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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So as topic states I ate gluten again... I was doing so good! I was 6 months free of gluten, then I started eating gluten again the past month or so. I'm one of those kind that it takes a while to hit me but when it does it's full force. I get panic attacks in the middle of the night and that's when I know Ive been bad lol. Just this week-end I went all out now I feel like cr@p.... Sigh sigh. It's just hard knowing I will feel sick for the next few weeks because that's how long it takes to see any change for the better. Sorry just a stupid rant more for myself...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant in january. Things went good I stopped eating gluten for 4-5 months and pretty much all my symptoms went away. Sigh of relief yay! Recently Ive been drinking beer again and eating gluten filled food. Like a lot pasta/pizza ect. I feel like CRAP again. Why do I do this to myself??? My fatigue is back 100x and my acne is back sigh. I get random stomach cramps. Sorry I just needed to vent! I just went back gluten free hopefully for good this time! I know it will take weeks to get this crap out of my system I just don't know anymore. I'm lost.
  4. This Normal For Gluten Intolerance?

    Through blood and stool test. Genetic blood test was negative.
  5. This Normal For Gluten Intolerance?

    I did genetic testing and they said I did not have the markers for it and that means i ahve a 90% chance of not ever having celiac. Then I did a blood and stool test which said I was allergic to gluten. So whatever i'm lost and confused. This is retarded and everything.
  6. So is it normal for people with gluten intolerance to be able to eat gluten in moderation? Ive been testing it out and seemingly I can eat it as long as it's in moderation and there are no ill effects. Maybe i'm not even gluten intolerant and the doctor was retarded?
  7. So I am curious. I have been on this diet 6 months now and I notice a difference. However I am wondering something. I work with other celiac people or gluten intolerant (which is what I am). They react straight away to gluten. However with me, if it is even gluten it always takes at least 12 hours before I feel the effects. Maybe it's because i'm gluten sensitive and not celiac? For instance I drank a few sips of a wheat beer the other night and I felt fine even the next day. The only side effect was green stool if that is even a symptom.... Anyone else like this?
  8. Jury Duty Exclusion

    I have no problem with this if it really is an issue. 2 years ago when I went to jury duty (before I was diagnosed) people had the worst excuses. Like someone who had filled out the form in the beginning with his name ect, got excused because he said he couldn't read or write. He was like 20 something and I highly doubt this since he had to fill out the form in the beginning! So your excuse is at least valid.
  9. Pre-gluten free I never got diarrhea and cramping. So i'm not sure if this is a new symptom? I ate a burger from a restaurant on sunday for lunch, w/o the bun of course and was on their gluten free menu. HOWEVER, to my surprise 3 hours later I was in bad cramps. I thought this would go away and went to the gym. Started getting extremely fatigued in the gym after doing basically the equivalent of lifting 15lb weights and then the diarrhea came. 2-3 hours later I felt fine except tired. Does this sound like the burger might've had gluten in it? Ive just never had those symptoms before and want to know if I should stop going to that restaurant. Thanks!
  10. How Do You Deal With The Fatigue?

    I might try one of those diets. I did cut out 70% of dairy. I still eat cheese sometimes. I do have hashimotos thyroid which swings my thyroid back and forth but not on meds because half the time my levels are normal so my doctor wants me to wait to treat it. Maybe that is what is causing the fatigue. My ferritin levels I believe were mid-high but my iron levels were lower I think. Kinda weird. I guess it just takes time. My weight still hasn't increased so I guess i'm still not absorbing all the nutrients yet. Does anyone have good supplements to recommend? For multi vitamin and for digestive enzymes?
  11. How Do You Deal With The Fatigue?

    Thanks for the replies! Well I wish I could just go take a nap or sleep but I work full time and don't have that luxury. On the week-ends I do and I look forward to saturdays. Strange you ask about my Vitamin D levels and B levels. My B levels were normal but my Vitamin D was 16. That was 4 months ago and for 2 months I did take supplements. Should I go get a new prescription for it? Does it correct itself or will I be on vit D supplement forever? I know getting out in the sun helps but I think I just don't retain Vitamin d that well.
  12. So out of all my symptoms after going gluten free, most of them are gone! However the one that remains is the fatigue. It's only really bad in the morning like 8-12 in the morning. Maybe it's because i'm getting gluten from somewhere but I doubt it since all my other symptoms are gone... What do you all do for your fatigue? Btw it has been almost 4 months on the diet.
  13. After 4-5 days I got heartburn pretty badly for about 3 days straight. Like wicked heartburn that ive never gotten before. Luckily that went away now.
  14. I Failed My First Test

    I made this mistake.. Two weeks ago I went to a friends house where he made some chicken curry. I was starving and thought to myself.. Should I check the ingredients in the spices? And thought no way it's got to be safe! Why would there be wheat in curry sauce?? I am fortunate and not fortunate that my reactions don't come up for 12 hours or so. My not so fortunate thing is I get bad acid reflux and fatigue. I was dealing with it for like 3 days after that. I also sometimes get the reaction when I tell people I'm gluten intolerant "You still follow that diet? Does it even work?" Sigh....
  15. gluten-free Still Having Symptoms

    How much mag do you all take? I take usually around 500mg. 250mg in the morning and 250 at night. It has helped with muscle twitches and pain.