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  1. Reference ranges for iGa was 0.8 - 4.0. Does that help? Thanks nic
  2. Hi, After my father was diagnosed as Celiac, my family and I were tested. Results came back as follows: Hubby tTg blood test result 1 iGa blood test result 1.60 Son tTg blood test result 1 iGa blood test result 0.90 Myself tTg blood test result 12 iGa blood test result 2.70 The nurse told me that for tTg results, 4 and under was normal, and under 16 was acceptable. I was under the impession previously that 12 may be reason for concern. Can anyone shed any more light on this? Getting info out of the phone nurse was impossible, she just wanted to tell me that all 3 tests were negative, I insisted on numbers, perhaps I shouldn't of! Thanks for any opinion/help. Nic