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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. coin-op = he I only visit this site a couple times a year, to check out celiac research. Didn't mean to offend, my wording just sucks. I'm actually somewhat envious of celiacs that have all that freedom to enjoy the general celiac diet. A few people said each diet needs to suit the individual, which is true. Wclemens, your diet sounds interesting, sort of like mine, except for the icecream part. Occasionally my diet expands and contracts a bit, depending on what new things i might want to try. My mother and sister have diets somewhat like the people on this board, except my mother cannot do the starches, rising agents, etc (baking powder, potato/rice starch, xanthan gum, etc). I would like to know what more longtime celiacs are eating nowadays (ie 15+yrs celiac diet). I suspect that these diets get more strict as a person stays on the diet longer. I know of 2 other long time celiacs that have refined thier diets, out of necessity, like i have. For me, this refinement process started about 10 years back, esp with cooked meats, tuna, chicken and such. I grew lactose intolerant shortly after i got mono, about 14 yrs ago i think. The last 5 years have been very stable, with few refinements. As far as being nutrient deficient and such, there is more poor diet and nutrition science going around then there is good. I always encourage people to search out the truth on such matters. It is always interesting once you get to it. I'll leave it at that -c btw, beano contains potassium sorbate, which I cannot have.
  2. I don't take vitamins - and my diet is not deficient in any respect. Go get edumacated Here are Veggies I DON'T eat: Onion family Garlic Radishes Turnip Broccoli Chillies Beets Cabbages Sprouts Rhubarb Anything canned or frozen/packaged (except nori & tomatoes) Eat leafy greens and seaweed. -cass
  3. to answer first post: bring your own food! Why would you trust someone who gets paid minimum wage and doesn't care? it is your body and your health, only trust yourself. -cass
  4. Don't do toothpaste just floss everyday
  5. to answer the first post: your diet is probably too complex, you have no idea what is causing the problems. Simplify it a bit so you can more closely track your cause and effects. Start cutting out things. I suggest keeping to simple foods like fruits and vegetables and whole grains - for you maybe just rice and corn. Start reading ingredients on EVERYTHING. You will be surprised at what you cannot eat. -cass
  6. Me, Doubting?!

    you don't have to do any of that. Fast for 3 days (only water), then drink a litre of milk. You find out quickly enough You must be simple and straightforward with the tests - otherwise your complex diet will keep tricking you. -cass
  7. it's just food. eat and move on with your day
  8. don't drink milk. Milk and meat products (high protein diets) are the leading cause of osteoporosis. (among many other problems) http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=147 -cass
  9. to respond to the original post - your diet is out of control. Look at the safe and forbidden lists on this site for the basics of the gluten-free diet. READ INGREDIENTS. if you keep abusing your body, you will become critically ill, and that's no joke. -cass
  10. don't eat it unless you can watch it being made, otherwise you are taking risks. -cass
  11. i recommend not eating ice cream. milk and meat products are the leading cause of osteoporosis. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=147 -cass
  12. your diet is out of control - if you want to eat store-bought salsa, which you shouldn't anyway, read ingredients, and cross check with the safe and forbidden lists on this site. Don't risk your health! It is easy to stay healthy on this diet. -cass
  13. Can We Look Forward To This Soon?

    you are taking huge risks eating out at any restaurant, whether they do 'gluten free' or not. If you can't watch them make it, you shouldn't be eating it. I've been there, done that... sooner or later you will get burned, so to speak.
  14. Need Energy

    your problems are your diet - eat whole grains, steam a variety of vegetables. Don't take supplements, they are a waste of time.
  15. Tamari is the only type of wheat free soy sauce. But it has alcohol, so you can't have it