem. While I don't have a gut reaction as I do with gluten foods, (plus many other symptoms), I do have the skin reaction. I am thinking that any amount of gluten, (as in distilled vinegar,it bugs me too) any trace that is considered safe, really isn't safe for any of us. And I wonder if the gluten comes first, then all the other probems and allergies. Anyway, you take away the vanilla and the distiled vinegar foods, plus the gluten foods...it really does suck!
  4. My Health Depends On It

    You might try the opposite approach...which is try treating that man like a king and tell him how thankful you are for every good thing that he does. NO, it is not fair to you or anything close to it, but possibly it will start something in him to make him change. With him throwing the toaster out, tells me he does care, maybe encouragement instead of frustraion is the way to this guy's heart and your better health!
  5. Sigh.. Back In The Battle Again..

    Maybe... the rainbarrel affect. If that is how it works, maybe when you started you did the strict diet and the healing process began, ( the less in your rainbarrel. ) As you added foods that may or may not have gluten, maybe started filling up your rainbarrel until you are full and spilling over (sick) again. I would go back to basics.
  6. The steak...was it fresh or was it frozen? It took me three months to figure out that the frozen chiken I was grilling had been frozen in a broth. The broth solution made me sick, and the company told me it was safe...not so!
  7. Your meat...fresh or frozen before cooking??
  8. I am not a kid, I am 58, but had similar symptoms. Went to doc, nuero's, and emergency rooms, only to be told what it wasn't. After going gluten free, symptoms disappeared. (about 3 months later.)
  9. Yes, it sounds like you got glutened...sorry! Did the ham have carmel coloring? I use the Hormel canned ham, it is safe. I also do not use mayo or pickles because of the distilled vinegar, it makes me react.. My brother brought me some gluten free (on the label) corn chips (Great Value) and they glutened me, so beware of even the some of the gluten free products. I am going to email and see if they are made on a dedicated line. I think time is your only friend as far as healing and we all do that differently, but I am finding after 8 months on gluten-free diet that I do react when glutened, but not as violent and healing is faster...hang in there.
  10. At first, I had other symptoms that I now know are celiac. When I started losing a pound a day, I also was losing a handful of hair a day and my teeth became loose, my heart rate skyrocketed, plus multiple other symptoms, so I really wouldn't even think about it, to be a good way to lose weight. I am chubby and now that I am gluten free, and intestines are healing (8 months) I have lost some weight, due to my body getting the nutrition it needs and the only time I have the feeling of "starving" is when I have been glutened.
  11. I agree with ravenwoodglass...distilled vinegar. A lot of Great Value products say gluten free but if it has any distilled vinegar, it doesn't pass my lips...makes me sick.